The Profligate Madam of the Family

Chapter 227

Chapter 227: how can you be the boss here!

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“i’m going to meet your boss today!” gao ya said angrily, ” get the boss here! ”

the waiter hesitated for a moment, then went to find the ancient mirror lake.

manager gu still looked very simple, but this simple style made people feel that he was a very high-standard master.

manager gu’s hair was still neatly combed. there were only a few strands of hair, and they were tied up in a small ponytail, making him look a little cute.

” this is our manager, miss gao. if you have anything to say, you can speak to manager gu. ”

the waiter said to gao yajing.

“miss, are you dissatisfied with our place?” manager gu walked in with a smile on his face. because he was bald and his face wasn’t very good looking, he looked quite wretched when he smiled.

gao yajing was speechless.

“where is your boss? i want to see him.”

this old man looked a little perverted. she didn’t want to talk to this manager gu at all. she wanted to see the boss here. to be able to open a club to this extent, the boss must be a very powerful and reasonable person.

although she didn’t know what was wrong with her boss to have such an old man as his manager, she still felt that there shouldn’t be any problems with her boss.

“miss gao, you want to see our boss?” manager gu looked at gao yajing and frowned.

“yes, i want to talk to your boss. i don’t accept the price of this dish. i need to have a good talk with him about why this dish is so expensive!”

gao yajing said with a serious and firm expression.

“miss gao, you’re really funny!” manager gu could not help but laugh.

seeing manager gu’s smile, gao yajing’s expression turned a little ugly. she frowned and said, ” manager gu, are you laughing at me? is this how you treat your customers? ”

“no, no, no, miss gao, you must have misunderstood. i’m not laughing at you. i just think you’re quite interesting. everyone knows that we’re not here to eat the dishes, but to show off. we’re here to eat the price of the dishes. to be honest, if the dishes today were all cheap, no one would come to eat. it’s because of the price that everyone is fighting to eat. you’re lucky to eat our new dish today, and it’s supposed to be a very proud thing, but you quarreled with us because of this. don’t you feel that you’ve lost face?”

manager gu said in a neutral tone.

gao yajing’s face turned even uglier. ” you’re really making fun of me. ” the great north thearch club actually laughed at people. i don’t want to come here to eat anymore!”

“as you wish.” manager gu’s words made gao yajing even angrier.

leng rongrong looked at gao yajing’s straight face and could not help but want to laugh.

manager gu always had the ability to anger people to death.

“before that, i want to see your boss!” gao ya jing said angrily.

“haven’t you already seen it?” manager gu looked in leng rongrong’s direction with a smile. ” haven’t you been eating with our boss? ”

gao yajing originally wanted to drink some water to calm herself down, but just as she picked up the cup, it suddenly fell from her hand and she hurriedly wiped her wet clothes.

“give miss gao that towel.” leng rongrong said to the waiter.

the waiter immediately ran to get a towel.

gao yajing looked at leng rongrong in disbelief, then turned to look in manager gu’s direction. her eyes were full of disbelief. she could not believe that leng rongrong was the owner of this clubhouse.

how was that possible?

didn’t leng rongrong come from the countryside?

although leng rongrong was related to the leng family, it was said that the leng family didn’t acknowledge her, so she was only brought back as a substitute.

besides, the leng family couldn’t even afford to eat in a club, let alone own such a club.

“manager gu, that’s not what you meant, is it?” after a long while, gao ya looked at manager gu calmly.

she thought she must have heard wrong, she must have made a mistake, leng rongrong was definitely not the boss of this clubhouse.

she had invited leng rongrong here to eat because she wanted to tell her how expensive it was to eat here. she could not afford it, so she was not worthy of mo linyuan.

but if leng rongrong was the boss here, wasn’t she showing off in front of an expert?

wasn’t she embarrassing herself?

“that’s what i meant.” manager gu smiled very kindly at gao yajing. of course, even if he tried very hard to show his kindness, it didn’t seem that kind. ” this miss leng in front of you is the big boss of our club. this club is opened by her. if you have any questions, you can tell her. ”

“impossible!” gao ya glanced at leng rongrong. ” how can you be the boss here? ”

“why not?” leng rongrong’s face was indifferent.

gao ya was speechless.

“if miss gao doesn’t want me to be the boss of this club, then i’m sorry, i’ll have to disappoint you. i’m the boss of this club.” leng rongrong shrugged.

“you, you’re the owner of this club. i invited you here for a meal, and you still came?” gao yajing was already so angry that she was at a loss.

“why? i can eat delicious food and earn money for the club. what reason do i have to refuse?” leng rongrong blinked her eyes, looking as black-bellied as she could be. ” i won’t lose anything, so of course i’m here! ”

gao yajing thought,’... that makes so much sense.’ she was actually speechless.

“you, you, you ... you’re too much!” gao yajing’s hands trembled in anger. she took the waiter’s towel and wiped her skirt with it.

“i didn’t do anything, did i? you said you wanted to treat me and i accepted. you told me to order anything, so i ordered anything. how am i being too much?” leng rongrong’s face was innocent, obviously taking advantage of her.

gao yajing swallowed two mouthfuls of saliva. ” how could you have such a club? this club has been open for many years. how old were you back then?! could this be ah yuan’s property?”

“miss gao, you’re too imaginative. i’m sorry, you’re wrong. this club is mine. of course, i don’t really manage it. from the opening until now, manager gu has been in charge.”

leng rongrong glanced at manager gu, who nodded and said, ” the girl is telling the truth. ”

the atmosphere in the private room was very strange, and gao yajing felt that her brain had crashed.

this woman couldn’t have some kind of powerful background, right?

what was her background? why was she the boss of this club?

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