The Most Generous Master Ever

Chapter 46 - Temporary Examination  

Chapter 46: Temporary Examination

“My Violet Cloud Peak is different from other mountain ranges. We don’t have so many rules. As long as we don’t violate the sect rules, everything will be fine.” Ye Qiu said lightly and stood up from his seat. “The Martial Meeting is approaching. The two of you will represent Violet Cloud Peak to participate in this Martial Meeting.”

The Seven Peaks Martial Meeting was extremely important to the Heaven Mending Sect. Today, they will hold an exam.

“Let me see how much your cultivation has achieved during this period of time. Qingzhu, you go first.”

Lin Qingzhu stood up and followed Ye Qiu out of the training hall to the bamboo forest.

Zhao Wan’er wore a red robe and stood by the stream to watch.

Lin Qingzhu held the Violet Cloud Sword. The pressure on her multiplied. She stood in front of Ye Qiu, at a loss. She was extremely confident in front of her peers, but she suddenly felt a little nervous when facing Ye Qiu’s impromptu exam.

“Phew…” Lin Qingzhu slowly heaved a sigh of relief and encouraged herself in her heart. She couldn’t be nervous and disappoint her master.

“Come on! Attack me with what you’ve learned, any way you like.”

Ye Qiu stood calmly in the bamboo forest. His white clothes fluttered in the wind. His left hand was behind his back, and there was a jade pendant at his waist. He was filled with an immortal aura. He looked like an immortal from heaven, causing Lin Qingzhu’s face to turn red. It took her a while to calm down.

“Master, here I go…” Lin Qingzhu shouted coldly. The Violet Cloud Sword in her hand instantly attacked. She casually formed a sword technique and charged over with the wind.

Ye Qiu only lightly blocked and caught the Violet Cloud Sword. He did not use any domain above Infinite Distance and only relied on his physical body to resist.

Lin Qingzhu’s reaction was also very fast. After missing her attack, she flipped over and kicked over.

Ye Qiu dodged to the side. In his eyes, Lin Qingzhu’s attack was like slow motion, without any lethality. However, to her peers, her combat experience was already stable enough. There were almost no flaws.

Violet Cloud Sword was executed smoothly. Lin Qingzhu still couldn’t do anything to Ye Qiu and couldn’t help but use the Nine Nether Frost Technique.

In an instant, a soul-piercing chill attacked him. Ye Qiu nodded secretly. Under the powerful display of the Mystical Ice Bone, this cold energy was extremely penetrative and could directly attack a person’s soul.

“Master, be careful!” Lin Qingzhu reminded him again. The Violet Cloud Sword in her hand released a sword art that charged towards Ye Qiu with an icy chill.

If Ye Qiu was at the same level as her, it would really take some effort to deal with her without using the Cursive Sword.

Hmm, not bad… Nodding, Ye Qiu casually dispersed the sword energy. Lin Qingzhu’s cultivation had already reached level two of the Celestial realm.

In this month or so of actual combat training, her realm and mentality had already stabilized, and her overall improvement was huge.

The current her no longer had any trace of the helpless girl who stood in the Jade Pure Hall two months ago. That cold aura gave off an invisible feeling that one could not look at it directly.

Perhaps she herself did not realize that she had unknowingly grown into an existence that even her peers had to look up to.

After the exam ended, Ye Qiu commented, “Your swordsmanship has already reached the Profound realm. As long as you enter the Infinite Distance realm and master the law domain, you can be reborn.

“The only flaw is that you lack a powerful killing move. However, don’t be anxious. I’ll check the ancient books later and choose a suitable sword technique for you.”

Lin Qingzhu was delighted when she heard this. The little girl said coquettishly, “Thank you, Master. You’re the best.”

Ye Qiu smiled. He was very satisfied with this eldest disciple. Then, he looked at Zhao Wan’er and said, “Wan’er, it’s your turn…”

“Ah…” Zhao Wan’er was stunned when she was suddenly called out.

That contrast of an elegant lady and a cute girl was so big that the corner of Ye Qiu’s mouth twitched. We’re having lessons, and you’re distracted?

“Oh, I’m going…” Realizing that she was distracted, Zhao Wan’er blushed and walked over in embarrassment.

She had been too engrossed in her master just now and had almost forgotten that this was an exam.


How embarrassing.

Fortunately, there were no outsiders here. How could she face others in the future?

“Come, attack me in any way you like.” Ye Qiu gently stretched out his right hand, indicating for Zhao Wan’er to start attacking.

“Alright, Master, be careful.”

After Zhao Wan’er regained her senses, a ball of flames instantly ignited around her. It was the Red Lotus Karmic Flame that Ye Qiu had taught her.

Ye Qiu was secretly surprised under the scorching heat. He didn’t expect that this Red Lotus Karmic Flame, coupled with the Purgatory Flame she carried, could actually erupt with such potential.

Hmm, it looks like this mystic technique suits her very well. Ye Qiu only nodded and didn’t say anything.

Zhao Wan’er’s current cultivation was only at level two of Black Finger, but this was only temporary. Once she perfectly absorbed that descendant’s precious bone, her cultivation would definitely catch up to Lin Qingzhu’s.

However, this required some time and accumulation. Otherwise, there would be problems with the foundation.

“Come on.”

Hearing this, Zhao Wan’er instantly slapped him with her palm. With the Red Lotus Karmic Flame, the bamboo forest was instantly engulfed in flames. Her fair and delicate hand attacked Ye Qiu’s abdomen at a tricky angle. Flames instantly erupted.

Ye Qiu took a step back and gently grabbed her hand with his right hand. The True Dragon Rune was exposed, forcefully suppressing the Red Lotus Karmic Flame.

Zhao Wan’er smiled and didn’t care at all. Ye Qiu was stunned for a moment. Suddenly, she turned her hand and broke free from Ye Qiu’s control. She suddenly rushed over.

“Haha, you’re quite smart.”

Ye Qiu was surprised by her cleverness, but he quickly reacted. He turned his body and dodged the attack. With a light palm strike, he pushed her out.


Zhao Wan’er rubbed her hands, feeling a little wronged. She had almost succeeded just now, but she didn’t expect Ye Qiu to see through her scheme. She felt a little wronged. Her master didn’t know how to cherish the fairer sex at all. How could he really hit her?

Seeing her aggrieved look, Ye Qiu shook his head and said, “You’re smart, but you don’t have enough experience. You only think about how to sneak attack your opponent and don’t leave yourself a way out.

“In a real life-and-death battle, such an action will easily put you in a desperate situation.

“The Red Lotus Karmic Flame is indeed very powerful. It has absolute pressure for those people with the same cultivation level. However, you haven’t grasped the technique to use this power. It’s really a waste.”

Zhao Wan’er’s current situation was like this. She had endless potential in her body, like a nuclear bomb, but she didn’t know how to detonate it. It was a bit of a waste of talent to only know how to use nuclear bombs to hit people.

Ye Qiu sweated. If the people from the other peaks knew that she was wasting a Heaven tier secret technique like this, they would probably die of anger.

“Then what should I do?” Zhao Wan’er raised her head and blinked at Ye Qiu curiously.

“Hmm… How about this? Today, I’ll teach you the Plum Blossom Palm. This cultivation technique was created by the previous peak masters of Violet Cloud Peak.

“This palm technique is ingenious and ever-changing. It’s firm and fierce without losing its gentleness. It can be used with your Red Lotus Karmic Flame.

“In the next month, you only need to learn this palm technique. Once you master this, there shouldn’t be a problem for you to handle the Seven Peaks Martial Meeting.”

Zhao Wan’er was delighted when she heard this. She immediately walked over and said, “Thank you, Master. I will definitely comprehend it well and not let you down.”

Plum Blossom Palm? This name sounded very suitable for girls to cultivate. She was immediately attracted.

Soon, Ye Qiu taught her the Plum Blossom Palm. Her comprehension was already very high, and in less than two hours, she had already grasped its essence.

Ye Qiu finally heaved a sigh of relief after teaching her the Plum Blossom Palm. He had almost finished what he needed to do.

Lin Qingzhu learned sword techniques and Zhao Wan’er learned palm techniques. The two of them had ice and fire attributes. They were both Heaven-grade domineering attributes.

How far they could grow would depend on whether they were willing to work hard and whether their comprehension was high enough.

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