The Queen of Everything

Chapter 390 - Are You Joking?

Chapter 390: Are You Joking?

The next day, Su Cha went to the production set for the audition.

Actually, according to the information revealed, most of the actors in “The Legend of the Crane” had been confirmed. They were basically all big names.

There were a few of them, and they were all veteran actors.

Both the male and the female leads were the current best actors and actresses. This drama’s lineup was unprecedentedly strong.

It was amazing that even for an ordinary character, they had to spend so much effort.

If the news were to spread, it would definitely shock the entertainment industry.

The one in charge of the audition for the role she was auditioning for was the assistant director that Dai Xiaofu knew. He only had the right to choose for these side characters. The main roles were all selected by the director and the producer.

The audition venue was in a studio rented by the production crew.

When Su Cha arrived at the venue, she saw a scene that was quite similar to when she participated in the auditions for Dreams in Progress.

People were everywhere.

Even if these people were not famous, Su Cha could still recognize a few familiar faces among them. After all, they were characters who had played a role in television dramas or movies.

She raised her eyebrows in surprise. Wasn’t it just an audition for an ordinary character?

Dai Xiaofu called at this time, her voice sounding a little surprised. “Su Cha, let me tell you, did you see a lot of people at the scene? This was originally just an audition handled by the assistant director, but I just found out that the director, Han Yongbing, has not had time recently. He has set the auditions for all the remaining roles in this drama to today, so the director will personally watch your audition too. Don’t be nervous, perform well. It’ll be a success for you just to become familiar to him.”

“Ah… Oh.”

Su Cha was no longer surprised by the news. Seeing this scene, she knew that something had changed.

It did not matter to Su Cha whether it was an audition in front of the assistant director or the director.

No matter how famous the other party was, she was just a person.

She was used to seeing big scenes. She could not let such a small scene bother her.

However, many people were stunned when they saw Su Cha.

Although these people were mostly in the circle or about to enter the circle, many people still recognized her.

Even though they were not from the same industry, many people knew that this was a famous contestant who was participating in Dreams in Progress.

They were already on the Top 20 in the country, and the contestants were very popular with this production team. Why did Su Cha come here today?

But what else could her reason be other than to audition?

Many people subconsciously felt a sense of crisis when they saw Su Cha. Su Cha was young and pretty, which were simply the biggest asset. Besides, she was also popular. Although she was in the singing industry, she somehow came here for an audition.

What if the person inside knew her?

For a moment, many people became sick of Su Cha.

On the other hand, some people were impressed by Su Cha’s temperament and appearance.

This girl’s qualities were genuine. Entering the entertainment industry was definitely not a waste. It was hard to imagine that she could also sing.

In terms of fame, Su Cha’s current fame was higher than most auditionees.

“What kind of acting skills does a singer have? So she’s a double threat now? Is she joking?”

Some people did not believe that Su Cha could act and thought that she came through the back door. Soon, discussions broke out.

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