The Queen of Everything

Chapter 381 - I Will Not Return to the Zuo Family

Chapter 381: I Will Not Return to the Zuo Family

On the second day after the competition, Su Cha received a parcel.

Within was an appraisal report.

It showed that she was related to Zuo Shaoxin and Ruan Yin by blood.

In other words, she was indeed their biological daughter.

It was obvious who’d sent the report.

She was deep in thought as she held the document.

So what if it was true?

She chuckled and put the document away.

Of course, the Zuo family were not as flippant about it.

Ruan Yin called her and asked cautiously, “Su Cha, have you seen the report?”


The girl’s indifferent voice made Ruan Yin’s eyes red with excitement. “You are really our daughter, so can you come home now?”

“There’s no need.”

Su Cha explained everything clearly, “I am currently participating in a competition. That will not change just because I am your daughter. I don’t intend to move back to the Zuo family home. Just in case, please do not reveal my identity.”

Ruan Yin’s body stiffened and she felt her blood turn cold. “You mean you don’t want to acknowledge us?”


Su Cha did not know what she meant.

After all, they were her biological parents. They were blood-related.

However, she would not mess up the future she’d laid out just because she’d found her real parents.

She had to participate in the competition and practice martial arts. Everything must remain the same as before.

Su Cha thought about it and did not say anything. She just asked, “I still have something I don’t understand. What I’m curious about is, why did you abandon me back then?”

Ruan Yin was stunned.

Although she had expected Su Cha to ask this question, Ruan Yin was still a little upset when she answered, “We really didn’t do it on purpose back then. I had a misunderstanding with your father. Because of some things, I couldn’t keep you by my side, so I entrusted you to someone else… But later on, you disappeared. That friend got into an accident, and we couldn’t find you anymore…”

“An accident?”

Something suddenly flashed in Su Cha’s mind. She remembered Dai Xiaofu mentioning that her father had been in an accident, so her father’s family gave Su Mingzhe money to feed her.

And Ruan Yin said that that person was a friend.

Were those two not the same person?

Su Cha paused. “Who is your friend?”


Ruan Yin fell silent.

After a long while, she said bitterly, “It’s all in the past. Su Cha, we don’t have to worry about the past. It’s fine now.”

“I don’t know anything. Do you think I have to go back just because you say I’m the Zuo family’s daughter? Let’s keep the relationship like this before I figure out everything. We can chat, but it’s impossible for me to go back to the Zuo family.”

There’d always been a huge fog over Ruan Yin.

Of course, a person would definitely feel uncomfortable if she could not figure out these things.

Su Cha’s decisive and cold answer made Ruan Yin feel as if someone had cut her heart. “But you…”

She wanted to say something, but it was as if something got stuck in her throat and she could not say anything.

“If you have nothing important to say, I’ll hang up.”

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