The Mysterious Heiress: Researcher In Disguise

Chapter 105: Ill-Gotten Gains Are Hard To Come By

Chapter 105: Ill-Gotten Gains Are Hard To Come By

Without sparing Lu Yumo another glance, Fu Zhi hailed a cab and headed to the Li Household.

When she arrived, Li Nanli was talking on the phone.

It seemed to her that he was facing some sort of problem, as there were plenty of white English characters blinking on the screen of the computer on the table.

He was holding a cigarette between his fingers as he tapped on the keyboard leisurely.

Apparently, he was being attacked by hackers. The page jumped rapidly as both of them fought to seize resources.

The blue light on the screen shone on his face, accentuating the hard lines of the man’s features. His pupils were completely dark, and his brows were slightly arched. He gave off the vibe of a leopard roosting on a tree, dangerous but majestically beautiful.

His phone was on speaker mode, and Gu Yanqi’s voice wafted out. “You want to look for Z God? I don’t think it’s that easy. The last time he showed himself was during the regional outbreak in R Country. No one has seen him again ever since. Besides, there is more than one force behind him. I tried to put a bounty on him, but after the “Demiurges” rebuffed it, no one has dared to undertake it.”

Fu Zhi squinted her eyes and averted her gaze.

Initially, there had been only eight groups of professional hacker organizations working actively in the international arena. With the “Crimson Patron” as their head, they’d formed an alliance and accepted and processed their tasks through a special website. They had dominated the hacker world for a very long time... until a force that called themselves the “Demiurges” had emerged.

Five years ago, the “Demiurges” had appeared in the hacker world out of nowhere. They had accepted all the S-rank missions on the mission board, accomplished them with flying colors, and repeated the same thing again and again. By the time the eight professional hacker organizations had tried to do something to them, it was already too late. They were unstoppable.

In merely three months, they had become the head of the alliance thanks to their outstanding efficiency when it came to completing missions, thus putting a stop to the reign of the eight professional hacker organizations.

No one had ever seen the members of the “Demiurges” before. They never attended any events, and their ace, Siren, was a figure shrouded in mystery.

The bounty that Gu Yanqi had issued had been rejected by Siren personally.

In the hacker organization, the name Siren was the epitome of absolute strength, and no one would dare to make him their enemy unless their own life was on the line.

Gu Yanqi figured that there had to be something going on between Z God and Siren.

Li Nanli pinched the bridge of his nose as he brought his eyebrows together in an annoyed frown. He tapped on the keyboard rapidly and a series of code appeared.

After three minutes, the page was back to normal.

The man stubbed out the cigarette on an ashtray, and the scarlet flame on the tip went out in an instant.

“Raise the price. If ten times don’t work, then increase it a hundredfold.”

‘I must get to Z God no matter what.’

Gu Yanqi replied, “Are you sure Z God is really worth the price? Do you think he has the “orchid” that we’re searching for?”

Besides, according to the rumors, the “orchid” was just a normal blue flower. Therefore, Gu Yanqi found it difficult to believe that it could bring the dead back to life and make dried bones grow flesh.

Just as Li Nanli was about to say something, he turned his head slightly and saw Fu Zhi, who was sipping on a cup of tea in the living room. The sun blurred her features, so he could not read her expression. However, by looking at her tapping fingers, he could tell that she was not in a good mood.

Li Nanli hung up the phone.

At the same time, Fu Zhi received an encoded text message. “Gu Yanqi has increased the bounty to 90 million yuan, and the eight organizations are tempted. Renne, let’s sell Z God off. Even though it is against our code of conduct, a chance like this doesn’t come by every day. Are you sure you don’t want to accept it?”


After she replied to the message, she saw Li Nanli entering the living room. She put her phone away and fished a packet of medicine out of her bag. Then, she said flatly, “After this treatment, you can go back to the capitol and recuperate.”

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