The Profligate Madam of the Family

Chapter 228

Chapter 228: he’s not mine, and he won’t be yours!

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“you must be lying to me. you colluded with this manager to lie to me, right?” gao yajing could not believe that leng rongrong was the boss of this club.

how could this be possible?

this club was so high-end and was the best in the world. it was enough to show how powerful and rich the boss of this club was!

she had always felt that the background of the owner of this club was even stronger than that of the gaos. after all, the gaos couldn’t have opened such a powerful club with their ability.

and the people who went in and out of this club were all top celebrities, so it could be concluded that the boss of this club must have made friends with such people.

how could a nobody like leng rongrong own such a club?

as far as she knew, leng rongrong had just entered the entertainment industry and was still an unknown newcomer.

this club had been opened a few years ago. at that time, leng rongrong was only in her teens. even she herself was still in school and knew nothing about making money. how could she, leng rongrong, be so good?

gao yajing felt that this matter was too fantasizing, and she couldn’t believe it.

she was certain that leng rongrong was a wild girl from a poor and remote place. how could her background be more powerful than hers?

no matter what background she had, she was just a young lady left in the countryside by the leng family. the leng family didn’t acknowledge her at all, and to gao yajing, the leng family was an existence that she didn’t care about at all.

she didn’t even care about leng guantong, let alone leng qingqing.

on the other hand, she admired leng qingle from the leng family.

leng rongrong and manager gu looked at each other and shrugged helplessly. she had insisted on meeting the boss, so she had told him the truth. in the end, she still did not believe him.

” miss gao, i’m the manager of the club. why would i lie? ”

manager gu said helplessly, ” this is our club’s big boss. although she doesn’t appear very often, she was the one who created the club. ”

“that’s right, she’s our boss,” the waitress beside him was a little unhappy that her boss was being looked down on.

their boss was so powerful, how could he be looked down upon by others?

this woman didn’t look like a good person. she had deliberately invited the boss to this kind of place for a meal. the boss had always been low-key and didn’t look like a super rich person, but in fact, the boss was super rich.

she had always felt that there was nothing her boss couldn’t do.

the waiter looked at leng rongrong with eyes full of admiration.

gao yajing calmed herself down with great difficulty. she looked at leng rongrong and asked again, ” are you really the boss here? ”

“if you say yes, then yes. if you say no, then no.” leng rongrong said nonchalantly, ” since you think the soup here is expensive, i’ll give you half price since you’re treating me. ” anyway, i ate half of the food, so i’ll treat myself to a meal!”

gao yajing,… what does that mean?

wasn’t this the same as saying that she couldn’t afford it?

treating someone to a meal and even embarrassing himself!

“but, miss gao, i’ll give you a piece of advice. if you don’t have enough money, don’t come to a place where you can’t afford to eat. otherwise, when you say you want to pay the bill, you can’t pay the bill yourself, and you still have to argue with the boss about the price. that’s so embarrassing!”

leng rongrong’s tone was neither hot nor cold, but her words were extremely harsh.

there wasn’t any enigma, but it seemed like he was really advising others that this was more embarrassing and that they shouldn’t do it. it sounded like a kind warning, but it was infuriating.

gao yajing’s face turned pale. she stared at leng rongrong with wide eyes. ” even if you want half price, will the manager agree? ”

she still did not believe that leng rongrong was the boss.

” of course i agree. the boss makes all the decisions in our club. however much the boss says, it’s as much as he says. ” manager gu said very casually, ” since miss gao can’t afford it, then let’s go for half price. ”

gao yajing was so angry that she was almost suffocating.

her eyes widened as she looked at leng rongrong and manager gu. even the service staff at the side had a look of ridicule in their eyes. she had never been humiliated like this before.

she had always been followed by others with envious eyes. she was the eldest daughter of the gao family and was very famous among the socialites.

she was well-versed in the four arts, and her looks were rather outstanding. other than chu wei’s arrogance and domineering ways, who else could outshine her?

however, she was humiliated in the club today.

being looked at by these people with such contempt, and with a mouth full of ridicule.

“no need for half price. i’m just questioning the price. it’s not like i can’t afford it.” gao yajing said arrogantly.

“that would be for the best. after all, he had promised to treat someone to a meal. he couldn’t let the person he was treating pay, right? i don’t think miss gao can afford to lose face like this.”

manager gu nodded and then asked the waiter to come over and settle the bill with gao yajing.

gao ya paid the bill directly and was so angry that she almost spat out a mouthful of blood.

when she left the private room, manager gu had already arranged for all the staff to come out and send her off.

hence, the aisle of the club was filled with staff. the whole scene could be said to be very spectacular and exaggerated.

gao yajing was speechless.

“hello, boss!”

manager gu snapped his fingers, and all the employees bowed to leng rongrong, then greeted their boss in a very well-trained manner.

gao ya was so frightened that she quivered.

she was really going crazy.

leng rongrong walked with her, and the employees followed behind her. the scene was spectacular and exaggerated.

leng rongrong was obviously a petite person who didn’t have much of an aura, but at this moment, her aura was strong, and she really had a bit of the aura of a boss.

walking from the private room to the outside of the club, gao ya felt suffocated.

outside the clubhouse, she was ignored. leng rongrong turned to face all the staff and gave them some instructions.

as for the employees, they were asking leng rongrong when she would come over again. they all missed their boss.

she even asked when storm would be coming. the kitchen had specially prepared some food for storm, which should be what storm liked.

“i’ll let storm come over on its own.”

leng rongrong greeted the group of people, then jokingly scolded them, telling them to go back to work.

gao yajing was speechless.

was storm the big dog?

that dog would actually come to the clubhouse to eat?

so, she even brought it to the clubhouse to eat and show off that leng rongrong’s dog actually ate better than her?

the eldest miss of the gao family felt that her heart had been hit hard. it was the first time that she had brought humiliation upon herself. she had lost all her face.

however, she, who had always been good-tempered, did not dare to flare up.

she stared at leng rongrong and suddenly bit her lip. ” miss leng, don’t be happy too soon. mo linyuan may not be mine, but he will not be yours either! he has someone in his heart!”

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