The Queen of Everything

Chapter 377 - How Can She Be So Arrogant Before She’s Even Returned?

Chapter 377: How Can She Be So Arrogant Before She’s Even Returned?

Every word seemed to be in consideration for the Zuo family, but Ruan Yin could tell that Su Cha felt the opposite.

She did not like them.

Ruan Yin was both disappointed and sad. Why did this daughter whom she had not seen for many years dislike them?

They were her biological parents!

Zuo Zhici was surprised by Su Cha’s decisive rejection.

At first, she thought that Su Cha had come back to the Zuo family shamelessly. As the only daughter of the Zuo family, Zuo Zhici had immediately disagreed when she thought about the possibility of her exclusive love being shared.

Some time ago, when her friends saw this contestant on television, they’d called her to mock her for having such a close relationship with that contestant’s family. Zuo Zhici felt uncomfortable.

She was the daughter of the Zuo family, the famous daughter of the Zuo family in the Imperial Capital. What right did a lowly family have to be like her?

At that time, she did not think much about it, but she disliked Su Cha and thought that she must have had plastic surgery.

A few days later, she suddenly appeared in the Zuo family.

What did her mother and father say? Oh, this was her sister.

What a world-class joke!

Zuo Zhici almost went crazy. No matter what the reason was, Zuo Zhici was happy that Su Cha rejected them. She quickly said, “Yes, yes, Mom, we must do a paternity test. Who knows what she’s here for? Doesn’t she know the identity of our Zuo family? Mom, we should weed out those who enter our Zuo family with unknown motives. We can’t let others see us as a joke.”

Ruan Yin’s face turned pale at her words. She looked at Su Cha awkwardly. “Su Cha, your sister does not…”

“Have you finished acting?”

There was a hint of mockery and coldness in Su Cha’s smile. “If you haven’t acted enough, I recommend joining a production crew so you could perform to your heart’s content.”

Zuo Zhici kept silent as if her throat was being choked.

She was clearly someone she did not want to admit it, but why did she feel that Su Cha resembled her father at this moment?

Sometimes, her father had such a scary expression when teaching them.

The confrontation between the two sisters gave Ruan Yin a headache. At this time, as a newly found child, Su Cha was definitely favored. “Zhici, go back to your room and prepare the materials for school. Don’t be so unruly. By the way, your sister is the provincial champion of this year’s examination. She will also study at the Imperial Capital University like you.”

Both of their expressions changed when they heard her words.

One was in disbelief that the other was the provincial champion while the other was not expecting such bad luck.

Moreover, the Zuo family had indeed investigated the matter. The news of her applying for the Imperial Capital University’s performance department had not been spread out yet, but they already knew about it.

As if worried that Su Cha would ask, Ruan Yin could not help but smile as she explained, “Zhici wanted to get into college as soon as possible, so she skipped a grade. She will be in her first year in the Imperial Capital University like you.”

Zuo Zhici rolled her eyes at Su Cha.

Her expression had changed and she almost shouted in anger:

Who is she looking down on? I’m a genius!

How could she be so arrogant before she’d even returned to the Zuo family?

The more Zuo Zhici thought about it, the more aggrieved she felt. She felt that if this sister returned to the Zuo family, her life would no longer be good.

She felt that it would be impossible. She wanted to complain, and she wanted to go to her grandparents so they could back her up.

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