The Most Generous Master Ever

Chapter 48 - He Was Shocked  

Chapter 48: He Was Shocked

“Master, we’re back…”

The voice arrived before they did.

Lin Qingzhu and Zhao Wan’er walked in hand in hand. As soon as they entered the training hall, they saw Liu Qingfeng standing there alone.

“Eh, Senior Brother Liu, long time no see. Why are you here?” Lin Qingzhu said in a daze. She was quite familiar with Liu Qingfeng.

When they first went up the mountain, Liu Qingfeng had been taking care of them and teaching them some basic knowledge.

“Haha, Junior Sister Lin, long time no see. You’ve become much prettier.” Liu Qingfeng teased. Lin Qingzhu felt a little embarrassed.

“Wan’er, this is the Eldest Senior Brother of our Heaven Mending Sect. His surname is Liu and his name is Qingfeng. You can call him Senior Brother Liu.”

Zhao Wan’er smiled and greeted him without saying anything.

“Senior Brother Liu, this is Master’s new disciple, Zhao Wan’er, my junior sister.”

Lin Qingzhu happily introduced them. Liu Qingfeng was a little shocked.

“Another innate divine bone?”

He was shocked. As soon as Zhao Wan’er entered, he instantly felt the divine bone in her body. Its grade was not inferior to Lin Qingzhu’s Mystical Ice Bone at all. If it continued to grow, wouldn’t it advance to become an immortal bone?

That was an existence that was comparable to a Saint Body.

“Oh my god, this is amazing.”

Violet Cloud Peak only had two disciples in total, but each was more talented than the other.

Most of the other factions had some rotten fish and prawns idling around. Although there were many people, there were not many who were truly capable. As for Violet Cloud Peak, they adhered to their past principles. They would rather have nothing than talent.

Just like Ye Qiu in the past, he acted like he was very weak and that he was trash.

Back then, when Perfected Xuantian accepted him, the disciples of the various factions mocked him and secretly scolded him for being old and muddle-headed.

In the end, he had already become a Cardinal in ten years.

Was this something a piece of trash could do? Just one person was enough to match any peak. Was his Violet Cloud Peak weak?

Weak my ass…

Seeing this, Liu Qingfeng couldn’t help but be shocked. From the looks of it, Violet Cloud Peak had the greatest potential.

“Junior Sister Zhao is indeed talented and intelligent. It’s our first time meeting, and I was really shocked. No wonder you were accepted as Martial Uncle Ye’s disciple. You have an innate divine bone and excellent comprehension. Your future is limitless.” Liu Qingfeng sighed from the bottom of his heart.

Zhao Wan’er was a little embarrassed by the praise. She knew very well that her so-called aptitude was forcefully forged by Ye Qiu.

“By the way, Junior Sister Lin, what’s your current cultivation level?” Liu Qingfeng suddenly thought of something and hurriedly asked.

He had not forgotten what his master had told him before he came to see how far Lin Qingzhu had grown.

Lin Qingzhu hesitated for a moment and looked at Ye Qiu, not knowing if she should say it.

Ye Qiu didn’t say anything and gave her a look to tell her not to worry.

“Senior Brother, I’m already at level two of the Celestial realm.”

Liu Qingfeng nodded. “Oh, a level two Black Finger? That’s alright.”

He had heard two months ago that Lin Qingzhu had already entered level one of Black Finger. It was not strange for her to break through to level two now.

Liu Qingfeng shook his head in disappointment. After a moment of silence, he suddenly raised his head.

Wait a minute…

“What? Level two Celestial realm?”

“Yeah, what’s wrong?” Lin Qingzhu was at a loss as she asked.

This contrast was so cute that Liu Qingfeng didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. Could it be that in her eyes, it was reasonable to break through to the Celestial Realm in two months?

“How is that possible? You only took two months to go from the Black Finger to the Celestial realm?”

Liu Qingfeng couldn’t believe it. No matter how talented she was, it was impossible for her to break through so quickly, right?

Lin Qingzhu explained seriously, “In the past two months, I followed Master down the mountain to travel and kill many vicious beasts. I absorbed the power of the precious bone, so my cultivation increased a little faster.”

What she didn’t say was that the Divine Marrow Pill had previously transformed her physique, tempering her bones to an extremely firm state. It had a powerful essence effect.

Therefore, absorbing so many precious bones did not affect her foundation much.

Because the Divine Marrow Pill would filter out these impurities, she could absorb them with ease.

The only flaw was that her mental state was unstable. That was why Ye Qiu told her to complete her homework every day and temper her Dao heart.

In the past two months, she had been constantly reflecting. She trained and tempered her Dao heart. Her cultivation progress was very stable and there were no problems.

If it were an ordinary person, they might not have the patience to constantly pay attention to the cultivation of their disciples because there were so many disciples. It was impossible for them to follow them.

But Ye Qiu was different. He only had two disciples, so he could pay attention to them at all times.

Once he found out that there was a problem, he would point it out immediately and make her correct and adjust it quickly.

“I see…”

Liu Qingfeng suddenly understood and felt a little envious.

Lin Qingzhu had met a good master who was constantly paying attention to her cultivation.

If this was placed in another peak, almost all the disciples were cultivating by themselves. If you want to cultivate, then you can cultivate. If you don’t want to cultivate, then forget it. It’s not like there’s a lack of disciples.

Liu Qingfeng also knew about absorbing precious bones to increase one’s cultivation, but he didn’t dare to absorb too much.

Because Meng Tianzheng was too busy, he had endless things to deal with every day. It was impossible for him to follow his disciple’s cultivation progress like Ye Qiu.

Once something went wrong, his future might be gone.

Therefore, he was very cautious. He just needed to win through stability.

“What about Junior Sister Zhao?” Liu Qingfeng was stunned and looked at Zhao Wan’er.

The news of Zhao Wan’er entering the sect had already spread to the peak a few days ago and was recorded.

She had just entered the sect, so she should still be in the Qi Mastery realm, right?

Don’t tell me that she was the same as Lin Qingzhu, reaching the fourth level of Qi Mastery within four days of entering the sect?

Even if they were born with divine bones, they couldn’t be more abnormal than each other, right?

“Me?” Zhao Wan’er smiled gently and tugged at her red robe. She said playfully, “I’m already at level three of Black Finger…”


He was numb.

Liu Qingfeng was already numb. This time, he heard it clearly.

Level three of Black Finger.

Yes, I am numb.

Even the young man who entered the Hidden Sword Peak with Lin Qingzhu two months ago was only at the eighth level of Qi Mastery.

This result was already widely spread in the Heaven Mending Sect and he was praised by everyone as a genius.

Qi Wuhui was quite proud of this. He grinned every day and bragged to the other peak masters about how good his precious disciple was.

But compared with these two. He was simply nothing.

Liu Qingfeng could imagine that if Qi Wuhui knew about Zhao Wan’er and Lin Qingzhu’s cultivation progress, his old face would probably be worse than eating a pound of shit.

“Haha…” Thinking of this, Liu Qingfeng suddenly couldn’t help but laugh. He realized that he had been rude and hurriedly apologized. “I’m sorry, I suddenly remembered something happy and couldn’t help it.”

The two of them looked at each other. Zhao Wan’er whispered into Lin Qingzhu’s ear, “Senior Sister, this Senior Brother Liu is so strange. He’s smiling foolishly for no reason.”

Lin Qingzhu’s mouth twitched, not knowing what to say because she thought so too.

Her master was still the best. No matter what happened, he could remain calm and composed.

Liu Qingfeng felt very awkward when he saw them discussing him in a low voice. He touched his nose and said to Ye Qiu, “Martial Uncle Ye, I’m really impressed today.”

“Not only is Martial Uncle’s cultivation unfathomable, but you’re also so outstanding when it comes to teaching disciples. If the martial uncles of the other mountains knew about Violet Cloud Peak, they would probably be shocked, right?”

Ye Qiu said calmly, “Yeah, I’m just casually teaching.”


The corner of Liu Qingfeng’s mouth twitched. He felt humiliated.

This is called casually teaching? You probably want to stuff that secret technique manual into their brains.

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