The Queen of Everything

Chapter 391 - Acting Big

Chapter 391: Acting Big

It was the truth that she got in through the back door. She got the audition through the back door, and she could also get the part through there.

Su Cha did not care what people were discussing. Amid the crowd’s noise, she found a seat after collecting a number plate and continued studying the script she had already read yesterday.

“Your name is Su Cha?”

Suddenly, a deep voice sounded. Su Cha raised her head and saw a handsome man in front of her. His appearance was suited for the entertainment industry.

The man had a pair of amorous eyes. Unexpectedly, Su Cha thought of Tan Yezhu, who also had amorous eyes.

Even though this was the first time they’d met, she could instantly kill the man in front of her.

The other party’s appearance was not bad, but his temperament was not good. Just like Zi You back then, he gave Su Cha a greasy feeling. Hearing his greeting, Su Cha raised her eyelids slightly. “Hmm?”

She’d answered lazily, and her voice sounded languid and seductive. At least, this was what the man heard.

He did not notice that Su Cha did not even introduce herself. He just felt that this beauty’s attitude was somewhat impolite.

But beauties were all like this.

The other party was also participating in the show. He was very popular even at such a young age, so it was natural for him to be arrogant.

He was interested. He stood in front of Su Cha and introduced himself. “I’m Zhong Xiangyang. I played the role of the King of the Nine Counts in a drama called ‘Meng Dian’…”

He directly said a long string of words. Su Cha waited for him to finish before she stopped looking up. “I haven’t seen it, I don’t know about it.”

Zhong Xiangyang: “…”

He felt a little awkward.

Many people saw him walking towards Su Cha in front of everyone.

They could not help but laugh when they saw Zhong Xiangyang being humiliated.

Zhong Xiangyang was not considered famous in the industry. It was just that some people in the industry knew about him. Where audiences were concerned, he was not famous at all. He only played a bunch of No. 1 supporting roles. Even if people could not name those roles, he could at least use them as capital.

This kind of capital, one can treat as work experience after one’s become famous. But if one does not become popular, it brands one as a side dish, never the main course.

Who would care about such a person?

“I think my acting is not bad. I don’t know what role you’re auditioning for, Su Cha, but if there’s anything you don’t understand, you can consult me. I’m your senior in the entertainment industry. I can give you some pointers.”

Zhong Xiangyang had found a topic to talk about and ran with it. Su Cha finally raised her eyes to look at him again. Zhong Xiangyang felt a chill down his spine. “I don’t know you.”

Su Cha was already being very polite while in public.

Normally, she would have already asked the person in front of her to scram.

Her words were so obvious that those who were smart would just leave.

Zhong Xiangyang could tell what Su Cha was implying and his face stiffened.

He was a good-looking man. It was rare for girls to be so straightforward with him.

Besides, the other party had not even entered the entertainment industry yet, but she did not respect her senior at all.

However, in this industry, seniority was dependent on the status of both people. No one cared about people like them who were not popular.

Zhong Xiangyang had no choice but to retreat. He thought to himself that he would definitely spread some rumors about Su Cha’s bad temper and disrespect of her seniors.

The others could not help but laugh when they saw Zhong Xiangyang’s dejected look.

Some people thought that Su Cha had personality, but some felt that Su Cha was rude and disrespectful to the seniors in the industry. She had not become famous yet, but even now she was acting like a big shot. Who knew how many more people she would offend?

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