The Queen of Everything

Chapter 386 - She Is Just So-So

Chapter 386: She Is Just So-So

“I need to rest. Can we talk about it later?”

Su Cha glanced at Wen Pengcheng. Wen Pengcheng tactfully excused himself. “Okay, I’ll leave first.”

He’d been standing at the door as he spoke, not even giving Su Cha the chance to ask him to enter.

This scene was seen by the other contestants. Although they did not know what they were talking about, they could roughly guess it when they saw Wen Pengcheng’s fawning look.

They were also a little dumbfounded. Everyone had been under the impression that Su Cha was from an ordinary family.

She was from Jiang’an Province. Her results were outstanding and she was the champion of the college entrance examination.

Other than that, they could not tell how rich Su Cha was from the way she usually dressed.

This had also made her temperament hard to understand. She did not seem to come from an ordinary family.

It was not until the unfamiliar noble girl appeared that they were shocked to find out that Su Cha was not ordinary.

But then again, how was Su Cha still fine after what happened with An Qiao?

It was not that no one wanted to expose this matter. It was just that after some thought, they simply did not dare to cause trouble.

Yet even after the public found out about An Qiao’s incident and the police came to investigate, they never found out about what Su Cha did. This was hard to understand.

For them to have gotten to where they were today, none of them were stupid. They knew that there were many secret dealings involved and did not want to cause trouble.

But now, they could not help but be curious about Su Cha’s identity.

Her conversation with Wen Pengcheng did not affect anything. Su Cha did not need to rely on them to get in through the back door. Her strength was enough for her to reach the end.

However, as the show became more and more popular, there would be more and more news released about the contestants. Many contestants were already famous online. After the show was broadcasted, the discussions about them never stopped. There were all kinds of malicious people mixed in, and Su Cha had experienced that a few times, but in the end, she still became increasingly popular.

They thought that perhaps it was the live audience who’d revealed the results, saying that Su Cha had once again become number one in the competition. A famous forum even posted about Su Cha.

[Isn’t Su Cha’s path in Dreams in Progress too smooth-sailing?]

Winds and rains were different (OP): “In this year’s competition, there were netizens who’d released the results of the latest episode of the competition. She entered the top 20 and then the top 15. Once again, she passed directly after winning first place. The OP has followed her progress from the national competition until now, and every step of the way, she was directly promoted after winning first place. Isn’t this cheating too obvious? I find it strange that no one ever tried to take advantage of her. Besides, everyone keeps saying that she’s pretty. I don’t get her beauty. I don’t think she’s outstanding. She’s just so-so.”

2L: “Ah… Is our message board already so awesome? Does everyone here look like fairies?”

3L: “A super genius. She has a strong aura and is good at singing. She is at least a beauty. Do you have any objections to her being number one?”

4L: “I don’t get her beauty as well. Her voice isn’t that bad, but I doubt she can reach the standards of constantly being promoted.”

5L: “My friends, she’s not the number one in this world in every aspect. As 3L said, she shines too much. Compared to this season’s contestants, she’s an existence that can suppress others, right? That’s what happens when someone’s aura is really strong. That Top 50 group photo is simply…”

6L: “There are quite a lot of strong contestants in this season, but aren’t they planning to push for a group this year? Su Cha really doesn’t suit being the center stage of a group in a debut… Her popularity is already so established.”

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