The Queen of Everything

Chapter 388 - Preparations

Chapter 388: Preparations

During Su Cha’s participation in the competition, she had had no time to pay attention to her embroidery.

Now that Jin Mou was not in the room, the only advantage was that she could turn off the camera at night and practice martial arts.

As for embroidery, there was nothing she could do, so Su Cha had not updated her embroidery for a long time.

Xiao Chiao had asked Su Cha several times on WeChat when she would release her new work. Su Cha said that she would have no time during these two months, so she decided to stop.

Meanwhile, the teacher that Huo Zhongwei had mentioned last time, the one she said would add her on WeChat, did not respond.

Su Cha originally did not remember this matter, but she suddenly thought of it after browsing through the WeChat list.

If the other party did not take the initiative to add her, she also would not add them. These things were things that would happen naturally to her. She had no way of knowing what others were thinking.

However, while she had time, Su Cha had been following Dai Xiaofu’s instructions. When she was exposed to the camera, apart from practicing her songs, she would also watch Ultraman. Then at night, she started to spare some time to draw the pattern.

These patterns would be used in embroidery in the future. Since they could not yet be embroidered, she could at least prepare them in advance.

There were some ancient patterns that were similar to the Tang embroidery technique. However, the ones from the other dynasty were different from the ones in this world’s past. Su Cha could only draw some of her favorite patterns based on her memory.

Most of the patterns were exquisite and complicated. It would take Su Cha a few months to embroider them on her clothes.

It was too complicated for her to do it while she was still participating in the competition.

However, since she had decided to start with embroidery, she had to return and do the difficult parts.

She had thought about giving Bo Muyi a gift.

This gift was to be embroidered.

She planned to buy silk to make a piece of clothing for Bo Muyi, but Su Cha had seen the price of the fabric online. Her money right now was not enough.

She planned to give the best to Bo Muyi, so she would not buy ordinary fabrics.

Unfortunately, she still did not know when Bo Muyi’s birthday was.

Su Cha pinched her chin and thought for a while. She had to find time to ask Bai Kun.

After the competition for the Top 15 officially ended, Su Cha found the time and went back to the Lookout Pavilion.

It was time for her audition.

She was going to audition for a role in “The Legend of the Crane.”

Just a day ago, Su Cha had received a script transferred by Dai Xiaofu.

There was really only a part of the script. The role was just an ordinary little girl. She entered the palace to search for her savior and became an ordinary servant of the Shang Palace Bureau. In the end, she was poisoned to death to repay her savior’s kindness.

According to the plot, it was highly likely that the person who saved her life was the male lead. Otherwise, the significance of this servant girl would be small.

Su Cha: “…”

In her other life, she was the empress dowager’s direct manager.

She did not expect that she would start from being a servant of the Shang Palace Bureau.

It was a big challenge.

Su Cha raised her eyebrows. She spent a lot of time reading the plot and carefully studied the characters in the drama.

After giving it a try, she realized that it should not be difficult for her to act. However, she might not be able to become one with her character.

After all, she was not as weak as a servant girl should be. She did not understand why the servant girl had to be killed for the sake of the male lead.

Su Cha was not sure about the audition tomorrow.

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