The Most Generous Master Ever

Chapter 47 - I'm a Cultivator, I'm Not Interested in Money  

Chapter 47: I’m a Cultivator, I’m Not Interested in Money

“Senior Sister, why don’t we have a round?” As soon as she learned the Plum Blossom Palm, Zhao Wan’er was eager to spar with Lin Qingzhu. She didn’t want to fight Ye Qiu because that would be asking for trouble.

Lin Qingzhu was the better option. With her realm suppressed, the difference between the two of them was actually not much.

The biggest difference was that Lin Qingzhu had learned the Violet Cloud Swordsmanship before her and had a deeper comprehension and more combat experience.

Seeing that she wanted to try, Lin Qingzhu didn’t refuse and said, “Alright, come on.”

Watching them exchange blows and play happily, the humble old father, no… Master was once again neglected.

Damn, what am I thinking?My disciples are united and helping each other. I should be happy. How can I be jealous of my disciples? I’m their master. How can I have such strange thoughts? I’m really not human.

The corner of Ye Qiu’s mouth twitched as he cursed in his heart.


[You taught your disciple the Plum Blossom Palm, triggering a Critical Hit Return.]



[Congratulations, you have triggered ten thousand times critical strike and obtained a God-grade cultivation technique, Infinite Universe Palm…]

Ye Qiu: “!!!”


In the blink of an eye, five days had passed.

This morning, Ye Qiu was meditating in the training hall.

“Here, yes… This is it. Put everything down.”

Ye Qiu opened his eyes and looked over.

A group of people carried a large pile of junk and climbed up the mountain with difficulty. They placed boxes of things on the empty ground in front of the training hall.

“You are?”

Ye Qiu walked out curiously and was stunned for a moment. Then, he saw Xiao Yi behind him and the corner of his mouth twitched.

“Hehe, Senior, you didn’t expect it to be me, right?” Xiao Yi walked over shamelessly with Liu Qingfeng beside him. Needless to say, this was the guy who brought them up the mountain.

“Martial Uncle Ye, this is Young Master Xiao of the Guangling Xiao Clan. He suddenly paid his respects today and said that he wanted to send some treasures to Violet Cloud Peak, so the Sect Master asked me to bring him over.”

Ye Qiu nodded and looked at Xiao Yi. “What treasures did you want to give me? Don’t tell me you’re up to no good?”

“Senior, you’ve misunderstood me. This time, I was entrusted by my father to send some treasures to Violet Cloud Peak as a form of repayment for Senior’s teachings.” Xiao Yi patted his chest and explained with a grin.

“Treasures?” Ye Qiu was stunned for a moment. He walked to the boxes and opened them.

In an instant, the golden light almost blinded his eyes.

Damn, so much money? Ye Qiu was shocked. He had never seen so much gold in his life.

Damn it, this was a nouveau riche! They immediately offered ten thousand taels of gold. Comparisons were odious.

No wonder the other peak masters liked to run down the mountain when they had nothing to do and maintain a friendly relationship with the big families at the foot of the mountain.

So there was so much money involved?

“Oh my god, am I dreaming?” Ye Qiu asked himself. The entire Violet Cloud Peak was so poor that they were left with one mountain. He had never seen so much money. He had been worrying about the expenses of the peak. He didn’t expect Xiao Zhan to solve it for him.

Hmm, not bad, not bad. Looks like this is a good way to get rich. His heart was wild with joy, but his expression was as calm as a dog.

Ye Qiu looked at Xiao Yi, who was flaunting his wealth, and said with a calm expression, “Yes, Young Master Xiao is considerate! We cultivators are actually not interested in these worldly possessions.

“However, it would be a little disrespectful if I don’t accept it since the Xiao Clan is so sincere. Alright, in that case, I’ll reluctantly accept it.”

Liu Qingfeng’s mouth twitched and he was speechless.

He called him an expert in his heart. Others might not know, but he knew, because he was the one who came to Violet Cloud Peak the most.

The current Violet Cloud Peak was so poor that they only had a few wooden houses left. How could they be reluctant?

Holy shit, this is amazing. So this is who you are. 

Liu Qingfeng was even more surprised after cursing in his heart. He had also heard of the Xiao Clan of Guangling. Their strength was not bad, but he could not figure out how the Xiao Clan managed to get involved with Ye Qiu.

Hmm, looks like it’s similar to my previous guess. This youngest martial uncle of the Heaven Mending Sect is indeed not simple.

This time, Liu Qingfeng had a new understanding of Ye Qiu. It was necessary for him to build a good relationship with this youngest martial uncle of the Heaven Mending Sect.

Liu Qingfeng could tell, but Xiao Yi couldn’t. He immediately felt that Ye Qiu’s image had increased. This was a true expert. He could still remain calm and unmoved in the face of ten thousand taels of gold.

“Hehe, Senior is indeed as my father said. A true expert will never care about these vulgar things.

“Therefore, he specially asked me to bring Senior some specialties, one of them is the Bitter Spirit Tea unique to the bitter cold land outside our Guangling City.

“There are a number of treasures. In addition, I was instructed to build a luxurious training hall for Senior.”

“Hmm?” Ye Qiu’s eyes lit up. So thoughtful? Oh, not bad. I can befriend Xiao Zhan. He was quite sensible.

Ye Qiu’s greatest predicament was these ridiculous small wooden houses left behind by Daoist Xuantian.

No matter what, he was still the head of a lineage and a Cardinal. Their living conditions were worse than the villagers at the foot of the mountain. How could they survive in the Great Desolate in the future if news of this got out?

“Yes, your father has thought it through. In that case, do as you see fit. Actually, as a cultivator, I’m not particular about these things, so keep the renovations simple.” Ye Qiu said calmly. His heart was calm. He really looked like an expert who lived in seclusion in the mountains.

Liu Qingfeng called him an expert in his heart. Phew, I didn’t expect Martial Uncle Ye to be so calm in the face of such wealth. No wonder he could endure for so many years without revealing his strength. So that’s how it is…

Xiao Yi didn’t know about these complicated thoughts. When he heard that Ye Qiu allowed him to do it, he couldn’t wait to show off.

This was his only chance. If he performed well, it would not only be of great help to his family. Perhaps if Ye Qiu was happy, he might teach him some secret techniques.

“Come, come, come. What are you guys waiting for? Start working. I’ll give you a month to repair the training hall for Senior.”

Xiao Yi boldly began to rebuild Violet Cloud Peak’s training hall.

It had to be said that the Xiao family’s financial resources were indeed very sufficient. After investing a huge sum of money, a large number of workers went up the mountain and began to renovate Violet Cloud Peak.

Soon, under Ye Qiu’s instructions, the new training hall was chosen to be in the peach forest on the north mountain. It was a cultivation holy land placed under a sea of flowers.

Ye Qiu returned to his original training hall as he watched the busy Xiao Yi command the workers he brought from his clan to repair the training hall. He was in a beautiful mood.

Hehe, I finally have a good house to live in! Ahem, no, I have to be calm. I can’t let others see that I’m very happy. A few houses are just the beginning.

Ye Qiu’s thoughts wandered as he sat on the chair. He looked forward to his new training hall.

“Martial Uncle…” Liu Qingfeng slowly walked in and called out softly.

“Yes, Qingfeng! What’s wrong? Is there anything else?” Ye Qiu came back to his senses. Why hadn’t this little guy left?

Ye Qiu was very satisfied with Liu Qingfeng. After all, this kid could be said to be the person he was most familiar with in the Heaven Mending Sect other than his two disciples.

In the past ten years, almost no one had gone to Violet Cloud Peak except him.

Liu Qingfeng smiled and calmly said, “I heard that Martial Uncle has taken in a new disciple. I wonder where she is? I’ve never seen the new junior sister.”

Before coming, Meng Tianzheng had specially asked him to pay attention to Ye Qiu’s two disciples and see how much they had improved.

After all, Ye Qiu’s sudden eruption of such astonishing strength really gave Meng Tianzheng a fright.

Therefore, he paid special attention to the situation of Violet Cloud Peak.

Meng Tianzheng was really curious about this junior brother of his. He had the realm of a Cardinal, but he could hide for ten years without being exposed.

At one point, he saw the hope of the Heaven Mending Sect rising again.

“Oh, they’re cultivating on the cliff. They should be back soon.”

Ye Qiu calculated the time and calmly replied. Just as he finished speaking, two beautiful figures ran in.

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