The Most Generous Master Ever

Chapter 49 - Enlightenment on the Spot  

Chapter 49: Enlightenment on the Spot

“Martial Uncle is really humble. I’ve learned my lesson…” Liu Qingfeng sweated.

At this moment, Lin Qingzhu asked curiously, “By the way, Master, what’s going on outside? Why are there so many people on our Violet Cloud Peak?”

“That’s right. When we came back just now, we saw many people on the north mountain.”

Ye Qiu was stunned. He wasn’t in a hurry to answer. Instead, he slowly took a sip of the Bitter Spirit Tea that Xiao Yi had just sent over.

The first mouthful felt a little bitter. He slowly tasted and savored the flavor. It has to suffer before enjoying happiness.

“Ah…” Ye Qiu sighed in enjoyment. Ah… the taste of money…

He had heard of this Bitter Spirit Tea before. It was a famous tea unique to Guangling City. Those who could drink this tea were basically people of noble status.

“Ahem ahem…” Coughing lightly, Ye Qiu slowly said, “Those are all people from the Xiao Clan. The Xiao Clan sent us a lot of gifts, ten thousand taels of gold, and also prepared to help us build a training hall.”

The two of them were pleasantly surprised.


Over the past few days, Lin Qingzhu had brought Zhao Wan’er to wander around the other mountains, feeling emotional.

Among the seven peaks, the first peak was the most imposing, followed by the Hidden Sword Peak. The training hall was luxurious and domineering, and even the dormitory conditions were very good.

In comparison, Violet Cloud Peak was too poor. They were so poor that they only had a few wooden houses left.

“Doesn’t that mean we’ll have a new house to live in in the future?”

Ye Qiu nodded and said, “Yes, there’s definitely a new house. However, we cultivators don’t really care about the so-called appearance and residence.

“As an immortal cultivator, our first priority is cultivating. Only by being close to nature can one comprehend nature.

“Only by following our hearts could we be carefree. If you pay too much attention to the so-called facade, it won’t bring you much gain.

“You have to know that good things are like water, benefit flows to many but takes no credit for the good that is done. Letting nature take its course is the way…”

Liu Qingfeng was suddenly stunned as soon as these words were spoken.

“Only by being close to nature can one comprehend nature. Only by following our hearts can we be carefree…” Liu Qingfeng muttered these words and was suddenly stunned.

He did not expect Martial Uncle Ye to have such a deep understanding of Dao techniques.

Unbelievable. So Martial Uncle Ye’s comprehension of Dao has already reached such a realm. No wonder he became a Cardinal expert at such a young age. Thinking of this, his expression froze.

He recalled that all these years, he had cared too much about his status as the so-called chief disciple and the opinions of others. He tried his best to do everything perfectly and not give others a chance to criticize him.

In the end, he realized that his obsession was too deep and he had forgotten his original intention of cultivating.

“This…” Thinking of this, Liu Qingfeng’s expression turned bitter. As the chief disciple, his talent was not bad to begin with. He was not inferior to He Wushuang at all.

However, He Wushuang’s cultivation level had already increased by four minor realms. Such a gap had a huge blow to his confidence.

Now that he heard Ye Qiu’s words, he suddenly felt like he had woken up from a dream.

“The Dao can be said to be extraordinary…

“All things under heaven sprang from It as existing, that existence sprang from It as non-existent…

“Everything has a law. Everything is up to you. Let nature take its course.”

In an instant, a gentle aura gradually emitted from Liu Qingfeng’s body.

Ye Qiu frowned and looked over. “Hmm, what’s wrong with this kid?”

Lin Qingzhu and Zhao Wan’er were also shocked and hurriedly stood aside.

“This is a sign of a breakthrough?”

The three of them were stunned. Ye Qiu had just casually said that, how did he break through?

Ye Qiu was amused. He gestured for his two disciples to stand aside and quietly looked at Liu Qingfeng below to see what realm he could break through to.

“Interesting. Enlightenment on the spot?” The corners of Ye Qiu’s mouth curled up slightly. Liu Qingfeng’s current state was the epiphany of a cultivator.

This state was not something that could be entered just because one wanted to. It required extremely high comprehension and a certain amount of opportunity.

The conditions were very difficult, but if he could enter a state of epiphany, this would definitely be better than any immortal pill.

A breeze blew. Liu Qingfeng sat down and entered a state of epiphany.

In an instant, the spiritual energy in his body surged like the tide on Cloud Dream Lake.

He frantically absorbed the energy of heaven and earth and gathered it into a huge spiral ball. In the sky, a phenomenon appeared.

At this moment, in the Jade Pure Hall, Meng Tianzheng, who was meditating, suddenly opened his eyes.

“This is…”

“Heaven and Earth Nourishment?”

The phenomenon was in the direction of Violet Cloud Peak. Meng Tianzheng was shocked. This kind of scene was rare even in a hundred years. Could it be a phenomenon caused by a disciple of Violet Cloud Peak?

He couldn’t sit still anymore. He instantly flew in the direction of Violet Cloud Peak, wanting to see this miraculous scene with his own eyes.

At the same time, on Heavenly Water Peak, Perfected Ming Yue was preaching to Liu Ruyan when she suddenly looked up and saw the cyclone circling Violet Cloud Peak.

She said in shock, “Heaven and Earth Nourishment, who caused this?”

“Master, could it be Martial Uncle Ye?” Liu Ruyan asked curiously. After the last time, they had deeply realized that this Martial Uncle Ye, who was known as trash in the Heaven Mending Sect, was not as unbearable as they had imagined.

Not only was he powerful, his cultivation was unfathomable, and his personality was low-key and reserved. He hid his sharpness in his heart and did not show it.

They admired such an expert’s bearing.

Ming Yue was stunned. To be able to cause such a phenomenon, he was definitely not an ordinary person. She said, “Ruyan, let’s go. Follow me to see this world’s wonder. Perhaps you can comprehend something from it.”

In an instant, two figures rose from the ground and flew towards Violet Cloud Peak.

As the cyclone in the sky grew larger, almost everyone in the Heaven Mending Sect’s seven great peaks discovered this scene.

The entire sect was shocked.

On the Hidden Sword Peak, Qi Wuhui had just returned to the mountain and had yet to rest when he suddenly felt a powerful aura flowing on Violet Cloud Peak.

Out of curiosity, he looked at the strange scene in the sky. After seeing the source, his expression turned cold.

“Violet Cloud Peak again! Damn it…”

From top to bottom of the Heaven Mending Sect, several figures flew towards Violet Cloud Peak.

Not long after, Ye Qiu felt the change in aura outside. He slowly walked out of the training hall and was shocked. “Damn! So many people?”

Once upon a time, Violet Cloud Peak had such a lively scene, but this was hundreds of years ago.

In the current Violet Cloud Peak, there were only two or three living people.

Ye Qiu was really shocked that so many people came at the same time today.

A figure quickly flashed past. In less than a moment, Meng Tianzheng appeared beside Ye Qiu.

“Junior Brother Ye, who caused this phenomenon?” Meng Tianzheng asked anxiously. Someone who could cause such a phenomenon must be a top-notch existence, a true genius.

How could he not be excited that such a person came from the Heaven Mending Sect? He was very curious. Who had caused the phenomenon?

Was it Lin Qingzhu? Or was it Zhao Wan’er, who had just entered the sect?

Ye Qiu smiled and didn’t say anything. Just as he was about to speak, a few more figures descended.

“Haha, Junior Brother Ye! Your Violet Cloud Peak is indeed an outstanding place with beautiful mountains and clear waters. I am really shocked by the Heaven and Earth Nourishment phenomenon.”

Before he arrived, his voice had already arrived. There was no need to guess. Only Yang Wudi from the Sword Testing Peak could send out this deep voice.

After a while, Ming Yue slowly descended with Liu Ruyan and said softly, “Junior Brother Ye, you’ve silently given us another surprise.”

“Quick, tell me, who caused this phenomenon?” Ming Yue asked curiously. Her gaze remained on the vortex above, and she was extremely shocked.

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