The Queen of Everything

Chapter 396 - This Hobby Must Not Be Revealed

Chapter 396: This Hobby Must Not Be Revealed

After hanging up the phone, Su Cha followed the man into a waiting room in the audition hall.

Someone poured her a cup of hot water. When the man was about to go out, Su Cha suddenly asked him, “How long have you been working for Miss Tan?”

The man glanced at her and left without saying anything.

Su Cha did not probe further.

After a while, Tan Yezhu arrived.

He was still dressed in a female outfit, which was a white jumpsuit and wide trousers. Other than his tall and slender figure, there was no trace of a man to be found.

He was also wearing a pair of pointed flats.

His face, to be honest, was stunningly beautiful. He had the aura of a strong woman.

His amorous eyes were upturned but appeared charming. He seemed to have put on some light makeup.

This was an existence that women would doubt was real if they saw it.

Su Cha was the same.

As soon as he entered, he smiled at Su Cha. “Hello, Sister Su Cha.”

Su Cha did not want to put on an act with him. She could not help but laugh as she said, “Young Master Tan, I just asked Muyi about it. Let’s stop pretending.”

Tan Yezhu was not nervous at all. His narrow, upturned eyes blinked innocently. “What are you talking about? I don’t understand. If you are referring to Young Master Tan, he is my brother.”

Su Cha nodded. “That may be so, but that means the Tan family’s genes are truly excellent. You look as tall as your brother.”

Tan Yezhu covered his mouth and smiled again. “Yes, I’m very similar to my brother. Even our height is about the same. It’s just that very few people know that I have an older brother. I didn’t expect Sister Su Cha to know so much about it. Do you also know my brother’s good brother, Bo Muyi?”

Su Cha’s eyelids twitched.

He could not help but act like a woman. If Su Cha had not seen through him, she would not have suspected him.

Since the other party wanted to act, Su Cha would go along with him. She nodded seriously and said, “Yes, but Muyi doesn’t have a good impression of your brother. He said that your brother is a pervert.”

Tan Yezhu’s smile did not change, but he also complained, “Yes, I also think Brother is very perverted.”

Su Cha: “…”

He was really an extremely talented person.

Since the other party had been playing as a woman for a long time, he was very familiar with matters like this.

Even if he knew that Su Cha had seen through him, he could still act well and continue playing the role.

Tan Yezhu’s female guise must be famous. Su Cha had only been speaking to him for a short while when someone came forward to call him over. She was very polite with Miss Tan.

As Tan Yezhu left, he winked at Su Cha flirtatiously. “Sister Su Cha, I’m leaving. It was nice to chat with you. Let’s meet again next time.”


I hope I don’t see her again.

Although Tan Yezhu was good-looking in female clothing, it did not mean that Su Cha found him eye-catching.

It was purely an accident that she met Tan Yezhu while he’s in a female outfit, but that aside, the fact that Su Cha had passed the audition meant that she was officially entering the entertainment industry.

She sent the good news to Dai Xiaofu and Le Anqi.

She also informed Sister Wu He, who had been concerned about her.

Everyone was shocked and surprised by Su Cha’s decision to enter the entertainment industry.

But while everything else was unclear, Han Yongbing was at least a famous director.

Su Cha would really be in good hands acting under him.

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