The Most Generous Master Ever

Chapter 32 - Red Lotus Karmic Flame

Chapter 32: Red Lotus Karmic Flame

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A few days later.

On a large desert, corpses were piled up like mountains. Everywhere was desolate and deathly still, and resentment filled the air.

Hidden under the Gobi Desert, a Red Fire Lizard slowly revealed its head. Just as it was about to come out to take a breather, a sword suddenly descended from the sky and directly cut off its head.

The Red Fire Lizard had died without knowing why. Everything had happened too quickly, and it didn’t even have a chance to react. It was only at the moment of its death that it saw that the culprit who had killed it was a woman in white who held a long sword.

Da da da…

The sound of shoes stepping on sand rang out. A minute later, three people slowly appeared in front of the Red Fire Lizard’s corpse.

“Just as you suspected, Master, this Red Flame Lizard also has that mysterious origin. Zhao Wan’er squatted on the ground and observed for a while before standing up to explain.

Ever since that day, she seemed to have become a completely different person. She no longer had a lot on her mind. She always had a smile on her face while she faced her master who doted on her and her senior sister who treated her like a sister.

Lin Qingzhu didn’t say anything as she slowly descended from the sky and arrived in front of Ye Qiu. After more than a month of training, her cultivation had successfully broken through to level one of the Celestial realm.

Ye Qiu was shocked by this terrifying speed of cultivation. However, when he thought about how he was improving like a cheat, he felt relieved.

“Mhm. It seems that this rebellion is related to this strange source. It’s an ominous sign.” Ye Qiu nodded and said. For the past month, he had been leading Lin Qingzhu to investigate the cause of the beast riot.

From the very beginning, he noticed that the reason these ferocious beasts lost control was entirely because of the dark aura within their bodies.

After killing hundreds of vicious beasts, he also confirmed this point.

“What is going on?” Ye Qiu pondered for a long time. He still couldn’t figure out where this dark aura came from.

From the looks of it, it would not be easy to investigate this matter and avenge Lin Qingzhu. At least for now, it seemed unlikely.

Whatever! There was only a month left until the Seven Peaks Martial Meeting.

Now, Lin Qingzhu lived up to expectations. With Ye Qiu’s help, she finally broke through to the first level of the Celestial realm. Her Violet Cloud Swordsmanship had already been cultivated to the point of perfection, and she had sufficient combat experience.

Ye Qiu didn’t forget his bet with Qi Wuhui. With Lin Qingzhu’s current strength, defeating Qi Hao, that kidney deficiency guy, should be enough, right?

When they returned to the mountain, they would probably be shocked to see Lin Qingzhu’s flying improvement. Their intestines would probably be green with regret after thinking of the person they had never taken seriously before being groomed into a fully deserving genius.

His second disciple, Zhao Wan’er,had just entered the sect and had yet to start cultivating immortal techniques so it was still a bit difficult for her to obtain good results. However, in the past few days, she had been continuously absorbing the power of the precious bone, and her cultivation was also increasing.

She had reached the third level of the Black Finger. It was time to teach her some immortal spells and secret arts.

“Master, what do we do next?” Lin Qingzhu also knew that there was no hope for revenge. She was somewhat depressed, but she knew in her heart that her master was already working very hard to investigate.

Ye Qiu thought about it.

“Hmm, before you know it, night is about to fall again. You should set up camp and rest. Tomorrow, we will begin the new training plan.

“Wan’er, I’ll teach you the Raging Flames Burning Heaven Art today. This immortal art was comprehended by the first few masters of our Violet Cloud Peak. You already have the purgatory flames in your body. It’s best to cultivate this technique. ”

“Okay.” Upon hearing that she could finally cultivate an immortal technique, Zhao Wan’er was extremely excited.

She had been watching Lin Qingzhu slaughter her way through the crowd these past few days, and she felt quite envious. However, her master did not teach her because her mental state was still unstable. Now that she heard that her master was finally willing to teach her, she was extremely happy.

“Sit down.”

Lin Qingzhu and Little Ling didn’t disturb them. They only watched from afar as Ye Qiu taught Zhao Wan’er the Dao.

Very quickly, Ye Qiu imparted the Raging Flames Burning Heaven Art to Zhao Wan’er. She was very smart, although she didn’t have a photographic memory like Lin Qingzhu, her comprehension ability was extremely high, and she grasped immortal techniques extremely quickly.

In just a short while, she could already control the purgatory flames in her body, making her happy.


[You have imparted to your disciple the Mystic grade cultivation technique, Raging Flames Burning Heaven Art, triggering a critical hit return.]


“It’s here…” The corners of Ye Qiu’s mouth curved upwards. It had been a long time since he heard this voice.



[Congratulations, you have triggered a 100 times critical strike and obtained a Heaven-tier cultivation technique, Red Lotus Karmic Flame.]

“Hmm? Red Lotus Karmic Flame?”

[Do you want to learn?]


In an instant, a glyph surged into Ye Qiu’s mind. After understanding the control method of the Red Lotus Karmic Flame and the specific effects of the secret technique,

Ye Qiu was slightly disappointed. He already had a God-level cultivation technique, the Cursive Sword Art. Compared to this, this Red Lotus Karmic Flame seemed somewhat redundant. Furthermore, he did not have any flames in his body. The effects would be lacking if he cultivated.

However, the meaning would be different if this secret technique was cultivated by Zhao Wan’er. First of all, she had a fire seed to begin with, and it was the incomparably powerful purgatory flames from hell. If she were to cultivate the Red Lotus Karmic Flame, its might would increase tremendously. Even if she were to face someone with a higher cultivation than her, she would still have the strength to fight.

“Forget it!” After thinking about it carefully, Ye Qiu looked at Zhao Wan’er and said, “Wan’er, come over here. Master thought about it and decided to teach you another secret technique.”

“Huh?” Zhao Wan’er was stunned for a moment. She was delighted and immediately walked over.

“Master, what secret technique?” She was very curious. She felt that the Raging Flames Burning Heaven Technique was already very powerful. Could it be that Ye Qiu wanted to teach her an even more powerful secret technique?

Ye Qiu smiled and said, “I want to teach you the Red Lotus Karmic Fire Technique…”

“What!” Red Lotus Karmic Flame? Zhao Wan’er had heard of this kind of secret technique. An old general in the palace had mentioned it before. It was an extremely terrifying secret technique, and its rank was at least Heaven grade. Her master was actually willing to teach her such a powerful secret technique?

“Thank you, Master.” Her heart was wild with joy. Zhao Wan’er wished she could hug Ye Qiu and kiss him. She was simply too touched.

Seeing her happy expression, Ye Qiu smiled with satisfaction in his heart and said, “Alright! Sit down. This secret technique is incomparably powerful. If you can cultivate it to the highest realm, it will be comparable to a God-grade existence.”

“Yes, I will definitely work hard to cultivate.” Zhao Wan’er obediently sat opposite Ye Qiu.

In next to no time, Ye Qiu passed down the Red Lotus Karmic Fire Technique to Zhao Wan’er. Zhao Wan’er was unable to conceal the happiness in her heart at this moment as that strand of scripture surged into her mind.

This secret technique was really a Heaven-grade secret technique! However, this secret technique was extremely profound, wanting to master it thoroughly was not an easy task. Otherwise, everyone could cultivate a Heaven-class secret art.

Fortunately, Zhao Wan’er had the foundation of the Raging Flames Burning Heavens technique. She had made an extension of it, allowing her to comprehend the Red Lotus Karmic Flame more easily. Moreover, the powerful adaptability of the divine bones in her body quickly made her realize something.

In less than a moment, a red ball of fire surrounded her, and an irresistible heat assaulted her.

Lin Qingzhu and Little Ling were both stunned.


“To think that Junior Sister’s flames would have such an intense pressure!”

Lin Qingzhu was a bit shocked. She never thought that Zhao Wan’er would be able to release such a terrifying aura on her first time cultivating an immortal technique. If she were to fight against her, Lin Qingzhu would feel a bit of pressure. After all, those flames were truly difficult to withstand.

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