The Queen of Everything

Chapter 382 - I'll Persuade Her

Chapter 382: I’ll Persuade Her

Ruan Yin was stunned and did not know how to answer.

Seeing as she did not speak, the person on the other end hung up decisively.

Hearing the dial tone from the phone, Ruan Yin felt a little lost and sad.

How did it become like this?

This was different from what she had imagined. She’d hoped that Su Cha could return to her side, but Su Cha did not seem willing.


Zuo Zhici suddenly appeared. Ruan Yin quickly wiped the tears from the corner of her eyes and turned to look at Zuo Zhici with a forced smile. “Zhici, didn’t you go out? Why are you back?”

“Didn’t you say the results were coming out today? Of course I have to come back to take a look, in case someone I don’t know cheats you into allowing her to join our family.”

Zuo Zhici was still sulking over Su Cha’s matter. Knowing the results were to be released today, she could not wait for them to be what she thought.

Ruan Yin was stunned for a moment before she smiled bitterly. “The results are out. Su Cha is my and your father’s biological daughter. She is also your biological sister. Don’t overthink. It doesn’t change anything if your sister comes back. Besides, this is not the problem…”

Zuo Zhici was struck by lightning when she heard that Su Cha was really her parents’ biological daughter.

Although she had already expected it, Zuo Zhici felt that she could not accept the truth.

She had lived for 17 years. How could she accept that she had a biological sister?

Ruan Yin ignored her ugly expression and suddenly said sadly, “The important thing now is that she doesn’t want to return to our side. She doesn’t even want us to announce this matter.”

“How is that possible?”

Zuo Zhici was a little surprised, but she was also angry for no reason. “What kind of status does she think the Zuo family has? There are so many people who want to be one of us, but they can’t. But she, she doesn’t want to return to our family even if she has the chance? I think she’s doing it on purpose. She wants to attract your and my father’s attention!”

Zuo Zhici felt a strong sense of crisis in her heart. She was afraid that if this sister really returned to the Zuo family, it would affect her status as the favorite.

The other party did not want to return to the Zuo family, did she?

Zuo Zhici immediately felt that she was just putting on an act.

After all, this would make her parents feel ashamed. They’d feel that since they could not treat her well for so many years, they wanted to make it up to her.

Zuo Zhici could not help but roll her eyes.

“Why are you so unhappy with your sister?”

Ruan Yin was not very happy. She looked at Zuo Zhici with some censure. “She is the same as you. She is my child and your father’s. Like you, she is the apple of my heart after I’d spent ten months pregnant with her. Back then, if it wasn’t for… Some things were too complicated, and I’d had to send your sister away. She should have grown up with you, but she’s had to grow up outside our care for all these years, so her life is worse than yours. She’s already been through enough—of course we have to make it up to her. At the very least, we have to let her return to the Zuo family and enjoy what she should have enjoyed from the beginning. Are you angry?”

“I thought she was someone with other motives!”

Seeing Ruan Yin getting increasingly angry, Zuo Zhici was afraid that she would anger her too much. Afraid Zuo Shaoxin would teach her a lesson when he came home, she quickly coaxed, “Mom, do you really think she won’t come back? Do you want me to persuade her?”

Ruan Yin was a little suspicious. “You are going to?”

Although the two of them were biological sisters, they did not seem to be on good terms. Ruan Yin did not think that Zuo Zhici could do this.

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