The Queen of Everything

Chapter 398 - Ambush

Chapter 398: Ambush

After eating with Jin Mou, who did not seem to be in a good mood, Su Cha accompanied her around the Imperial Capital.

They were quite famous now, so Su Cha simply put on a pair of sunglasses, which could at least block most probing eyes.

The girl’s mood was also very comforting. Jin Mou was walking around the mall. After buying some perfume and clothes, she looked quite happy.

The difference between Su Cha and Jin Mou was obvious. Whenever Jin Mou saw something, Su Cha would just stand there and look at her. In contrast with Jin Mou, she seemed to be disinterested.

Jin Mou’s hands were never empty. She was busy trying on clothes and did not have time to type messages to Su Cha. Therefore, she could only use her expressions to relay her confusion, and Su Cha shook her head but did not say anything.

After she came out with a bag of things, Jin Mou’s phone was bombarded by Jin Duan.

It was obvious he’d discovered the fact that Jin Mou had run away secretly. Jin Mou just stuck out her tongue, pressed on the phone, and sent a message to Jin Duan.

The general idea was that Su Cha would send her back since they were together.

Jin Duan stopped calling.

Even so, he was still worried and even wanted to pick her up.

Jin Mou thought about it and asked him to go to the subway station.

They lived in the suburbs where only cars could get to. The nearest subway entrance was a few thousand meters away from them. Therefore, after Su Cha had sent her to the subway station, she could take the subway back immediately.

However, Jin Mou felt that this was a little unfair. It was not safe for Su Cha to return home alone after sending her home.

As she was worried about Su Cha, Jin Mou simply went to the subway station where she could instead wait for her brother.

This subway station was not the last stop. It was just the nearest transit station. Usually, there were few people around, and it was almost nighttime.

Occasionally, only two or three passersby would come down from a few cars. When it got dark, the subway station lit up with dim yellow lights, and Jin Duan arrived shortly.

He reprimanded Jin Mou and thanked Su Cha before they left for home.

Jin Mou waved goodbye to Su Cha. After they got into the car, Su Cha smiled and watched them leave.

The moment she turned around, she heard a loud explosion.


Her pupils constricted. She quickly turned around and saw that Jin Duan’s car had stopped before it left the subway station.

At the same time, from the faint darkness, a few figures rushed towards the car.

She could hear Jin Mou screaming in fear and Jin Duan’s angry voice.

Without hesitation, Su Cha ran towards the car.

As she rushed over, the shadows of two secret guards behind her also rushed out.

Jin Duan did not expect to be ambushed. The sudden explosion of the tires was obviously caused by someone using something to blow them up. The hard tires looked as if they were just toys after those people messed with them. A few figures rushed towards Jin Duan and Jin Mou.

Jin Duan could only shout, “Run!”

However, the only place Jin Mou could run to was the back of the car, and she was horrified to see his brother jump out and fight with this handful of figures. His movements were beyond ordinary fighting.

After that, there were too many people. Two people wrapped around Jin Duan and headed straight for Jin Mou. When the masked man reached his hand past the car window to grab Jin Mou, Jin Mou felt a sharp pain in her throat. She wanted to scream but could not.


At that moment, the person who wanted to grab her head suddenly bumped against the car roof uncontrollably.

Jin Mou noticed that the person’s mask had slipped off and he fell to the ground in pain.

Behind her, Jin Mou saw a pair of familiar cold eyes, which were filled with hostility that she had never seen before.

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