The Queen of Everything

Chapter 400 - Exhaustion

Chapter 400: Exhaustion

Those people were especially caught off guard.

They had retreated quickly, but before they could get far, they were struck by a bunch of branches. At that moment, their black clothes were torn apart.

While everyone was shocked, Su Cha was already approaching. The secret guards behind her had already finished dealing with their own opponents and rushed over. A man shouted anxiously, “Let’s retreat first!”

Everyone immediately retreated without hesitation.

Su Cha saw that and stopped in her tracks.

In the shadows, only Su Cha’s porcelain white face could be seen through the light from the subway station not far away.

There was no emotion on her face, and while it was pale, it did not affect the aura around her.

If an Asura[1] stood before them, it would naturally give people a sense of horror.

Everything had seemed complicated, but it only took a few seconds.

The retreating people were quick. When the secret guards finally caught up with her, one of them asked nervously, “Miss Su, are you okay?”

Su Cha suddenly coughed softly and said tiredly, “I’m fine.”

Her eyes were shockingly bright as she walked toward Jin Duan and Jin Mou.

The two secret guards looked at each other and saw a bunch of branches scattered on the ground. There was obvious shock in their eyes.

They were entangled just now, and the time was too tight. They did not see what was happening here, but Su Cha had dared to attack alone and had even forced the other party to retreat.

What kind of person was this girl whom their young master had ordered them to protect?

Su Cha was exhausted.

She was too anxious just now and had had no choice but to circulate all the inner force that she could use in her body. She used her inner force to draw out heaven and earth’s origin energy, turning it into a physical attack method that cut the vegetation in front of her.

This might seem unbelievable in modern society, but in fact, it was just the tip of her iceberg when she was in ancient times.

If she could cultivate to the peak, she could use a leaf and a petal to hurt people.

She was not joking.

However, in this current society, such methods were almost extinct. Su Cha had exposed herself tonight, so she did not know if the other party could guess.

Although Su Cha did not know who had attacked Jin Duan and Jin Mou, she reckoned that it had something to do with the Tang Sect.

Other than the Tang Sect, there was no one else who used silver needles as an attack method.

Jin Duan had just been injured in his hurry and his face was pale. When he saw Su Cha, he had just finished confirming that his sister was fine. Now that he saw Su Cha, he was shocked. “You…”

Although Jin Duan did not see it clearly, he knew that Su Cha was not an ordinary person.

Jin Duan knew very well who’d sent the people who attacked them.

Su Cha was really scary to be able to force back a few people at the same time.

Su Cha stopped Jin Duan from continuing. “It’s not safe here. Let’s go back to your villa. I’ll call a taxi.”

At this time, Su Cha was still in the mood. After saying that, she took out her phone from her pocket and called for an online taxi.

Jin Duan: “…”

He had many questions to ask, but when he saw the exhaustion on the girl’s face, he did not speak.

[1] A member of a class of divine beings in the Vedic period, which in Indian mythology tend to be evil and in Zoroastrianism are benevolent.

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