The Ocean Lord Is Unusually Powerful

Chapter 8

Chapter 8

In Ji Chen’s eyes, this group of sea lizards fleeing into the ocean was like dung beetles crawling out of their holes to look for dung!

One had to know that the Murlocs were good swimmers. While their fish fins may not be very agile on land, they are like ten engines in the water.


Their bodies are all designed for swimming, much stronger than these quadrupedal reptiles.

The Murlocs jumped into the sea one after another, causing a spray of water as they kicked their powerful tails and chased after the fleeing sea lizards.

A bloodstain suddenly appeared on the surface of the sea not far away.

A few minutes later, the Murlocs returned with the corpses of the sea lizards.

‘Ding ~ The battle has ended. You have obtained a glorious victory.’

“No deaths, +20% extra experience Winning against overwhelming odds grants a 20% bonus experience reward. Enemy routing grants a 20% bonus experience reward.”

[You have received 56 experience points. Current experience: 80%/100%.]

[Your River Murloc has gained 56 EXP. Current EXP: 80%/100%.]

The Murlocs returned victorious. Although they were injured, none of them died.

Moreover, these minor injuries were quickly healing under the effects of the Lord’s talent, Sea’s Favor.

Even if they come back later, they would have fully recovered!

Bump ~

The sea lizard’s corpses were thrown on the beach, piling up into a small mountain.

Originally, the ten-headed octopus had already been eaten by the sea lizards, three of them to be exact, and two others had been gnawed on, leaving behind tooth marks.

Sea lizards were full of bacteria, making anything they bit into inedible.

Helpless, Ji Chen had to give these two octopuses to the Murlocs to eat.

The Murlocs were omnivorous creatures. They could easily handle even spoiled or rotten meat.

In addition to these two octopuses, the twenty-five sea lizards that were full of parasites could also serve as food for the Murlocs.

In these two battles, Ji Chen also saw the advantages of the Murlocs.

Apart from their natural cowardice, they were above average in other aspects.

Not only could they fight on land, but they were also very agile in the water.

They also had an indiscriminate diet, able to eat anything, which made them easy to feed.

“Considering the terrain of the sea island, it’s best to cultivate amphibious units like the Murlocs for future battles.”

“Not only can they explore the island, but they can also be deployed for ocean exploration later on, without any waste.”

Watching the excited Murlocs, Ji Chen secretly determined the general direction for the future development of his army.

Then, as usual, he gave a post-battle speech, granting a buff of +10 initial morale for the next battle.

“Pick up these octopuses and sea lizards, we’re going back.”

“Croak, croak, croak!”

The Murlocs cheered and quickly carried the octopus corpses and dragged the sea lizard corpses, triumphantly returning.

When the residents of the Ocean Crown saw Ji Chen return with a group of Murlocs carrying large octopuses, they exclaimed in surprise.

“The Lord has returned!”

“That’s… those octopus monsters that took over our ships? The Lord with the Murlocs killed them all!”

“And there were some big blue lizards too!”

The residents all widened their eyes, watching as the Murlocs laid the octopuses on the ground one by one.

Then they saw Ji Chen wave his hand, and ten barrels of heavy dry rations appeared on the ground.

Their eyes became even more reverent and respectful when they looked at Ji Chen.

The person who could provide food was a good being.

The person who could protect them was a lord.

The person who could provide food and protect them was a father.

The residents bowed sincerely and gratefully said, “Lord, thank you for killing those octopus monsters and avenging our companions.”

Ji Chen nodded slightly with his hands behind his back. The skeletons in the cabin were probably the remains of their companions.

“You are my subjects now, and these things are nothing.”

“If you want to thank me, just work harder and create more value for the territory.”

He said calmly.

“Yes! We will definitely remember your instructions.”

Seeing the shortage of food greatly eased in just a few hours, the residents felt that their future life had become more secure and they became more diligent in their work.

Wilus directed them to move the dry rations and edible octopuses and processed the octopuses. Some were made into jerky to extend their shelf life, while others were cooked with dry rations as today’s food.

As for the spoiled octopuses and sea lizards, they were simply processed and saved.

Just as the residents were about to continue logging, Ji Chen stopped them and asked them to gather in an open space in the forest.

The residents were very obedient, and less than a few hours after taking over the territory, Ji Chen had established a certain authority with food.

He took out the resource collection tool and selected the northern part of the territory, a relatively flat forest, as the effective range.

It can be used twice.

The effective range is 50×25×10 (meters).

In an instant.

A large patch of forest on the northern side of the territory suddenly disappeared.

Leaves and branches that were only left with the crown of the tree fell off one by one. There were also wooden stakes and some plant roots left on the ground. Even the large rocks that were pressing down on the ground were directly cut open.

The surface was very smooth as if it had been cut directly from the spatial plane.

Seeing this scene, the residents were dumbfounded and rubbed their eyes in disbelief.

“Oh my god, am I seeing things? The trees disappeared in an instant.”

“Is this the power of the Lord of Glory? This is unbelievable!”

Even the experienced Wilus couldn’t help but be dumbstruck.

Even the nobles he had served in the past did not have such magical power.

Not only could Ji Chen control the chaotic Murlocs, but he could also make a forest disappear out of thin air. Only the power bestowed by the gods could do this!

He looked at Ji Chen with even more reverence.

“Ding! The one-click resource collection tool has been successfully used. A total of 1860 units of wood, 1190 units of fiber, and 230 units of stone have been collected.”

Ji Chen was in a good mood when he saw a large number of resources coming into his account.

With this batch of resources, he had 2076 units of wood and 1406 units of fiber.

Now, there were enough resources to unlock the Murloc D-1 node and make up for its most obvious shortcoming.

“Consumed 500 units of wood, 500 units of fiber, unlocked node D-1.”

“River Murloc (Tier 1, 8-star) has advanced to River Murloc (Tier 2, 1-star).”

“Level cap increased to Level 19.”

After unlocking the D-1 node, the appearance of the Murloc did not change much, but the description on the interface changed a little.

[Military characteristic: Be cautious (when encountering strong enemies and danger, you will be more cautious)]

Although the characteristic had not been completely enhanced, it was undoubtedly much better than before.

Ji Chen looked at the remaining resources on his interface.

There were still 1576 units of wood and 906 units of fiber left.

” Since there’s so much wood and fiber now, we can start civil construction. ”

“At least build more residential houses. As someone who loves the people like his own children, I, Ji Chen, cannot let so many residents be crammed into just a few small houses.”

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