The Queen of Everything

Chapter 376 - It's Best to Be Cautious

Chapter 376: It’s Best to Be Cautious

“Xiao Cha has just returned home. She’s likely not familiar with us yet.”

Ruan Yin did not think that it was wrong for Su Cha to ignore her. She was happy that Su Cha did not object to Ruan Yin calling her Xiao Cha.

Zuo Shaoxin gave Su Cha a meaningful look. “Maybe.”

After he said that, he hugged Zuo Nanfan and said, “I’ll ask the butler to make arrangements for our eldest daughter to come back tonight. We should celebrate.”

Su Cha felt that this family was unusual.

Did a paternity test not need to be done?

“Don’t you need to do a paternity test?”

Before Su Cha could do so, someone else had impatiently asked this question.

Zuo Zhici looked at Su Cha and at Zuo Shaoxin, looking a little anxious. “Father, how do you know that she is your daughter? Why didn’t you tell me about it beforehand? Did you ever plan to explain it to us?”

Zuo Shaoxin turned around. Although he did not agree with Zuo Zhici, there was still affection in his eyes. “Zhici, isn’t it the same if you know about these things now or before? As for your sister, we’ve already investigated her before she came back. She has been outside for so many years, unlike you who has always been by our side. You should be polite to her.”

Zuo Zhici: “…”

She clenched her fists and glared at Su Cha reluctantly.

Su Cha restrained herself.

At least she was a younger sister. Maybe she was even a biological one.

It was illegal to strangle her.

Zuo Shaoxin kissed Ruan Yin’s forehead. “I still have some things to attend to. Tell Xiao Cha about it. It doesn’t matter if we don’t know each other right now. We will get to know each other sooner or later.”

With that, he carried Zuo Nanfan and left.

It was obvious from his words that he was very domineering.

He gave orders, or rather, he was used to being followed. It never crossed his mind that Su Cha’s unfamiliarity with this dynamic would be a problem.

It seemed that the moment Su Cha returned to the Zuo family, some things were already destined.

Su Cha could tell what he was implying. Her lips suddenly curved into a smile. Ruan Yin looked over and was stunned by Su Cha’s smile.

She felt that Su Cha was indeed her daughter.

But apart from her appearance, this daughter looked more like her husband, Shaoxin.

She could tell from that cold smile.

After all, children resemble their parents.

Ruan Yin comforted herself in her heart.

“Xiao Cha, eat here tonight, okay?”

Ruan Yin continued with a pleading tone, “We know that all of this is too sudden for you, but we are too happy. We’d wanted to bring you back earlier. I will slowly explain what happened in the future, so can you come back to us?”

Su Cha looked at the time and stood up. “I still have to participate in an audition tomorrow. I believe that you know that I’m participating in a singing program? Before the proof is revealed, you shouldn’t have such high hopes for me. At least let me see the paternity test first, okay?”

She was smiling, but her smile did not reach her eyes.

The word “proof” made Ruan Yin’s heart turn cold.

She was distant and cold, without any affection at all, and poured a bucket of cold water on Ruan Yin.

“We look so alike…”

She could feel that Su Cha was her daughter. Her daughter.

She gave birth to her after ten months of them being together. Could she not feel it?

“It’s impossible to determine just by looking. There are many people who look alike in this world. Madam, your family is wealthy. It’s best to be cautious about these things, right?”

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