The Queen of Everything

Chapter 380 - Divide

Chapter 380: Divide

When Su Cha and the rest returned to the villa, they saw many fans surrounding it with signs in their hands.

There would always be fans who would find out about their living here, so there were more and more people who came.

Many people would lie in wait for these contestants, hoping to get their attention.

“Ahhhh I’m back, Ka Lian, look here!!”

“Ka Lian! Ka Lian!!”

“Baby Shu Ran, look here!!!!”

“Handsome Gong, look over here!”

“Yin Tongying! Yin Tongying!!!”

“Mingru, Mingru!!”

Today was the end of the competition. They would be back, so many fans would be waiting for them early.

Almost everyone screamed when they saw them.

With the crowd surrounding them, they felt like an international superstar.

Even though the competition had just ended, the contestants gathered their spirits to face this group of fans. They were happy to see their fans welcoming them. They got out of the car and smiled as they waved at their fans.

Su Cha was the last to get out of the car. When she got out of the car, she planned to enter the villa directly. However, through the crowd, she saw a group of fans who were standing at the side holding a support card for her.

Although the fans shouted, they did not expect Su Cha to really come over. When they saw her looking over, their eyes lit up and they screamed even louder.

Su Cha lifted her lips and walked over.

Those fans must have formed a group. Seeing Su Cha walking over, they were a little excited. “Su Cha… Su Cha!!”

“Su Cha, I like you so much! Can you give me an autograph?”

“Cha Niu… You are so beautiful!”

Su Cha smiled slightly. Her long hair was slightly draped over her shoulders. The light makeup on her face had not been removed, but it gave off the pure and quiet aura of a young girl. It felt as if one would be safe forever upon seeing her.

She tilted her face slightly and lowered her head. She took a pen and notebook from a fan and signed her name seriously.

As they were too close, a few fans could smell the fragrance of the shower dew coming from Su Cha’s body. The way she signed her name seriously showed that her skin was perfect and flawless. The fans became increasingly excited, and they could not help but want to touch her.

Even the fans of the other contestants could not help but look over.

When she was on TV, they did not think much of her. Now that they’re seeing her like this, they felt that she was indeed thinner than on TV, but she was still very healthy.

She was really beautiful.

Almost everyone sighed in their hearts.

After signing autographs for her fans, Su Cha returned the notebook to them with a bright smile. “Here, thank you for supporting me.”

“Ahhh, I will always support you!! Cha Niu, you have to do your best!”

“Su Cha, we will always call you CAL!”

The fans who got her autograph almost fainted in happiness. Su Cha smiled and turned around to follow the path the staff had blocked.

At this moment, everyone could clearly feel her strong aura. While other contestants were still smiling, greeting their fans, and signing autographs, she had already walked into the villa with her back straight and graceful. Compared to others, the feeling she gave was completely different.

Sometimes, this was how people differentiated.

The fans sighed in their hearts. No wonder Su Cha stood out so much during the photoshoot. The difference in aura was too obvious…

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