The Queen of Everything

Chapter 389 - Let Nature Take Its Course

Chapter 389: Let Nature Take Its Course

Su Cha was not quite adept at acting. She had never performed professionally before. Although she’d signed up for the Imperial Capital University’s performance department, school had not officially started yet.

Everything would depend on her own efforts.

Although it was a small opportunity, Su Cha always knew that she needed to grasp such things, even if it looked small.

Regardless of how useful this opportunity was, Su Cha had to do her best to showcase what she could do.

That night, the old lady invited Su Cha over for a meal, which was a rare occurrence.

Of course, Su Cha went.

When she arrived, the old lady instructed the kitchen to prepare everything.

Although she lived with Bo Muyi, their kitchens were different. After all, they had different tastes and had hired different chefs.

“How’s the competition lately?”

The old lady cut the steak elegantly with a knife and a fork. It was rare for her to ask Su Cha about the competition.

Su Cha replied with a faint smile, “It’s going well.”

The old lady nodded and casually mentioned, “You know about the Zuo family, right?”

Su Cha paused. “Grandma knows?”

The old lady said directly, “When I first met you, I only thought that you looked like you’re from the Zuo family. I just wasn’t sure.”

Because they looked so alike, Su Cha and Mrs. Zuo’s relationship was easily exposed.

Su Cha understood and did not say anything.

“So what do you think?”

The old lady’s casual tone seemed to be probing. Su Cha understood immediately and answered, “Grandma, you are overthinking. Even if it’s true, it doesn’t matter.”

“I’m not worried.”

After two bites, the old lady felt full. She took a tissue and wiped the corner of her lips elegantly. “I can tell from Muyi’s attitude. He probably doesn’t want you to return to the Zuo family, but returning to the Zuo family would benefit you.”

It seemed that she was trying to tell Su Cha something. “The Zuo family’s identity and status will be a great boost to you. It’s better than nothing.”

It was obvious.

Su Cha did not think too much about it. The old lady’s meaning was clear. With the backing of the Zuo family, Su Cha would only have benefits and no disadvantages.

It’s not that the old lady was looking down on Su Cha. She simply thought that Su Cha did not need to reject such favorable conditions.

Su Cha soon understood what the old lady meant.

She was deep in thought. In fact, she had already considered things in the beginning. She was not denying this relationship. She just did not want to return to the Zuo family.

She was not denying the fact that their connection existed, but that did not mean that she had to return to the Zuo family.

The old lady only wanted her to grasp the benefits that she should have.

She was the Zuo family’s daughter and had the right to return to the Zuo family.

Thinking of this, Su Cha smiled and said, “Grandma, it’s hard to say. Let nature take its course.”

“You can return to the Zuo family, but you can still live here.”

The old lady’s intentions were right, but Su Cha shook her head. “I don’t want to expose my relationship with Muyi for now.”

The old lady paused. “Why?”

Su Cha curled her lips into a cold smile. “Because of some things.”

She did not explain it clearly. The old lady was not a talkative person, so she did not ask Su Cha about it.

After a friendly meal, Su Cha returned to the bedroom.

She remembered what the old lady said in her heart and stuck by what she thought. It was better to let nature take its course.

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