The Queen of Everything

Chapter 379 - : Untitled

Chapter 379: Untitled

Other than being surprised by it, the Zuo family’s matter was within Su Cha’s range of acceptance.

At this moment, participating in the competition was the most important.

Under the increasingly tense atmosphere, the semi-finals began.

This was the crucial period of the competition.

Su Cha did not pay much attention to the competition, but at the end, she felt that singing was a joyful thing.

She liked singing in her past life, but she did not pay much attention to it.

She could participate in the competition because of her voice.

She might not be able to immerse herself in it yet.

Only when the real deal started would she feel that love.

All contestants had to go all out for the Top 20 in the national competition. No one could easily pass, not even Su Cha.

At the very least, she had to work hard to make people see her improvement.

Faced with the audience, Su Cha chose a song this time around that was more normal and lyrical. With her unique voice, the feeling that her singing gave was intoxicating. Moreover, she was in love, so her interpretation of the love song was quite good.

The judges had changed to famous people in the industry. Basically, the judges would change every week. Soon, a superstar would appear. Other than Yu Siqing, the judges did not show any malicious intent towards Su Cha.

Her performance was fair.

The Top 20 would become Top 15. This time, six would be selected.

Ten people in one group. Top three.

The selection standards for Dreams in Progress had always been fair and rough.

After the ten contestants finished their performances, the audience would vote. Together with the judges’ scores, the top three would pass.

As expected, Su Cha passed again.

And she was number one.

Even the host was surprised.

It was not surprising that Su Cha could pass. She was exceptionally beautiful among the contestants, and her aura was imposing. Many people would favor Su Cha’s appearance.

However, the audience who came in every week was different, but Su Cha always managed to keep the first place in the competition and directly advance to the top. It was basically impossible for other contestants to do this.

Some of the remaining contestants never had to enter the waiting area, but they were also never the first to pass.

Even so, the votes were not fake. This was simply how a person was promoted. But while no one would say anything, it was a sign that a storm was approaching.

After the competition, Su Cha returned to her seat. Many contestants congratulated her.

There were fewer and fewer contestants left. Su Cha would at least be familiar with these contestants, but at present, she did not have any special interactions with anyone. Ever since Jin Mou left, she had basically never talked to other contestants.

Everyone was also afraid of Su Cha. No one dared to say anything to her.

It was not until today’s competition ended that everyone returned to the villa.

Since there were only 20 people, the results were out very quickly. Currently, only 14 people were left. The atmosphere was not as pleasant as before.

No one knew who would go next.

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