The Most Generous Master Ever

Chapter 44 - The Aggrieved Qi Wuhui  

Chapter 44: The Aggrieved Qi Wuhui

“It’s hard to imagine that the sword technique Senior used just now was actually so powerful. I’m very impressed…” He Wushuang said from the bottom of his heart.

Facing He Wushuang’s praise, Ye Qiu’s expression was calm and there was no change in his heart. “Yes, your aptitude is not bad! You’re a genius in the Sword Dao. As long as you don’t disappoint yourself and cultivate diligently, you can reach this realm in the future.”

He Wushuang was delighted. It was already his greatest honor to be praised by an expert like Ye Qiu. “Thank you for your praise, Senior!”

Ye Qiu nodded in satisfaction. He Wushuang was indeed very talented.

An innate saint body was an existence that was a level higher than the divine bones. Such a person would definitely have high achievements in the future.

Unfortunately, such a disciple was not his disciple.

As the Heavenly Saint, it was impossible for him to jump ship to his side, so he gave up on the idea of recruiting him.

He looked at Fuyao. This girl had a devastatingly beautiful face and a noble aura that was not inferior to Zhao Wan’er. Her talent could be said to be top-notch, not inferior to He Wushuang at all. Unfortunately, she was not his disciple.

“Who are you?” Ye Qiu was stunned and looked at the elders behind them.

Han Shengyi was the first to walk out. He greeted with a smile, “Fellow Daoist Ye, I’ve heard a lot about you. You really live up to your reputation.”

“I am Jade Lake’s disciplinary elder, Han Shengyi. Greetings.”

“Nice to meet you, nice to meet you…” Ye Qiu returned the greeting. He wasn’t so arrogant that he would look down on anyone.

If he wanted to live comfortably in the Great Desolate World in the future, having more friends would still be beneficial.

After all, he could not always stay by his disciple’s side to protect them. By making more friends, they would have some protection when they traveled the vast Great Desolate in the future.

After a simple chat, Qi Wuhui slowly walked over with an ugly expression. He had already understood the ins and outs of all this, and he had already cursed Yang He hundreds of times in his heart. However, scolding him wouldn’t solve the problem. In the end, he still had to face Ye Qiu.

“Junior Brother! I already understand everything that happened before. I’ll apologize to the two Martial Nephews on behalf of the Yang Clan.” Qi Wuhui slowly apologized.

Lin Qingzhu and Zhao Wan’er did not disrespect him. After all, Qi Wuhui was their senior.

“Junior Brother, how about this? I have a three-foot red caltrop treasure of a supreme-grade, a silk inner armor treasure of a supreme-grade, and a number of medicinal pills. Take it as an apology to the two martial nephews.

“Let the Yang family off for the sake of me this time.”

Qi Wuhui looked at Ye Qiu sincerely. He had already shown his greatest sincerity.

To be honest, if it weren’t for the fact that the Yang family had sent so much wealth to the Hidden Sword Peak all these years, he really didn’t want to care about this matter. Moreover, they had provoked his sworn enemy, Ye Qiu…

But there was no choice. They had given too much, so he could only lower his pride and apologize to Ye Qiu. This was already the greatest sincerity.

Ye Qiu laughed in his heart when faced with his apology. He could feel the grievance in Qi Wuhui’s heart.

He immediately felt extremely happy.


Ten years! Do you know how I spent the past ten years?

Ye Qiu only wanted to do as he pleased! It’s fine as long as he can satisfy himself. As for the Yang family?

Haha, they should know what to do if they were smarter.

“Since Senior Brother has said so, if I still pursue further, won’t they say that our Heaven Mending Sect is not on good terms? I’ll reluctantly accept these treasures.”

Ye Qiu put away Qi Wuhui’s treasures with a look of embarrassment. He felt secretly happy when he saw Qi Wuhui’s miserable expression.


Seeing that Ye Qiu finally stopped pursuing this matter, Qi Wuhui heaved a sigh of relief. Losing a few treasures was nothing. He could still earn them back in the future. But it was too aggrieving to apologize to Ye Qiu.

However, this was also good. He could avoid calamity by losing money! He knew how terrifying Ye Qiu was. If he didn’t appease him, who knew if he would really destroy the Yang family?

Qi Wuhui did not want to cut off this path to wealth. He was just about to go back after settling this matter.

At this moment, Ye Qiu suddenly said, “Wait…”

“Hmm? Junior Brother, is there anything else?”

Qi Wuhui frowned. He had already apologized. What else did Ye Qiu want?

“The matter with the Yang family has been resolved, but… I’m afraid it won’t be that easy to settle for those old men from Immortal Mountain, right?”

“They?” Qi Wuhui was puzzled, then he heard Ye Qiu slowly walk up to Li Daoyuan.

“Previously, you insulted my Heaven Mending Sect’s Sect Master. Aren’t you going to give me an explanation?”

“What!” Hearing this, Qi Wuhui’s brows immediately burned with anger.

“What do you want?” Li Daoyuan said with a livid expression.

“Fellow Daoist Li, my Heaven Mending Sect and your Immortal Mountain have always minded our own business. I’m afraid it’s not appropriate for you to speak rudely and insult my senior brother’s reputation, right?” Qi Wuhui also walked up and said with a livid expression.

Li Changkong hurriedly stood up and explained, “Fellow Daoist Qi, this is all a misunderstanding. My senior brother did it unintentionally.

“My Immortal Mountain has been friendly with your Heaven Mending Sect for so many years. We can’t ruin this friendship because of this small misunderstanding, right?”


Ye Qiu only smiled and couldn’t be bothered to continue speaking.

He was just putting the matter on the table. With Qi Wuhui here, there was no need for him to worry about the Heaven Mending Sect’s reputation. Qi Wuhui would know what to do.

“Senior Brother, do as you see fit! I still have something on, I’ll take my leave first…” Ye Qiu calmly turned around as he waved his hand. He wouldn’t think about what Qi Wuhui would do.

Even if the matter was blown up to the maximum, it would only be a war between the Heaven Mending Sect and the Immortal Mountain.

He didn’t care. So be it.

Meng Tianzheng was equivalent to the Heaven Mending Sect’s signboard. Insulting him was equivalent to insulting the entire Heaven Mending Sect.

Furthermore, the other party was an elder of the Immortal Mountain. This meant something different.

The Immortal Mountain was completely disregarding the Heaven Mending Sect!

“Hmph, misunderstanding? Li Changkong, do you think I’m a fool?” Qi Wuhui did not have a good expression. His aura instantly soared, and the might of a Cardinal instantly erupted.

Everyone sucked in a breath of cold air. Qi Wuhui’s aura was no weaker than Ye Qiu’s. Only at this moment did everyone suddenly realize that the Heaven Mending Sect was once a famous ancient orthodoxy.

“Perfected Qi, this is really a misunderstanding. We have no intention of insulting Perfected Meng.” Li Changkong wanted to cry. Ye Qiu was already difficult enough to handle, but now there was Qi Wuhui.

How could they still have the strength to fight now? They could only break their teeth and swallow it.

“Whether it’s a misunderstanding or not, I have the ability to tell right from wrong. Today’s matter is not over. My Heaven Mending Sect has never had any grudges with any famous sects or holy lands, but it doesn’t mean that we will fear you.

“Immortal Mountain, if you want to fight, my Heaven Mending Sect will accept it…” Qi Wuhui said domineeringly. He had been holding back his anger just now.

“This…” Li Changkong was on the brink of tears. He knew that he wouldn’t be able to explain himself. He could only discuss this with the Great Elder after he returned.

They had completely angered the Heaven Mending Sect because of Li Daoyuan’s words. No one knew what they would do next.

“Hmph…” Qi Wuhui flicked his sleeves and turned to leave, leaving the three of them in a sorry state, at a loss.

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