The Queen of Everything

Chapter 399 - Forced Back

Chapter 399: Forced Back

The scene changed almost instantly.

Jin Duan never thought that Su Cha would suddenly turn around and come back. But now that he was being pestered by someone, there was no way he could divert more attention to Su Cha.

Jin Mou, who was sitting in the car, looked at Su Cha with fear in her eyes.

The girl’s expression was no longer as cold and indifferent as usual. Instead, there was a rare ruthlessness.

After one of them was knocked out by her, another man quickly reacted and attacked Su Cha. Jin Mou saw Su Cha’s head turn away as if she was in a martial arts drama. The man’s attack slid past her ear, and in the next second, the sound of bones breaking could be heard.

Su Cha grabbed his arm with lightning speed. The sound was so loud that it could make one break out in a cold sweat.

The two secret guards who were protecting Su Cha were stunned when they saw Su Cha’s actions. However, there were more than a few people who were attacking them, so they were quickly entangled by the others.

At this moment, Jin Mou only saw the girl lowering her head and speaking to her without hesitation. “Stay in the car, close the car window, and don’t come out.”

Jin Mou nodded instinctively and closed the car window as Su Cha had instructed.

It was dark outside. After closing the car window, Jin Mou could only make out the general situation.


There was a piercing sound. Su Cha squinted her eyes and moved her fingers. In an instant, she grabbed a silver needle.

She looked in the direction the silver needle had come from. There were black shadows in the green belt on the roadside.

This aura gave Su Cha a sense of familiarity.

The villa…

She recalled the person she’d sensed when she was talking on the phone with Bo Muyi in the villa.

Su Cha immediately understood that it was Jin Mou who had been targeted.

However, time did not allow her to think too much. The silver needle missed, which surprised the other party for a moment. Then, multiple silver needles shot out from the green belt.

The speed was very fast. Su Cha already knew the power of the silver needle. The performance Tang Keruo had displayed in front of her last time was very exciting.

Without hesitation, she circulated her inner force until she reached her limits. Her body became like a ghost as she quickly dodged all the silver needles.


A silver needle pierced the tire again, causing it to explode. The loud noise and the shaking of the car made Jin Mou panic.

“Miss Su!” a secret guard said anxiously.

They saw the dense attack, but they were also entangled in it. They’d wanted to escape to save Su Cha, but when they saw her ghostly movements, they were shocked.

Su Cha went straight to the green belt. At that moment, she circulated her inner force in her body. She had only been cultivating for a short time. It was too difficult for her right now, but she did not think much about it to save others.

The moment she approached the green belt, the neatly trimmed plants suddenly swayed violently. The figures who were hiding in the darkness were surprised upon suddenly encountering something beyond their expectations. At that moment, Su Cha approached the green belt and attacked one of them.

The few people who were hiding in the darkness retreated quickly. At this moment, the one-meter-long layer of branches in front of Su Cha seemed to have been cut off by a strange force. The cut looked like it was made by a sharp knife, and it shot towards the retreating people with a cold light.

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