The Mysterious Heiress: Researcher In Disguise

Chapter 104: Threatening

Chapter 104: Threatening

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Professor He had come up with a novel idea in order to come look for Fu Zhi in Yu City.

Xu Wei did not know anything about it. She only knew that her daughter had done well in the English competition, so her imagination had begun to run wild again. She had even prepared a study plan for Fu Zhi.

Unfortunately, she could not study with Fu Zhi.

“I have to have a whole physical check-up in the capitol, and it’s going to take about half a month.”

Generally, a physical check-up would not take so long.

Fu Zhi cocked her head and studied her mother’s complexion. “You look rather healthy to me. Do you have an illness that you haven’t told us about?”

She paused for a moment before adding, “Don’t worry, you can tell me. I have plenty of medicine.”

Xu Wei did not know what to say.

‘Well, it’s not that I’m sick...’

“It’s your uncle. He gave me a card so I can get a medical check-up at a military hospital for free. Every year an expert will come and assess my health. The procedure is complicated.”

She was going to take a flight to the capitol today to have the “medical check-up”. She had been doing this for the past 16 years, and it was scheduled on the 27th of September every year. It was just that something had happened in the hospital this year, so it had been delayed.

After telling Fu Zhi about it, Xu Wei departed for the airport.

Fu Zhi figured that she had to check on her nephew’s condition as well. Li Nanli only needed two more acupuncture treatments to cleanse the toxins in his body and then would be able to leave Yu City already.

As soon as Fu Zhi finished getting ready, Lu Yumo emerged and stopped her. “You liar! Su Xing went overseas last week. Which godd*mned man are you going to meet now?”

Perhaps he himself had been a victim of love too early after being deeply hurt by Zhou Tingting. Therefore, he did not want Fu Zhi to follow in his footsteps.

Fu Zhi shot an askance glance at him and said, “You think too much.”

After saying that, she went upstairs to retrieve her silver needles.

Lu Yumo, who was triggered by her indifference, turned to Lu Yushen and snarled, “I’m doing this for her own good. I just don’t want her to get deceived by other people! What the hell was that for?”

‘It means she doesn’t care about what you said.’

Even though Lu Yushen was not talking, Lu Yumo knew what his brother was thinking by looking at his eyes and felt offended.

His face turned grim as he snarled, “Mom and dad are not here, so I’m the one who’s giving orders right now. Just you wait. I’ll whip her into a reasonable shape by the end of the day!”


After Fu Zhi took her bag, she went downstairs.

There was a two-meter-tall swing in the Lu Mansion’s garden. Lu Yumo looked at it and sank into thought. Suddenly, his eyes shone as an idea popped up in his brain.

He tied his shirt on the swing and stepped on it. He felt his vision become broader and the air get fresher.

“If you dare step out of this house today, I’ll hang myself!”

Lu Yumo would not ground Fu Zhi, as he knew what she feared the most—seeing him getting hurt.

The idea was stupid, but Lu Yumo did not care as long as it was effective.

Fu Zhi looked at him coldly without making any comments.

Lu Yumo figured that he could do something to scare Fu Zhi, so he took a deep breath.

As soon as he put his chin on the cloth that he had tied on the swing, he felt someone push the swing. The next thing he knew, the plank beneath his feet was gone.

In just a few seconds, he grabbed at the vine to pull himself back as his feet fought to find leverage. When he finally stood on the plank again, he took a deep breath, as he felt as if he had made a trip back from hell.

The hand clutching his shirt was full of sweat.

Meanwhile, the sun was bright.

Slowly, ever so slowly, he turned his head. However, his eyes found nothing.

Fu Zhi was already gone.

“Fu... Zhi...”

His voice was shaking. It was not loud, and it sounded as if he was hissing through gritted teeth.

‘She’s so mean!’

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