The Queen of Everything

Chapter 397 - Meeting Jin Mou

Chapter 397: Meeting Jin Mou

That same day after the audition, Jin Mou asked Su Cha out for a walk.

Jin Mou had been staying in the villa this whole time. She was very tired of not being able to come out, so she secretly went out without telling her brother.

She had suddenly informed Su Cha of her plans, and Su Cha had not expected Jin Mou to come over. After receiving her call, though, she went out.

Jin Mou was waiting for Su Cha outside a restaurant. When Su Cha arrived in a taxi, she saw that Su Cha was very happy. She took out the mobile phone she had prepared and said, “Let’s go eat together. After dinner, accompany me for a walk.”

Su Cha asked subconsciously, “Does your brother know that you came out?”

Jin Mou shook her head then lowered it as she typed: [He’s been refusing to let me out all this while, but I’m really going crazy staying in the villa. He wants to work, and there’s only the master in the villa. What can I do?]

She was wearing a mask, but the helplessness in her eyes could not be concealed.

Su Cha also understood her. She was a patient to begin with. Now that she was trapped in the villa, she could not go anywhere. It would be hard for her to continue staying here.

“Forget it, I’ll eat with you before sending you back.”

Su Cha did not know what to do. Since Jin Mou was already here, of course she had to follow her around.

With her around to look after Jin Mou, nothing would happen. She just had to return to the villa after.

Jin Mou nodded happily when she heard Su Cha’s reply.

The two of them entered the restaurant. Jin Mou told her that this was a restaurant that she often visited. It was delicious here, and she had been starving recently.

Su Cha did not understand Jin Mou’s current situation. “Your brother just asked you to stay there and not let you go anywhere. Why?”

If it was so dangerous, could Jin Duan not give up whatever he was working on for his sister’s safety?

Jin Mou shook her head. [I don’t know either. Brother just said that it was very dangerous. He said that the suspect’s partner would seek revenge, but would that place be any safer? Besides, he didn’t tell me when it would be resolved.]

Su Cha could not help but ask, “What about your parents?”

He was worried about his sister’s safety, but what about his parents?

[Brother said that they will be fine. The only one who is not safe is me, and he doesn’t want me to go back. He can only let me stay in the Imperial Capital. I don’t know why.]

After she finished her sentence, she paused for a while and continued to send a message to Su Cha. [I don’t know what Brother does exactly. He seems to be a police officer, but he is often busy with strange things. My parents are the same. They always say things that I don’t understand. I don’t know when my brother’s master met him or what kind of master he is. When I was in the villa, he refused to say anything. Sometimes, I feel very gloomy.]

Su Cha immediately understood.

Jin Mou knew nothing about the things that Jin Duan had been busy with in the shadows.

But Jin Mou’s parents were well aware of the situation.

Otherwise, there was no reason why only Jin Mou was being protected.

There must be another reason. Jin Mou’s parents were safe, but Jin Mou was not.

She was just an ordinary person. Jin Duan could not protect her, so he entrusted her to his master.

Yet it seemed that Wu Lin’s existence was being kept a secret. She had lived for so many years and had never heard of Wu Lin. This had only started to change after she was reborn.

Even if he existed, that knowledge could not be exposed to ordinary people.

If he were to go out into the open, Wu Lin would be very dangerous for ordinary people.

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