The Mysterious Heiress: Researcher In Disguise

Chapter 102: Pride

Chapter 102: Pride

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As Xu Wei was peeling a shrimp for Fu Zhi, she told Madam Lu about Professor He.

In Xu Wei’s opinion, even though it was as difficult for Fu Zhi to get chosen as climbing up to the sky given her current result, what if the goddess of luck decided to smile at her?

However, before Madam Lu expressed her thoughts, Lu Chuwan, who was sitting beside Bao Yao, could not help herself and chuckled.

Only she and Bao Yao were giggling at the table. Xu Wei’s face sank as she asked, “What are you laughing at?”

Then, the entire room fell silent.

After a while that seemed like an eternity, Lu Chuwan took the initiative to speak, shattering the silence. “I just happened to think of a joke.”

She looked meaningfully at Fu Zhi and added, “Professor He was once the vice-chancellor of Tsinghua University. Many people want to meet him and become his apprentice. If Zhizhi really wishes to see him, then... she may need to make more effort.”

Fu Zhi raised her head from her bowl and realized Lu Chuwan was staring at her. The latter made no effort to hide her contempt for her, and Fu Zhi could clearly see the derision in her eyes. Apparently, she thought Bai Yao was merely building castles in the air.

Madam Lu thought the same way. “Why does she need to prepare for Professor He’s examination?”

“Maybe she wants to give it a try as well? I don’t know, but it doesn’t hurt to make more preparations. At least she could score a better mark in the examination,” Lu Chuwan said softly.

Well, even though what Lu Chuwan had said was right, Madam Lu still found it hard to accept it. She said, “Instead of going after something that’s impossible, why don’t you make use of your free time and put more effort into the preparation for your next monthly examination? Don’t you want to make me feel proud?”

Fu Zhi replied flatly, “Nope, I’ll pass. I think you can work on that yourself.”

Madam Lu was stumped.

Then, Xu Wei chimed in, “The examination is open to all students of the school this time. Chuwan is preparing for the examination as well.”

Madam Lu frowned. “Wanwan is making preparations because she plays for keeps. She’s going to participate in a national physics competition next, and once she gets the first prize, she will be able to obtain an invitation from Tsinghua University. These are two different things, so how can you compare Wanwan to Fu Zhi?”

Madam Lu added, “As humans, we must know our own limits. You should learn from your cousin. Stop working on arduous but fruitless tasks. It’ll only make you look stupid.”

Even though Madam Lu did not like Fu Zhi, since she had become one of the Lus, she could only force her to study hard so that she would not bring disgrace to her family.

“What if I get chosen?” Fu Zhi said as she looked straight at Madam Lu. There was no expression on her face.

“You... You’re crazy!”

Madam Lu had not expected Fu Zhi to be so stubborn. She was giving her some advice, but she chose not to listen. Lu Chuwan had never disobeyed any of her orders before, and unlike Fu Zhi, she excelled at everything, so Madam Lu did not have to worry about her at all.

Madam Lu wanted to say something again, but she remembered the supplement and chose to stay silent.

‘Well, suit yourself,’ she thought to herself.

The dining room fell silent once more. After some time, Bai Yao spoke again. “You don’t have to feel bad, mom. Wanwan excels at her studies and can share some materials with Fu Zhi.”

Lu Chuwan added, “Aunt Ning bought quite a lot of reference books for me. I can give her two for Aunt Xu’s sake.”

Bai Yao threw a meaningful gaze at Xu Wei and said, “That’s our good girl. I’m sure your Aunt Xu will be very happy about that.”

The two of them echoed each other, as they wanted to get even with Xu Wei and Fu Zhi for the dress.

Fu Zhi hastily replied before Xu Wei could say anything, “That’s not necessary. You can keep them for yourself.”

Lu Chuwan’s face sank. “Do you have any idea how precious those reference books are? They are great assets for an examination, and you wouldn’t be able to get them from the market anymore.”

Fu Zhi did not reply. She just played with the glass in her hand.

Lu Chuwan’s expression turned grim when she saw her indifferent attitude.

‘Well, suit yourself then. There is no need for me to get angry at you,’ Lu Chuwan told herself inwardly.

As long as she behaved herself, Lu Chuwan did not care if there was one more person in her family.

“Well, good luck to you then. I hope you score a good result.”

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