The Mysterious Heiress: Researcher In Disguise

Chapter 103: Brothers, You Don’t Have To Act Tough

Chapter 103: Brothers, You Don’t Have To Act Tough

There was an expression that Fu Zhi would describe as “exasperation” on Madam Lu and Lu Chuwan’s faces.

Just as Lu Chuwan was about to reprimand Fu Zhi, Madam Lu interrupted and shook her head at Lu Chuwan. She let out a sigh and said, “You just don’t know when to quit, do you? Anyway, I’m sure one day you’ll understand what I’m trying to tell you today.”

Fu Zhi looked at her silently with cold indifference etched on her face.

Her reaction was so plain that Madam Lu wondered if she was a robot.

The more Madam Lu thought about it, the more uncomfortable she felt.

Lu Chuwan was not feeling well either. Whenever she thought about Fu Zhi’s supplement, she felt as if there was something weighing heavily in her heart.

It was just medication. She believed that she could find a way to cure her grandmother’s heart issue!

‘The national college entrance exam, huh...’

Fu Zhi had no idea about the thoughts in Lu Chuwan’s brain, as she was contemplating something else. She thought for a moment and then took her phone out. She rummaged through her contacts in WeChat but could not find He Ming. Then, she suddenly remembered that she had blacklisted him on WeChat.

Thus, she went to the 17th graduation class WeChat group chat and said, “Xiao He, remember to bring four sets of notes on the national college entrance exam.”

Capitol, 927 Affiliated Research Center.

A man in his mid-forties had just finished the code for the newly-invented artificial intelligence. He threw himself into a chair and took his phone out. Then, he was shocked by the series of messages in his WeChat and his face lightened up.

His eyes flared up, and his hands shook excitedly.

Zhizhi had finally given him a task!

The text message had been sent three minutes ago.

She had just sent a message, but there were more than 999 messages in the group chat.

He Ming scrolled through the sea of messages but, much to his chagrin, they were all identical—”Zhizhi, look at me. I can give you the original questions!”

The chance to visit his teacher at Yu City had not been handed out to him. He had worked flat out for it, and there was no possibility he would allow these people to steal his thunder.

‘Hmph! What a bunch of shameless people!’

With that thought in mind, He Ming hastily replied, “Four sets of notes, right? Got it. I’ve already prepared them and I even came up with exclusive courseware for each subject for your brother. Don’t worry, it won’t give your brother an edge over other students. It’ll only prepare him better for the national college entrance exam so that he can get into a better university!”

After saying that, he tagged all the other members of the group. “Please stop, brothers. Please give Mingming a chance to showcase himself.”

When Fu Zhi saw the message, she was left speechless. An indescribable feeling welled in her heart, and the feeling got even stronger after she replied to him.

“Does this mean that Zhizhi has chosen me? Ah, this is awesome! I’m so happy, brothers! If you guys want to blame me, go ahead. Don’t hold back!”

Fu Zhi did not know what to say and was not sure if that was the right decision or not.


Perhaps Madam Lu and Xu Wei’s attitude toward Fu Zhi had changed too much, as Lu Chuwan felt a sense of crisis.

She was currently talking with Xu Tongtong. The two of them were chatting and talking about Zhou Tingting, who had not been to school for more than a week. Lu Chuwan then explicitly told Xu Tongtong about Zhou Tingting being detained for scamming other people out of their money.

Xu Tongtong knew very well that Lu Chuwan did not like to talk about other people behind their backs. Therefore, she did not linger for too long on this topic. They began talking about other things, and then Lu Chuwan told her about Madam Lu’s heart issue.

Xu Tongtong said, “My aunt has congenital heart disease as well, but she has gotten much better after she was given a prescription by the old traditional medicine doctor at Ren Xin Clinic.”

Lu Chuwan thought for a moment and replied, “Where is that clinic? And is the prescription legit?”

“It’s just a small clinic. Not many people know about it, but the prescription is effective. After my aunt took the medicine he prescribed her, she stopped having heart palpitations and she has been able to sleep soundly every night.”

Xu Tongtong added, “All you need to do is let him know about your grandma’s condition and the medicine the doctor prescribed for her, and then he’ll fill the prescription out for you.”

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