The Queen of Everything

Chapter 378 - Hatred for Her Biological Parents

Chapter 378: Hatred for Her Biological Parents

Su Cha could feel that Zuo Zhici was quite a drama queen.

On the other hand, Ruan Yin was good at love scenes. If her expression softened and her eyes turned red, Su Cha would have a headache.

This headache was not pity. What she wanted to do was curse.

Hence, Su Cha refused to eat with them.

Since Ruan Yin could not stop Su Cha, she had to ask a driver to send her back.

Of course, they could only follow Su Cha’s request for the paternity test.

After all, it could be seen that if Su Cha did not see the report, she would never acknowledge them.

After returning to the dormitory, the first thing Su Cha did was to call Bo Muyi.

“Muyi, I saw my biological parents today.”

Back when the girl took a shower, he’d watched the video of a man lying asleep on the bed, looking as handsome as a god. He saw a girl’s legs swaying from side to side, looking pure and lively.

She was an innocent girl who was only 18 years old. Su Cha should be in this state, but she had to face many complicated things.

Only in front of Bo Muyi could Su Cha completely relax. She did not mind showing him her relaxed state at all.

Although she was talking about her biological parents, her tone did not contain much emotion.

Bo Muyi raised his eyebrows slightly. “Hmm, how does Cha Cha feel?”

The girl frowned and tried hard to come up with an adjective. “I feel… a headache…”

She did not tell him about the inexplicable hatred in her heart, but she stated what she felt directly on the surface. “One of them seems to like to cry, the other is like a drama queen, going crazy from time to time. Then there’s a little brother and a father. I can feel that my father is very controlling.”

If Zuo Zhici heard Su Cha’s description, she would definitely die.

Bo Muyi hummed in acknowledgment and asked Su Cha gently, “It’s Madam Zuo who likes to cry. Is your sister an actress? Hmm, I know Zuo Shaoxin. He’s not easy to get along with. But if you feel wronged, you have to tell me that you won’t acknowledge them anymore.”

Su Cha: “…”

To be honest, in this world, no one could compare to Bo Muyi in terms of being difficult to get along with.

But as a girlfriend, how could she embarrass her boyfriend?

Su Cha could not help but say, “How can I suffer? I didn’t say anything to him, but I still have to wait for the paternity test…”

“The Zuo family’s paternity test is out.”

Bo Muyi continued to tell her the truth gently, “They will not do anything baseless. The result of the paternity test came out today. You are indeed their biological daughter.”

Su Cha frowned. “Then why didn’t they say anything?”

Bo Muyi’s eyes flickered. “Maybe they are preparing something. But, Cha Cha, you don’t have to worry about it. The Zuo family can’t trap you. If they do anything, just let nature take its course. Do what you want to do. Don’t worry about other things.”


Su Cha was not surprised by Bo Muyi’s quick news.

Although she had confirmed it in her heart, Su Cha was still puzzled when she found out.

How could there be a daughter in this world who hated her biological parents?

She remembered that she was abandoned when she was young. She had no memories…

Su Cha’s eyes narrowed. The memory she lost was related to her biological parents. How could they appear again?

What exactly made her hate them so much?

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