The Queen of Everything

Chapter 387 - I Want to Fight Back for You!

Chapter 387: I Want to Fight Back for You!

Perhaps because posts about Su Cha were rare, this one was quickly pushed to the top.

As in the posts about most other contestants, those who liked Su Cha expressed their extreme fondness for her. Those who disliked her would naturally hate on her to death.

Su Cha was pretty?

Bullshit, I’m just as good as her, and I’m just a passerby.

Su Cha was the provincial champion?

Oh, my sister and my friends have all been provincial champions.

Su Cha sang well?

Could she have gotten to where she is now if she couldn’t sing?

They could refute each of these points one by one, but eventually, people would come to think that it would be unreasonable if Su Cha did not pass…

However, those who did not like her could not see those points no matter how the others explained it.

Towards the end of the post, this kind of thread had become more exciting as passersby argued with anti-fans. Of course, there were not only anti-fans among them. Other passersby might also rebut because they did not like Su Cha.

Especially when it came to looks.

There was no lack of good-looking people in this world. Once a good-looking celebrity debuted, others would publicly acknowledge her beauty. If they thought she didn’t look good, some people would insist on arguing about it with others.

They’d say things like she needed to look at herself in the mirror.

There were several publicly acknowledged celebrities in the entertainment industry who were criticized for their facial features.

It was understandable that not everyone had the same standards for beauty. Everyone had their own merits.

Su Cha could respect and understand that. What she could not understand was the unwarranted hatred. They could have simply stopped at thinking those celebrities were not attractive to them, so why did they have to say that he or she was ugly?

This particular audience could not seem to decide whether Su Cha was ugly or not.

The thread was not discovered by Su Cha, but by Le Anqi.

Having been eliminated, she had a lot of free time whenever she was preparing to go to school. She would spend a lot of time scrolling through these online discussions, especially when she saw Su Cha and herself being talked about. She sent this one to Su Cha.

Le Anqi berated everyone who’d said Su Cha was ugly.

Le Anqi: “I’m really too angry, Su Cha. Someone said that you don’t look good. Are they really blind or do they think that you are a fairy from heaven?”

Su Cha could not help but laugh when she saw Le Anqi’s words. She quickly replied, “It’s nothing serious. This kind of thing will only happen more often in the future. There are hundreds of millions of people in China. It’s not a problem if hundreds of thousands of people think that I don’t look good.”

Le Anqi: “But don’t go putting yourself down for their sake!”

Le Anqi: “I can understand things like this in the beginning, but I can’t stand it anymore. Those anti-fans are acting like you killed their whole family. I don’t understand why they are so agitated when you didn’t do anything. No, I want to help you fight back!”

Le Anqi: “Don’t worry, though, I will not expose myself.”

Su Cha: “…”

Le Anqi had a fiery personality. Before Su Cha could stop her, she had rolled up her sleeves and started arguing.

Every time Su Cha saw Le Anqi like this, she could not help but think of the time when she first spoke to her. Le Anqi was clearly an exquisite online celebrity who looked down on her. She usually did not have a good temper or a bad temper. Why did she become so cute now?

The corner of Su Cha’s lips curled up. Actually, it was quite intriguing.

Being able to become good friends with each other was not a bad thing. In the future, Su Cha and Le Anqi would smile at each other when she talked about it.

Some people disliked her, while others liked her. This was simply how the world is.

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