The Princess Consort Has A Lethal Destiny

Chapter 41 - Welcome Gift

Chapter 41: Welcome Gift

Xie Pinghuai was angry, but he dared not vent his anger. He seemed angry, but he was rather cowardly.

His mother had only given him the silver when she got home!

He had only had it for less than two hours, and it was gone now!

Xie Pinggang was very satisfied, while Pei Wanyue looked rather lost in her eyes.

Were they really her blood-related father and siblings? She was there too, so how come they were unwilling to give her a welcome gift?

50 taels of silver were better than a cold dagger, right?

However, Ms. Lu was over the moon.

It was not just a small dagger to her. Her husband hardly had any other hobbies other than violent activities. Xie Niushan had obtained the dagger when he was a bandit. The precious stone on it was valuable, whereby it could be sold at 1,000 taels of silver at least!

However, what were they giving Xie Qiao?

Silver notes?

Ms. Lu’s eyes were smiling. She looked loving as she patted Xie Pinghuai’s head and said, “Mother will give you more when we’re home.”

Xie Pinghuai smirked when he heard that. “Great!”

Xie Pinggang snorted at Xie Pinghuai. The latter hid his head from the scare, and just when he was going to speak, Xie Qiao walked in from the outside.

Everyone turned their heads to look.

Xie Niushan’s eyes opened wide and lit up. He lifted his feet immediately and approached her. “Elder daughter? You’re my daughter?!”

Xie Qian’s eyelids twitched.

Xie Niushan was already pressing on her shoulders, and his eyes were as wide as a bull’s eyes. “Tsk, tsk, tsk. Only I could give birth to such a pretty lady! A brat said that my daughter would definitely be as big as a bear yesterday. He even said that I’d need to pay more dowry to be able to marry off my daughter! Look at you, who can compare to you!?”

Xie Niushan had pride written all over his face.

Xie Qiao rolled her eyes silently.

Xie Pinggang stood up and walked to her at the moment.

There seemed to be two walls standing next to Xie Qiao now!

Her eldest brother was at least 2.1 meters tall… Forget that he was tall; he was muscular too. The muscles on his body looked very scary, while his skin was tanned. One could not stare at him for too long.

Now, look at her father…

She had lived for many years. Apart from sending letters home every year, Xie Qiao had only seen her father once when she was born.

As her mother had passed away that time, her father’s face was gloomy, leaving her a deep shadow.

She had just transmigrated into a fetus back then, so Xie Niushan had left too deep of an impression on her. Now that she looked at him, she thought this man looked about 40 now. He was no longer an eyesore like before.

“Father, did that old Taoist geezer, Mo Lingzi, kidnap her? She doesn’t look like one of us.” Xie Pinggang was rather pertinent. He knew what his family members looked like.

Xie Niushan was stunned at first, while he was pissed subsequently. “Nonsense! Look at her nose and eyes. Don’t they look exactly like mine!?”

He could tell that this was his child just by looking at her!

“Father, can you stop humiliating your daughter?” Xie Qiao said helplessly.

Xie Niushan was stunned for a little, which made Xie Pinggang happy. “That’s right, you’re my sister. That’s right!”

Xie Niushan harrumphed.

“Eldest brother,” Xie Qiao called out.

“Great, it’s great that you’re home.” Xie Pinggang’s attitude became much calmer after the joy.

Xie Niushan seemed to have recalled something, and his smile was no longer as bright before.

“These are your brother and sister. They’re both good-for-nothing,” Xie Niushan said.

Xie Pinghuai and Xie Xi were secretly observing Xie Qiao.

The reason being they had only heard about her, but they had never seen her. Thus, Xie Qiao was a stranger to them.

They called out obediently, “Eldest sister.”

Xie Qiao nodded and brought two things out of her embrace. “It’s our first time meeting, these are for you.”

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