The Profligate Madam of the Family

Chapter 229

Chapter 229: who has someone in their heart?

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leng rongrong was stunned for a moment. she glanced at gao yajing and was about to say that no matter who he had in his heart, he was hers.

before she could finish her sentence, a tall figure suddenly strode towards her and pulled her into his arms.

mo linyuan looked at gao yajing coldly.

“who has someone in their heart?”

gao ya opened her mouth and was shocked. for a moment, she didn’t know what to say.

“is miss gao someone else’s heart? do you know if there’s someone in other people’s hearts or not?” mo linyuan’s dark eyes were cold.

“lin yuan … why are you so cold to me?” he had actually called her miss gao and not yajing!

he used to call her ya jing.

he had always been gentle to her, hadn’t he?

although they had not seen each other for many years, he had always been very gentle when they were young!

“my wife likes it.” mo linyuan’s big hand grabbed leng rongrong’s small hand and wrapped it in it. then, he pulled leng rongrong and turned to leave.

leng rongrong was almost wrapped in mo linyuan’s arms, and she looked especially petite when she was beside him.

just like that, gao yajing watched leng rongrong being taken away by mo linyuan in a daze. it was not until the two of them got into the car and tang luo went to drive leng rongrong’s car away that gao yajing came back to her senses.

damn it!

she stomped her foot fiercely and almost exploded in anger.

gao yajing returned to her car and slammed her steering wheel hard.

mo linyuan had never been so kind to any woman, except for mo ling ‘er, who was very special and pampered. he had never been so gentle to any woman, but now he was so good to leng rongrong!

where did leng rongrong come from? what right did she have to snatch mo linyuan away?

she had waited so long for mo ling er to disappear, but now leng rongrong appeared.

she thought mo ling er was powerful, but leng rongrong was no weaker than mo ling er now!

gao yajing hit the steering wheel crazily. a security guard rushed out of the club, hit gao yajing’s car window, and said, ” miss gao, you’re disturbing the people. ”

after gao ya rolled up the window, she drove away.

as she was leaving, she took several glances at the north emperor club in the rearview mirror.

was this leng rongrong’s club?

was it her club?

she dared to be so arrogant in front of her. was she relying on this club?

since that was the case, she had to use some means to make this club close down!

she wanted this club to have no business and no one would dare to eat there!


“what are you doing here?” leng rongrong sat in the car and looked at mo linyuan suspiciously. she had called home earlier to tell them that she would be eating out and not at home. she did not expect mo linyuan to appear at the entrance of the clubhouse.

“i wanted to come, so i came.” mo linyuan’s handsome face was expressionless. thinking that gao yajing might have made things difficult for leng rongrong, his face darkened. ” did she make things difficult for you? ”

“gao yajing?” leng rongrong shrugged her shoulders. ” she wants to buy you from me again. ” however, i don’t lack money, so i didn’t sell it!”

“if you were short of money, would you sell me?” mo linyuan frowned.

“maybe,” leng rongrong pondered for a moment before saying, ” of course, that’s if someone can offer a lot of money! ”

mo linyuan was speechless.

was he not as important as money?

from the looks of it, he had to earn more money. one day, when his wife ran out of money and wanted to sell him, he would give the money to his wife, and then her wife would not sell him.

this was the first time he felt that he was poor!

he needed to be richer. otherwise, who knew if his wife would sell him out one day?

wasn’t he a little pitiful …

how could there be a husband whose wife wanted to sell him all day long?

“what did gao ya mean when she said that you have someone in your heart?” leng rongrong’s eyes were sharp as she suddenly looked at mo linyuan. ” tell me the truth, who do you have in your heart? which young lady has been hiding in your heart all this time? since you already have someone in your heart, why did you marry me? you’re not sick at all, you’ve been pretending all along. you’re cheating me of my marriage, do you know that?”

leng rongrong lectured mo linyuan while snorting and groaning.

mo linyuan’s handsome face tensed up as he stared straight at leng rongrong. ” you’re in my heart. ”

leng rongrong was stunned by this sudden sentence. she met mo linyuan’s eyes and saw that he only had her in his eyes.

” cough, cough, cough! ” leng rongrong turned her head to the side. then, she saw a familiar figure outside, surrounded by a group of reporters.

when he opened the car window, he saw li chenle being surrounded by a large group of reporters.

“what’s up with li chenle recently?” leng rongrong asked suspiciously, ” he’s also starting to enter the entertainment industry? ”

“it’s because of you. it’s famous.” mo linyuan said coldly.

“because i’m popular?” leng rongrong was suspicious.

“you asked him to do charity work that day, and a well-known reporter who went to the orphanage to interview saw it. the famous reporter was touched by li chenle’s charitable acts and wrote an article specifically for him. that was how li chenle became famous. now, he had to accept countless interviews every day. countless reporters asked him what charity he was going to do next, and many people directly told him where he could help. he’s been busy doing charity recently.”

mo linyuan thought for a while and said, ” you’re forced to do charity? ”

leng rongrong was speechless.

she didn’t expect that her casual act of making li chenle bleed so much would cause such a huge impact.

it was unknown whether li chenle was having fun doing charity or was in a state of complete breakdown.

when she got home, storm suddenly pounced on her, wagging its tail madly as soon as it saw her.

leng rongrong ruffled storm’s head and pushed it away with a slap, wanting to come over and lick her head. ” don’t lick it, storm. don’t forget that you’re not a dog. ”

storm was speechless.

rainstorm also walked over slowly. with a swish of his tail, he stared at leng rongrong’s hair with his big eyes.

“rainstorm, don’t tell me you’re even thinking about your master’s hair? i’m warning you, if you dare to gnaw on my hair, i’ll beat you up every day in the future!” leng rongrong rolled her eyes at the storm.

rainstorm had originally treated hair as his favorite grass, and he was probably obsessed with the taste of hair as he nibbled on it.

recently, no matter what hair it saw, it seemed to want to bite it.

of course, in the face of his master, the storm was still a little afraid.

it could be said that their master was merciless when he beat them up. if they were beaten up once, they would not be able to recover for a few days. if they were beaten up every day …

oh my god, this is too scary.

i’d better not eat.

storm wagged his tail and walked away pitifully.

storm was rubbing and jumping around leng rongrong, but it didn’t dare to pounce on her too exaggeratedly. after all, it had been abused by leng rongrong since it was young.

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