The Princess Consort Has A Lethal Destiny

Chapter 42 - Robbing

Chapter 42: Robbing

Those were two pouches of the same size.

After Xie Qiao gave them gifts, Pei Wanyue recalled that she had come empty-handed. She panicked a little at that moment. She thought about it and removed two things from her body immediately.

She was a girl after all, so she could only give accessories.

It made sense to give Xie Qi those, but it would be a little weird to give them to Xie Pinghuai.

She was not sure what to do at the moment, so she stood there awkwardly.

“Huai’er is a boy, so he wouldn’t care about all these. Your second sister will give you a gift next time, alright?” Ms. Lu spoke on behalf of her daughter.

Xie Pinghuai nodded straightforwardly and looked at the gift that Xie Qiao had given him.

He could not understand it as he checked it and looked confused.

“What is this that sister gave?” Pei Wanyue asked.

Xie Pinghuai brought it out directly when he heard that and showed it to everyone on his palm.

Xie Pinggang snatched it when he saw it. “It’s a small jade ship? The carving skill is amazing… Wait…”

He looked closer as if he was going to put it on his head. Subsequently, his facial expression changed, and he shoved the thing into his embrace directly.

“Eldest brother?” Xie Pinghuai looked stunned.

What was this? Was this not just a piece of jade? He wanted to rob him of this too!?

“It’ll be too much of a waste for you to have this,” Xie Pinggang said in all seriousness. “You’re just a reckless brat. What if you break it when you carry it around? Let me keep it for you. I’ll give it back when you’re all grown up and marrying a wife.”

Xie Niushan felt his terrible eldest son’s rather off attitude and observed him.

“Eldest daughter, what did you give them?” Xie Niushan asked.

“It’s nothing rare. It’s just a jade sculpture with sentences from Tao Te Ching[1] carved on it.” Xie Qiao looked calm, so calm that she made Xie Niushan think this thing indeed had no value.

Xie Pinggang heaved a sigh of relief.

Jade sculpture?

It was an authentic jade, but it was not the best quality.

However, the sculpting skill was amazing. Not only that, but he also discovered there were two words, ‘Yun Wei’, carved at the bottom. Therefore, a master had carved this thing. If it was sold, he could totally sell it for 700–800 taels of silver.

It was wasted. If it was a high-quality jade, it could be sold a few folds higher.

In order to change the subject, Xie Pinggang shoved the 50 silver notes to Xie Qiao immediately. “You’ve just arrived in the Imperial City, don’t just stay home. You’ll be so bored. Bring Pei… I mean second sister out shopping when you’re free. Go get yourself some knick-knacks.”

He was flushing a little.

The 50 silver notes seemed to be too little…

There was nothing that he could do. He could only spend less next month and give her more.

Xie Niushan thought it was too little as well, so he gave his portion of silver notes as well.

Xie Qiao accepted the silver notes calmly.

Xie Pinggang raised his head and suddenly asked, “What’s that in little sister’s hand?”

Xie Xi’s little face that was blushing became tense now. She shoved the thing into her embrace directly and said in all seriousness while looking at Xie Pinggang, “Rock, tiny rock.”

Xie Pinggang’s eyelids twitched.

Well, he got it when she said it was a piece of rock.

He knew what his sister Xi’er liked. The thing that was in the pouch must be taels of silver.

Judging by the weight, it would be great if there were 20 taels of silver. Forget it, it was a meager amount of money. He did not care for it.

Xie Qiao had fondness flashing in her eyes when she looked at Xie Xi.

This little girl was pretty and likeable.

Unfortunately, she had been stuck in Ms. Lin’s belly for too long when she was coming into the world, so she was not exactly smart. However, she was not considered dumb either. She was just slower than regular people.

Xie Qiao found out about all those things from Xie Niushan, who had gotten someone to write her a letter every year.

Therefore, she had an idea of what was happening here.

[1] The Tao Te Ching is a fundamental text for both philosophical and religious Taoism. It also strongly influenced other schools of Chinese philosophy and religion, including Legalism, Confucianism, and Buddhism, which was largely interpreted through the use of Taoist words and concepts when it was originally introduced to China.

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