The Profligate Madam of the Family

Chapter 226

Chapter 226: where is the boss of your club?

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“i didn’t come here to discuss this with you. i think it’s also a kind of luck to have the right to live off your parents. if you don’t have the right, you don’t have the right.”

gao yajing said self-righteously, ” leng rongrong, i just wanted to tell you that you’re not compatible with the linyuan clan. you two are not suitable for each other. ” with your status, not only will you not be able to help him, but you will also drag him down.”

“and then, you’re going to give me money to leave him?”

“but don’t you think it’s too cheap to give me so little money? can’t you at least calculate how much mo linyuan can earn in the future and give me half of it?”

“i’m not a fool. do you think i don’t know how to calculate this?”

leng rongrong pursed her lips. ” besides, are you trying to help him by getting together with me? she can’t get married just because she’s a burden? a man who needs a woman’s help, is he still a man?”

gao ya was stunned by leng rongrong’s words, and for a moment, she was unable to refute.

“but, if you like him, don’t you want to help him? or, if you’re doing this for money, i can give you money. isn’t that better? you have both freedom and money.”

gao ya said after a long time.

“i told you, the money you gave me wasn’t enough. besides, if i like him, why should i leave him?” leng rongrong took a sip of water and said unhurriedly.

gao yajing was speechless.

was he impervious to oil and salt?

so difficult to handle?

she thought that she would understand if she treated her to a meal, but she didn’t!

the dishes were served.

leng rongrong ate with great interest. she didn’t feel unhappy about being found by gao ya, and her appetite was still very good.

he had eaten everything he needed to eat.

on the other hand, gao ya looked at leng rongrong like this and lost her appetite.

what was going on with this woman? why was she so difficult to deal with that nothing she said was of any use?

the more leng rongrong ate, the angrier gao yajing became. she didn’t even touch her chopsticks and just watched leng rongrong eat. ” since you like the food here so much, i can give you a membership card as long as you leave mo linyuan. ”

“do i look like a fool?” leng rongrong raised her eyes. ” can’t i use mo linyuan’s card? ” besides, i don’t need a membership card to enter and exit this place.”

if she wanted to eat the food here, she could just call the chef home.


“aren’t you going to take any pictures?” after a long silence, gao ya asked.

wasn’t she full of vanity and wanted to come here to eat? aren’t you going to take pictures and post them on your moments after eating?

“is there anything worth taking as a memento?” leng rongrong looked around the room, then said, ” to be honest, i don’t like this room. it’s too pretentious. ”

gao yajing was speechless.

“you’re not eating? if you don’t eat a single bite and have to pay for it later, that would be so embarrassing. just eat a few bites.”

i’ll only slaughter you when you’re full!

thus, gao ya ate with a complicated expression.

under leng rongrong’s urging, she ate quite a lot. although she often came to the north thearch club to eat, she had never eaten much of the food leng rongrong ordered, so she felt that it was indeed delicious.

it had to be said that leng rongrong was very good at ordering food. she really knew the food in the north thearch’s club.

after the two of them finished their meal slowly, leng rongrong wiped her mouth and said, ” waiter, bill please. ”

the waiter walked in with the bill.

before they reached leng rongrong, leng rongrong pointed at gao yajing and said, ” she’s paying. ”

gao yajing was speechless.

he really was shameless!

gao yajing maintained an elegant smile on her face, then nodded and said, ” yes, i’ll pay. may i know how much it is? ”

the bill was handed to gao yajing.

gao ya was shocked when she saw the string of exaggerated numbers.

“how much is it? are you sure it’s that much? we’ve only ordered so few dishes? every time i come to eat, i order more than this, and it’s not as expensive as this!”

gao ya couldn’t control herself, and her voice became a little louder.

leng rongrong took a sip of water and sat down obediently, looking at gao yajing.

“miss gao, these dishes are all photos of our restaurant, especially the last dish, hot pot. the ingredients in it are very precious, and ordinary people can’t eat it. so, there’s nothing wrong with the price. you can calculate it again carefully!”

the waiter explained.

gao yajing looked at it a few more times and confirmed that the price was correct. it was the soup. what the hell was this soup? how could it be so expensive!

she had been eating for so long, but this was the first time she had eaten something that was sky-high in price even for her!

“did you set the wrong price? i don’t even see this soup on the menu!” gao ya tried her best to suppress her anger and looked at the waiter in front of her.

she already had a budget for this meal, but because she had invested in some things recently, she didn’t have a lot of money on hand.

in the end, the soup was actually this expensive. it was simply ridiculous.

although she was rich, she couldn’t be treated like a pig’s head!

“oh, this is a newly developed soup. it hasn’t been printed on the menu yet.” the waitress explained, ” miss gao, how do you plan to pay? ”

leng rongrong also looked at gao yajing innocently. ” miss gao, could it be that you can’t afford it? ”

“it’s not a matter of whether i can afford it or not, okay? of course, i can afford to eat the food here, no matter how expensive it is. but the problem is, isn’t this too expensive? the soup looked bland and was worth a villa. did i eat soup or the villa?”

“miss gao, that’s not right. we set the price ourselves, and it’s a clear price, whether it’s the price of an airplane or a villa. if the customers ate it, we would sell it. if you ate it, it meant that you recognized the price. oh, after you finish eating, you feel that it’s too expensive and not worth it. you regret it and are not willing to pay the bill. how can there be such a simple thing in the world! miss gao, i can see that you’re also born into a rich family. it can’t be that you can’t afford such a meal, right? if you can’t afford it, then don’t come here and show off. no one is begging you to come here to eat!”

the waiter said angrily.

gao ya was so angry that she choked. after coughing for a long time, she calmed down and said, ” i’m not talking to you. you can’t make the decision as a waitress. where’s your boss? i want to see your boss! i can’t accept this price!”

” miss gao, even if you meet our boss, the price will not change. ” the waiter said earnestly, ” rather than seeing our boss lose face, you might as well pay the bill earlier! ”

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