The Ocean Lord Is Unusually Powerful

Chapter 9

Chapter 9

With that thought in mind, Ji Chen opened the territory panel.

Other than checking the territory’s situation, the territory panel could also open the construction panel.


The construction panel showed many buildings that could be built.

For example, simple residences and simple docks.

The former required 100 units of wood, fiber, and clay to build. The latter required 300 units of wood and 300 units of stone, which could be used to dock small fishing boats.

He pondered for a moment and decided to build two simple houses first.

He entered the construction interface.

The scenery in front of him suddenly shifted to a third-person perspective, as if he had ascended into the air.

The entire territory was right in front of him, and he could twist his perspective at will like in a simulation game.

In the dense forest’s open space, the residents appeared as small as ants as they worked diligently at the edge of the open space, wielding their tools to cut down trees. The houses standing in the open space were reduced to the size of wooden blocks.

The lord’s residence was located on the west side of the open space, the Murloc recruitment camp was below the lord’s residence, and the simple residential houses and tool rooms were on the east side.

He turned around with interest and found himself standing in front of the lord’s residence.

Feeling curious, he pulled out the two building phantoms of the simple residences and placed them next to the existing ones.

As in a management game, a hammer appeared on the building phantoms, indicating the urgent need for construction.

“Interesting. As expected of a Lord game…Eh? What is this?”

Just as Ji Chen was about to exit, he suddenly discovered something strange about the construction interface.

Right now, his viewpoint was suspended in mid-air.

He had complete control over the perspective, able to adjust it in any direction and zoom in or out to a certain degree. He could focus on the smallest details of the buildings, or take in the entirety of the territory at once.

With a slight adjustment of his angle and field of vision, he widened his view and lowered it, allowing him to not only see the entire territory but also glimpse something deep in the forest beyond.

There was a waterfall in the mountains in the northeast, a gray stone forest in the north, and a dilapidated stone building complex covered in vines and weeds on the western edge.

“It seems like there’s more to this island than just forests. I’ll have to make time to explore those areas,” Ji Chen thought to himself before exiting the interface and returning to reality.

Just then, Wilus approached him and reported, “My lord, the octopuses are almost fully decomposed. Five octopuses can produce about 200 units of meat. In addition to the 10 barrels of dry rations and the 80 units of dry rations stored in the territory, there are a total of 530 units of food.”

After receiving the report from Wilus, he seemed to relax a bit knowing that the pressing issue of food shortage was no longer a concern.

Having arrived on the island in a state of distress and experiencing the bitter days of scarcity in both clothing and food, he knew the principle of not panicking when there was food available.

Ji Chen nodded slightly as he considered the information. 530 units of food equated to 530 pounds, enough to feed over 40 people in the territory for two weeks.

If they were frugal, they could even make it last for more than half a month. This calculation didn’t include the two octopuses and twenty-five sea lizard corpses that could only be consumed by the Murlocs.

With just a few hours of effort, the food crisis in the territory had been alleviated. He muttered to himself for a moment, contemplating the situation, then issued a command.

“Very good. Get a few people to build two simple houses now. This way, we won’t have to squeeze together.”

“In addition, organize manpower to clear the stumps and gravel on the open space in the north. That place will be used for construction in the future.”

Wilus bowed and replied respectfully.

“Yes, as you wish.”

After dismissing Wilus, Ji Chen took a seat on the wooden steps in front of the lord’s residence and opened the chat channel. It was just as lively as before, with a plethora of messages from inexperienced players.

“Is anyone near the Grey Swamp in the Western Continent? Looking to trade stones and crude iron.”

“Looking for team members! The bandit camp at the southeast foot of the Green Mountain Range in the Northern Continent is short of one soldier. Must be at least a four-star tier one.”

“This desert start is brutal! No resources, no water, no wood, no food. The unruly people in the territory are on the brink of rebellion!”

“Am I worse off? The start of the snowy mountain is painfully cold, and the surroundings are filled with Snow Ogres and Snow Wolves. My snowman army is just a snack for them. F*ck!”

“I started on an island with no fresh water or food. Luckily, it’s not far from the mainland, so I can take a boat to trade resources. Luckily, I randomly acquired a good soldier…”

“Speaking of soldiers, let me make it clear that I’m not someone who like animals that look like a human, but I randomly acquired a rabbit girl soldier and I find her so cute. I really want to…”

“Humans shouldn’t, at least not in that way.”

“He can try, at least.”

Seeing that the idiotic players had already started to form teams, trade resources, and talk about life.

Some of them even had cute Kemonomimi girls accompanying them.

Meanwhile, he was on an island whose name he did not even know, fighting with a group of Murlocs.

Ji Chen instantly felt a sense of envy and emptiness.

There were also some players who started from islands, but the islands they were on were closer to the mainland.

Unlike him, who was surrounded by an endless ocean and could not even see the shadow of land.

He opened the forum.

Compared to when he had just landed, there were already quite a number of posts.

He browsed through it with interest.

One of the posts caught his attention.

[About the division of heroes]

“In the Lord of Glory, there is a special type of soldier apart from the ordinary soldiers, and that is the hero unit.”

“Some heroes excel in combat while others excel in internal affairs, among other areas. However, both types of heroes are highly beneficial to a player’s development. They are valuable resources that must be pursued!”

“Hero units and military units are divided into different tiers. They are, from low to high: White Common Tier, Green Elite Tier, and Blue Excellent Tier. I’m not sure about higher Tiers.”

“It seems that there is a chance for a hero unit to appear among the natives, but whether or not they can be recruited depends on the player’s own abilities.”

The post below replied:

“If you don’t understand, then ask. Why does the OP know so much?”

The original poster replied:

“I am not talented, but shortly after arriving, I accidentally subjugated a white common-tier hero who happened to be a cute girl named Oni-chan.”

“I didn’t feel jealous at all for subjugating a hero on the first day, really.”

“Nor am I jealous.”

“Are you here to fish for compliments?”

“I’ll take your luck with a spear!”

So, heroes exist too!?

As he read on, Ji Chen suddenly felt like crying quietly.

Where could he find a hero on this damn island!?

He didn’t even have a single person other than the residents he was given at the beginning. Let alone heroes.

The only talented person he had was Wilus.

After reading the forum for over ten minutes, Ji Chen obtained some useful information and closed the chat channel.

He looked up at the sky.

At this moment, it was already past the hottest part of the day and had entered the warm afternoon.

The orange sunlight filtering through the treetops created patches of light on the ground, which caught Ji Chen’s attention.

He had an idea.

Why not go fishing?

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