The Ocean Lord Is Unusually Powerful

Chapter 7

Chapter 7

Ji Chen’s victory in his first battle and his ability to use words to raise the morale of the Murlocs put him in a good mood.

He waved his hand, ignoring the octopus’ corpse on the ground for the time being, and led the Murlocs into the cabin through the hole.


Sunlight shone into the cabin through the holes and cracks in the hull, illuminating the half of the cabin that was filled with water due to the tilt of the ship.

The Shallow Water Octopuses were resting in the water, and there were a few pale skeletons floating around, possibly the unlucky ones who had fallen at the hands of the octopuses.

“This ship is already beyond repair, but there may still be something left inside,” Ji Chen thought to himself.

He had four Murlocs guard him while he sent the other ten to search the cabin and deck. Soon, the scattered Murlocs found some supplies.

In the cabin on the upper deck, there were ten well-sealed dry rations that had not been soaked in seawater.

Each barrel of dry rations weighed about twenty-five kilograms.

Each unit of food was equivalent to one catty.

These 10 buckets of rations were equivalent to 250 units of food. In addition, those Shallow Water Octopuses could also be used as food.

He estimated that he wouldn’t have to worry about food for the time being, having found the most urgently needed supplies on his first expedition.

Ji Chen’s mood improved significantly, and even the silly-looking Murlocs appeared much cuter to him.

He placed the ten buckets of rations into his inventory.

“Guagua → Guagua!”

He thought about returning to his territory.

A Murloc ran over.

Ji Chen first looked at it in confusion, then a hint of surprise appeared in his eyes.

The Murloc meant:

“There’s a strange treasure chest over there!”

Treasure chests, as the name implied, were chests that could open treasures.

In ” Lord of Glory “, treasure chests would randomly spawn anywhere. The level of treasure chests ranged from 1 to 7 stars. The higher the level, the easier it was to get good items.

Among the treasures that Ji Chen hoped to find were the core of the military recruitment camp, resources, and more.

As the Murloc led him around the cabin, they arrived at a triangular space created by the collapse of half the deck.

There, a metallic treasure chest with specks of starlight caught Ji Chen’s attention, resting quietly in the gap like a sleeping virgin.

[Unlocked Treasure Chest]

[Level: 1 star]

[There seems to be something inside.]

[Will the Goddess of Luck pay attention to you?]

Ji Chen heaved a sigh of relief.

Then, he became slightly excited again.


It was an unlocked treasure chest!

In terms of setting, the treasure chest was a product of rules, or rather, a product of divine power.

Therefore, if the treasure chest was locked, it would require a key of the same level to open it. Otherwise, it would not be able to be opened even with a cannonball.

As for what kind of divine power and rules…

It must have something to do with our beloved Goddess of Luck.

That’s right!

In the world of the Lord of Glory, there were gods.

Originally, this was just a game setting, but now, it was as if the game had merged with reality, so Ji Chen guessed that gods probably existed.

Other than gods, there were also various powerful fantasy races in this world.

For example, the elves who were never absent, the burly beasts, the undead and dead spirits who were beaten down all year round, and so on.

There were also the legendary Titans, Dragons, and Fairies.

In front of the players was a world with many races, flourishing races, and filled with all kinds of magical life.

Therefore, if he sincerely prayed to the gods, he might really attract their attention.

Ji Chen’s eyes were filled with anticipation as he excitedly rubbed his hands together.

Ji Chen was full of anticipation, excitedly rubbing his hands.

“Lady Luck, give me an original Swarovski! I’m willing to hug your old, big, white legs!”

“Ding ~ You have opened a 1-star treasure chest. Obtained a tool for collecting resources with one click.”

With a hint of curiosity, Ji Chen checked it out.

[One-click resource collection tool]

[Level: 1 star]

[Effect: Able to clear and collect resources from a 25×25×10 (m) block in the territory.]

[Usage: 2]

Good stuff!

With this item, he could clear out the forest that was in the way of the territory, free up space for living and construction, and collect a wave of resources at the same time!

Luck was on his side. It seemed that praying to the Goddess of Luck was effective. Next time, he could try praying to the Goddess of Knowledge, the Goddess of Order, the Goddess of War, and so on, to see which one was more useful.

He had a very flexible belief system, and would believe in whichever worked best!

Ji Chen put it away happily and looked at the opened treasure chest.

He waved his hand.

“Ding ~ You have received a 1-star treasure chest (Empty).”

After opening it, the Rule Force and Divine Power on the treasure chest would dissipate, leaving only the original material of the treasure chest.

The material of the treasure chest could be broken down into a rare resource-Star Metal.

He was a thrifty person, so he naturally wouldn’t let it go.

Even if each of them only had 10 units, many a mickle makes a muckle!

Ji Chen nodded in satisfaction as he looked at the Murloc who had brought him to find the treasure chest.

“You all did a great job this time! Keep it up!” Ji Chen praised the Murlocs, and they responded with excited croaks.

Even their lifeless eyes seemed to show a strange expression of happiness.

After searching the entire broken ship and confirming that there was nothing useful left behind.

He left the cabin.

Just as he was thinking of getting the Murlocs to bring the octopus’s corpse with them and return triumphantly, he saw a group of blue-skinned two-meter-long lizards feasting on the octopus corpses.

It was probably attracted by the blood of the octopus flowing into the ocean.

[Sea Lizard]

[Level: 2]

[Tier: 1, 5 stars]

Sharp Fangs (White skill, the crisscrossed fangs can break through part of the scales)

Germ Bite (White skill. When biting an enemy, you can inject germs into the enemy to infect them)

[Military characteristic: Pathogen (the whole body is filled with all kinds of germs and parasites)]

[I dare to bite you, but do you dare to bite me?]

There were as many as twenty-five Tier 1, five-star sea lizards.

However, Ji Chen didn’t show a hint of fear on his face. It must be known that aside from a slight numerical disadvantage, the Murlocs were superior to the lizards in every other aspect!

As expected, the Morale Judgement immediately appeared.

“Ding ~ You have entered combat mode. Morale assessment in progress. The Lord of your side leads the army, morale +10. Close to the ocean, morale +3. Number disadvantage, morale -2.

Level Suppression, Morale +4. The level disadvantage, morale -5. [Troop characteristic: Cowardly, morale -15.] Additional +15 to speech morale.”

” The morale of our River Murlocs is at 60 points. We have entered an advantageous state. ”

The Murlocs were furious when they saw the sea lizards eating their food.

Even though they were at a slight disadvantage in terms of numbers, their morale was still very high.

At Ji Chen’s command, they immediately rushed over.

The sharp bone spears in their hands stabbed out bravely, leaving wounds on the sea lizards. Some even pierced into the heads, killing them in one blow.

The sharp teeth of the sea lizards could only slightly break through the scales of the Murlocs, but could not cause real fatal injuries.

The bone spears of the Murlocs could pierce through their skin without any obstruction, causing great damage.

Due to the difference in strength between the two, the Murloc killed seven or eight sea lizards on the spot in just a few minutes.

As the battle progressed, the morale of the sea lizards quickly fell below 10 points, and they began to flee into the sea.

“Chase after them! Kill them all!”

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