The Profligate Madam of the Family

Chapter 225

Chapter 225: chapter 226 competing with her father?

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at the entrance of the clubhouse, leng rongrong jumped out of the car. when she walked to the entrance, the staff members bowed to her respectfully.

“hello, boss!”

” shush, keep a low profile. don’t call me boss. i’m just a customer. ” leng rongrong made a shushing gesture.

after that, a waiter led her to a private room.

gao yajing was already drinking tea inside. she sat upright and made a show of being very high-class. the private room she chose was also the one that looked the most high-class in the clubhouse.

there were some antique calligraphy and paintings on the wall.

after leng rongrong entered, gao ya looked up and revealed an elegant smile.

“you’re here. you won’t suffer any losses.” gao ya jing said.

leng rongrong thought to herself,’of course i won’t suffer a loss. i’m going to eat your meal again and earn your money, so i won’t suffer a loss no matter how you calculate it.’

looking at gao yajing, leng rongrong also smiled. ” miss gao, are you treating me to a meal here? ”

“yeah, how is it? what do you want to eat?”

“miss gao, are you sure you want to treat me to a meal here? i can order by myself?” leng rongrong looked at gao yajing and said, ” miss gao, you should know that the food here is sky-high, right? i’m just afraid that my appetite is too good and i’ll eat miss gao down.”

“it seems like you know this club?” the corners of gao yajing’s lips curled up slightly. she glanced at the layout of the entire private room and said, ” then you should also know that not just anyone can enter this clubhouse, right? only members can enter, and the food here is not something ordinary people can afford. ordinary people can’t afford a meal here even if they earn their entire life’s money.”

leng rongrong nodded and poured herself a glass of water, then said, ” it’s not that all ordinary people can’t afford it. when the club was doing charity, they also sent food to some poor families. those were all free, so there are still ordinary people who can eat it without spending money. ”

“you understand it quite well. it seems that you really want to come here to eat, right? you’ve done your homework!” gao yajing was very satisfied with leng rongrong’s understanding.

the more he understood, the more he knew how expensive this place was and how difficult it was to enter.

if one wasn’t from a super-rich family, it would be extremely extravagant to eat in this place.

only people like her and mo linyuan could enter and eat in such a place.

looking at leng rongrong, gao ya chuckled. she felt that leng rongrong was also a woman full of vanity. she had seen many women like her. they didn’t come from any family background, but they always dreamed of marrying rich people and marrying into rich families.

why didn’t she look at her own status? was she worthy of a rich family?

there was a huge difference between the rich and powerful, not to mention a country bumpkin from a poor and remote place. how could she be qualified to be mo linyuan’s wife? not only could she not help him, but she would also be a burden to him.

of course, gao yajing had always been good at pretending. no matter how much she looked down on leng rongrong in her heart, no matter how much she felt that leng rongrong was not worthy of mo linyuan, she would not show it on her face.

she was a well-mannered person.

she planned to make it clear to leng rongrong that she didn’t want to use any despicable means, so she planned to use her mouth to persuade leng rongrong.

of course, if leng rongrong was not willing to leave, she would not mind using some other means.

“let’s order first. it will take some time for the dishes to be served.” gao ya jing said, ” look at the menu? ”

“no need,” leng rongrong said directly, ” i’ll just tell the waiter. ” however, are you sure i can order anything i want to eat?”

“i’m fine with anything.” in order to prove that she was a real rich family, she could afford the dishes here no matter how expensive they were, so gao ya was really going all out.

“alright,” he said. leng rongrong nodded and began to order from the waiter.

she didn’t order much, but she only ordered the most expensive ones.

gao yajing had been here a few times, so when she heard the names of the dishes, she frowned and guessed that leng rongrong had ordered the most expensive ones.

he didn’t even need to look at the menu to know what the most expensive thing here was.

leng rongrong must have wanted to eat here for a long time, so she was very familiar with all the food in the club. she couldn’t wait to order the dishes she wanted to eat.

gao ya didn’t say anything.

after leng rongrong ordered the dishes and the waiter left, she looked at leng rongrong with a faint smile. ” you must have been here for a long time, right? ”

leng rongrong rested her chin on her hand and looked at gao yajing, not saying a word.

” it’s okay. it’s not something to be embarrassed about. even the rich families have many people who are not qualified to eat here to show off. it’s not strange that you want to show off. ”

gao yajing said indifferently, ” miss leng, you should know why i’m here to see you, right? ”

“i don’t know. how would i know what you’re thinking? i’m not a roundworm in your stomach.” leng rongrong shrugged her shoulders and glanced at gao yajing. ” since you have something to say, then say it. i’ll just listen. ” you said that i would feel bad if i didn’t listen to your complaints after eating the food you treated me to, right?”

gao yajing was speechless.

she took a deep breath and maintained her elegant posture. ” i think i’ve told you about my relationship with mo linyuan, so i don’t need to explain further, right? my meaning is very simple. the gap between you and him is too big, so you’re not suitable. for example, mo linyuan and i would come to this place to eat. even if we eat here every day, we would have no pressure. but you can’t. because you can’t afford it, you don’t have any background, and you don’t have the family conditions, so you’re here to eat, right?”

“so, you’re very good at making money?” leng rongrong asked after some thought.

“i’m not that good at making money, but my family background is enough for me to come here every day to eat.” gao yajing said matter-of-factly, ” the pocket money my father gave me might be more than what you earn in your entire life in a month. ”

“oh ... so? are you trying to say that you’re very good at taking advantage of your parents?” leng rongrong tilted her head and looked at gao yajing. ” what’s there to be proud of? it’s not your money ... your father is from a rich family, not you. without your father, would you still be so carefree? ”

leng guantong was definitely no match for gao yajing in terms of fathers, but any one of her godfather would be enough to crush her.

what was there to be proud of?

leng rongrong looked at gao yajing with unconscious contempt.

this made gao yajing’s face turn ugly, and she couldn’t help but feel a little irritable.

every time she mentioned her father, others would look at her with envy and jealousy, but when it came to leng rongrong, her eyes were full of contempt. she was really infuriating.

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