The Most Generous Master Ever

Chapter 45 - Returning to the Mountain and Preparing for the Martial Meeting  

Chapter 45: Returning to the Mountain and Preparing for the Martial Meeting

Qi Wuhui came happily and left angrily.

He originally wanted to take the time to come to the Yang family to get some benefits when he came to Guangling City today. Not to mention getting any benefits, he lost some.

“Haha, let’s go. There’s no show to watch…”

After Qi Wuhui left, the crowd began to disperse. Everyone went back to their own homes.

Before He Wushuang left, he didn’t forget to greet Ye Qiu.

Han Shengyi looked at He Wushuang and shook his head. “Yao’er, let’s leave too.”

“Okay, Uncle Han, let’s go.” Before Fuyao left, she took a deep look at Ye Qiu and left without saying anything.

Soon, only Ye Qiu, the Xiao Clan, the Yang Clan, and the three old Daoists of the Immortal Mountain were left on the street.

“Master, where are we going next?” Zhao Wan’er tugged at her red robe and asked softly.

At this moment, Xiao Zhan suggested, “Perfected Ye, do you want to come to my place?”

“It’s fine! I appreciate Patriarch Xiao’s good intentions. This trip down the mountain has also delayed a lot of time. The Seven Peaks Martial Meeting is approaching. It’s time to go back.” As he spoke, Ye Qiu looked at Xiao Yi meaningfully and said, “Young Master Xiao, you did well this time! Looks like you didn’t lie to me…”

“Hehe, Senior, how would I dare to lie to you? I’m very filial. Everyone in Guangling City knows that I, Xiao Yi, am one of the most filial sons.” Xiao Yi wiped his cold sweat guiltily.

Ye Qiu secretly laughed. “Very good, continue to maintain it! Alright! This matter is settled. Let’s go…” Ye Qiu said calmly and brought Lin Qingzhu and Zhao Wan’er back to Violet Cloud Peak.

Little Ling originally wanted to follow her up the mountain, but Zhao Wan’er told her to go home and pursue the freedom that should have belonged to her, not to be a maidservant for the rest of her life and serve others.

Little Ling was very grateful, but she was still very reluctant to part with the princess. In the end, Ye Qiu agreed that if she missed the princess, she could go up the mountain to look for her herself before she was willing to leave.

“Father, what are you thinking?” After Ye Qiu left, Xiao Zhan stood there in a daze, thinking to himself. Xiao Yi asked curiously.

Xiao Zhan sighed and said from the bottom of his heart, “Perfected Ye is really a genius in the world. He has such a cultivation at such a young age. With his own strength, he had tortured the three experts of the Immortal Mountain until they were covered in wounds. He did not even take out his treasure.

I could not believe that his attainments in the Sword Dao had actually reached such a realm.

Moreover, his two disciples were like phoenixes in the Nine Heavens. Their talent was superb. They will definitely be extraordinary persons in the future. Their future is limitless.

“Looks like we made the right choice by placing our bet on Violet Cloud Peak.”

After a while, Xiao Zhan turned around and said to Xiao Yi earnestly, “Yi’er, you did well this time! If you hadn’t protected Perfected Ye’s two disciples, our Xiao Clan wouldn’t have been able to cozy up to Violet Cloud Peak so easily.

“In the past, I doubted your ability very much. After today’s incident, I have a whole new level of respect for you. I can rest assured even if the Xiao Family is handed over to you.”

Xiao Yi’s eyes stung when he heard his father’s words. After so many years, he had finally received his father’s praise.

However, on second thought, Eh… In that case, I’m actually not that bad. Hehe, compared to that silly Yang Xiao, I’m simply too outstanding.

Wang Hai said, “Patriarch, now that all the major families in Guangling City know that we are already attached to Violet Cloud Peak, do you think we should express our gratitude?”

“Yes, you’re right! Add ten thousand taels of gold to the original gift and paint Violet Cloud Peak with a layer of paint to renovate it. No matter what, he’s still my Xiao family’s backer. We can’t lose in terms of momentum.

“We lack everything except money.” Xiao Zhan said heroically. He looked proudly at the miserable Yang He not far away and left in satisfaction.

A few hours later.

On Violet Cloud Peak, three figures slowly landed on the grass in front of the wooden house.

“This is Violet Cloud Peak?” Zhao Wan’er said in a daze as she looked at the purple clouds in the sky. Such a beautiful scenery was like a paradise, making one unconsciously fall into it.

This was the true holy land of immortals.

The spiritual energy was abundant, the mountains and rivers were beautiful, and the scenery was picturesque.

“Qingzhu! Bring your junior sister around and understand the geography of Violet Cloud Peak. At the same time, tell her about the sect rules. After that, go back and rest. We’ll talk tomorrow.” As soon as he returned to Violet Cloud Peak, Ye Qiu impatiently entered his room and instructed Lin Qingzhu.

“Alright, Junior Sister! Follow me…”

Lin Qingzhu left with Zhao Wan’er.

In the room, Ye Qiu closed the door tightly and went to the bed. He took out a beast bone from the Black Spirit Jade and studied it.

This beast bone contained a strange dark aura that was terrifyingly invasive.

“This is the source of the strangeness! Strange… What went wrong?”

After studying the beast bone in his hand, Ye Qiu sat on the bed and pondered.

He had picked up this precious bone under an abyss after entering the depths of the uninhabited region. The dark aura on this bone had the same characteristics as the vicious beasts before.

However, the aura on this bone was even stronger. It should be the first batch to be infected.

This time, after entering the uninhabited region, Ye Qiu also accidentally discovered a crack in the Eastern Wasteland’s barrier apart from discovering this bone. These strange auras flowed in from the outer realm and began to infect from the depths of the uninhabited region.

However, so far, he had only seen infected vicious beasts and no infected people.

Ye Qiu felt a little uneasy. He kept feeling that there was a huge secret behind this.

After discovering the crack, he observed for a long time but did not find anything, so he hurriedly returned.

On the way back, he also discovered a Monarch’s tomb. Unfortunately, he was not the first to discover it.

The reason why He Wushuang and the others appeared in Guangling City was probably because of the Monarch’s tomb.

These big clans and ancient orthodoxies were all well-informed.

Unfortunately, the seal on the Monarch’s tomb was still very strong and couldn’t be opened in a short period of time. Ye Qiu decided to bring his disciples back first.

After all, preparing for the Seven Peaks Martial Meeting was the top priority for everyone in the Heaven Mending Sect.

“My head hurts… Forget it! I’ll sleep and stop thinking about it. I’m burning my brain…”

Ye Qiu grabbed his hair and lay down on the bed.

The night passed peacefully.

The next morning.

“Ah…” Stretching lazily, Ye Qiu walked out of his room. After a night of rest, the spiritual energy he had consumed yesterday had been completely recovered.

“Eh, where are those two little girls? Aren’t they up yet?” Ye Qiu glanced at the two rooms beside him when he walked out. Their doors were still closed.

He thought that they were still asleep when he suddenly felt an aura floating on the cliff.

“Haha, they’re quite diligent…” Ye Qiu smiled faintly.

Lin Qingzhu and Zhao Wan’er had woken up early. The two of them were currently doing their homework on Violet Cloud Peak.

Ye Qiu didn’t disturb them. Instead, he returned to the training hall and began his day of cultivation.

Lin Qingzhu and Zhao Wan’er only returned hand in hand at noon.

“Master, we’re back…” Zhao Wan’er said happily as soon as she entered.

On this day, Lin Qingzhu brought her to wake up early to cultivate and to tour the scenery of Violet Cloud Peak. She was very happy. She had never felt such freedom before. She could open her heart and let herself go.

In just a day, she had adapted to life here. It was very warm.

Her senior sister took good care of her, and her master treated her very well. It was much better than that cold palace.

In the training hall, Ye Qiu slowly opened his eyes and nodded in satisfaction. “Yes, disciple. This is your first time going up the mountain. Are you able to adapt?”

“Master, I can adapt. This place is very good. It has the warmth of home. I like it here very much.”

“Alright, that’s good!”

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