The Princess Consort Has A Lethal Destiny

Chapter 43 - The Legitimate Bandit

Chapter 43: The Legitimate Bandit

The gift that Xie Qiao gave Xie Xi was a solid gold piece.

Xie Pinggang missed the opportunity to rob while he was caressing the jade sculpture in his embrace like a fool.

“Let’s eat while we chat.” Xie Niushan was very happy as he watched.

“Aren’t we going to visit grandmother?” Xie Qiao suddenly asked.

Xie Niushan’s facial expression became stiff when he heard that.

Although the Xie family had gained their wealth from being bandits, they had many offsprings.

When Xie Niushan had become a bandit back then, he cut ties with the Xie family to avoid dragging in his mother and brothers. After becoming an official later on, he had been feeling guilty about mistreating his mother, who had brought him up for years. Thus, he had gotten people to bring her back to him.

Since he was taking care of the old lady, it was only natural that he had to take care of her other sons and grandchildren.

From what Xie Qiao knew, the old lady did not live here. Xie Niushan’s limited silvers had been given to the Xie family’s two wives to buy a house each.

She knew nothing much about the rest.

Since she was here, it would be rude not to meet the seniors.

She had to be nice to just ask, which was the least she could do.

Xie Niushan looked somewhat awkward. Xie Pinggang was more straightforward as he said directly, “The old lady doesn’t like us, so don’t look for her unless there’s something urgent. You won’t get anything good out of it.”

“Hah!” Xie Niushan forced a cackle.

Upon noticing that her husband looked terrible, Ms. Lu said caringly, “Qiao’er, don’t blame your grandmother. The thing is, the old lady is strict when it comes to rules. She was unhappy that your father became a bandit back then, so… she isn’t fond of you and Gang’er as well.”

Xie Qiao raised her brows slightly.

Although they did not say much, she got it anyway.

She and her eldest brother’s biological mother, Ms. Peng, was an even more legitimate bandit than his father.

Her biological grandfather was the bandit group’s previous leader. One could say that her grandfather had persuaded Xie Niushan to be his son-in-law to inherit the mountain stronghold.

To the old lady, she and Xie Pinggang had the blood of a bandit.

Regarding Xie Pingguai and Xie Xi… Ms. Lin had given birth to them. She was a good person.

Xie Pinggang snorted. “What rules? She’s just old and dumb. Without my mother, could she be the matriarch at home now? Does she think the other dumb wives of the Xie family enabled her to do this?”

“What am I to you?! How dare you criticize my mother right in front of me!?” Xie Niushan was upset when he heard that and kicked Xie Pinggang’s thigh.

Unexpectedly, Xie Niushan was thrown back by his own kick.

He was pissed.

Xie Pinggang turned his head to glare at him.

Xie Niushan lifted his head and snarled, “I’m your father, can’t I kick you?!”

“Hmph, don’t forget how you got your general position. I’m a man, so I won’t make a fuss about that old b*tch. Get her to behave herself, or my fist won’t have eyes when I punch!” Xie Pinggang scoffed.

Xie Niushan felt rather helpless.

That was his mother!

D*mn it!

Pei Wanyue was dumbstruck as she watched.

She had never seen such an… unfilial grandson!

What Xie Pinggang said were actually empty words. He looked fierce, but he would not really fight with his own father. He even sat down in a composed manner.

After learning the situation, Xie Qiao naturally would not ask to see the old lady now. She was not a masochist.

Xie Niushan proceeded to talk at the dining table.

He boasted how invincible he was in the military camp. If not for his lowly background, he would have been promoted now. He would not be stuck at being a lowly fourth-grade general now.

“It’s useless for you to say all these. Get some silvers from the treasury and buy your way into letting my eldest sister visit the Academy. She’ll only find someone eligible there.” Xie Pinggang threw him a cold blanket at the critical moment.

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