The Queen of Everything

Chapter 395 - He Is a Pervert

Chapter 395: He Is a Pervert

Bo Muyi did not speak, and his strange silence made Su Cha gasp. “Yezhu doesn’t happen to have siblings, does he?”

Although Bo Muyi was unhappy with Su Cha’s giving attention to other men, this matter made him hesitate.

“Hmm… No.”

Su Cha almost understood, and she almost wanted to laugh out loud. “How could he have such… Hmm, hobbies?”

She had already said it so implicitly.

Bo Muyi did not hide his disdain. “He is a pervert.”

Su Cha: “…”

For him to be described as a pervert by Bo Muyi, one could imagine how strange Tan Yezhu was.

After all, Su Cha had never seen a man like him have such a special hobby.

The main point was that Su Cha carefully recalled the scene with Tan Yezhu just now. Her graceful smile could not be concealed. The directors looked at her with admiration. She did not know how these people would feel if they knew that they liked a man.

“Where did you meet her? At the audition?”


Su Cha did not expect him to appear at the audition and to have such a strange identity. “I didn’t expect him to be here. And he’s… Well, a woman. But I don’t know what his actual significance is.”

“An investor.”

Bo Muyi told Su Cha concisely, “That’s Yezhu’s career in the Imperial Capital.”

Su Cha suddenly understood. “No wonder.”

It was said that this film would have a very big production. It was normal for there to be investors.

With Yezhu’s status, it was normal for him to invest in such a production crew. The other part was just too unbelievable.

Bo Muyi’s voice was firm. “Then Cha Cha must have passed the audition.”

Su Cha raised her eyebrows. “Are you so confident in me?”

“If he doesn’t want you to live, he’s just asking for death.”

Su Cha: “…”

Is this considered a backdoor?

The main thing was that she did not expect to meet Tan Yezhu at such an audition.

As she talked to Bo Muyi on the phone, she walked out the door. However, she was stopped by someone. A burly man wearing sunglasses walked over and whispered, “Miss Su, Miss Tan would like you to wait awhile. She wants to discuss something with you.”

Su Cha glanced at the man and thought of Tan Yezhu’s female guise.

She nodded silently.

Bo Muyi also heard it from the other end of the phone. He sighed helplessly. “Cha Cha, it’s good that you know now. You have to get used to it sooner or later. He has had this hobby since he was young. He even wanted to pull me along.”

Su Cha could not help but think about that scenario. Then, she felt that it was too scary. She would rather that the world ended than for her to see such a scene.

“You can’t yield to him!”

She sounded anxious, afraid that Bo Muyi would go astray.

Bo Muyi chuckled. “No, he did not mention it again after I beat him up a few times.”

Su Cha suppressed her laughter and heaved a sigh of relief.

Then she thought of Tan Yezhu’s female guise and sighed. “Actually, his female self looks really good. As a woman, I… am a little envious…”

“Nonsense. My Cha Cha is the best. At least he will never have what you have.”

Su Cha: “…”

After a few seconds, she realized what Bo Muyi was talking about.

In the end, she could not hold it in and smiled. “There’s nothing impossible nowadays with advanced technology.”

Bo Muyi thought about it and agreed with Su Cha’s suggestion. “That’s true. You can give him this suggestion.”

Su Cha: “…”

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