The Most Generous Master Ever

Chapter 31 - Princess Liyang, Skywave Prefecture?

Chapter 31: Princess Liyang, Skywave Prefecture?

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See no evil, hear no evil. This disciple was too evil! No matter what, I couldn’t reveal any flaws. Otherwise, I would be at the mercy of others in the future.

Trying to make me look at your legs? No, I won’t.

Under Zhao Wan’er’s repeated probing, Ye Qiu still didn’t show any change in his emotions.

Zhao Wan’er couldn’t help but feel a little disappointed, but she was also secretly delighted. At the very least, the gentle master in her heart was not a lecherous person. However, she was equally depressed. Or rather, conflicted. Her master was completely uninterested in her. She couldn’t help but think: Am I really that unattractive?

“Disciple, is there something on your mind?” Ye Qiu asked when he saw Zhao Wan’er’s sad eyes. “Something on your mind?”

Zhao Wan’er lowered her head, her heart sank when she thought about what had happened to her. She was born in the palace and was used as a tool for marriage since she was young. Her mother died early. Before meeting Ye Qiu, no one had truly treated her sincerely. Only Little Ling could be called her friend.

Zhao Wan’er felt a sense of love and care as she looked at Ye Qiu’s sincere gaze. It was warm and made people unconsciously enjoy it.

Zhao Wan’er sat on a rock, her long black hair swaying with the breeze. She was constantly displaying the elegance of a noble. She was such a perfect girl, yet her heart yearned for love.

“Master… Actually, I’ve been hiding something from you. I was afraid that if I told you, you wouldn’t take me in as your disciple.

“I’ve been struggling in my heart for a long time. Master has been so good to me. Not only did you bring me onto the path of Immortality, you even bestowed me with a precious bone.

“Wan’er is ashamed. I shouldn’t have deceived you and allowed you to be dragged into this scheme of the dynasty without your knowledge. Master, I was wrong! I’m sorry…” At this moment, Zhao Wan’er finally chose to be honest with him and said with a sobbing tone.

Hearing this, Ye Qiu only faintly smiled and silently nodded his head. He had long guessed that Zhao Wan’er was hiding something from him. However, he never cared about such things, nor did he ask anything. If she wanted to say it, she would say it herself.

Seeing Ye Qiu’s calm expression, Zhao Wan’er asked doubtfully, “Master, aren’t you angry?” She was already like this, so why didn’t Ye Qiu blame her?

“Why should I be angry?” Ye Qiu asked back and continued, “I will never ask about your personal matters. If you want to say it, you can say it. When I take in disciples, I never look at their backgrounds or what they have experienced before. It’s all based on fate. If fate allows it, I don’t care whether the other party is the enemy of the entire world.

“I only know that she is my disciple. No matter what she has done, she is still my disciple. Only I can discipline her. No one else… can.”

Zhao Wan’er was shocked by his domineering words and her heart warmed. How could one not feel love for such a master?

“Ah… Full of security, warmth, love.” Zhao Wan’er’s heart was pounding. These few words were hard to resist.

After pondering for a moment, she remembered that she had hidden it and lowered her head in shame. She said, “Master, I know my mistake. I will never hide it from you again.”

Ye Qiu looked at her, who lowered her head and admitted her mistake. He didn’t comfort her, but said calmly, “When your senior sister entered the sect, I told her that our Violet Cloud Peak has a good tradition.

“That is to correct your mistakes and not admit your mistakes…

“This tradition was passed down from your grandmaster’s generation. In the future, all of you must pass it down as well. I don’t want to hear any of you admit your mistakes in the future. Even if you’re really wrong, don’t admit it even if you’re beaten to death.”

Zhao Wan’er covered her mouth and laughed. The first sentence was so touching that it almost made her laugh.

“Correct your mistake and not admit your mistake? Does it mean that I should be stubborn?”

She was suddenly a little curious about the grandmaster she had never seen before. What kind of demeanor did he have to be able to say such things?

“Yes, Master, I’ll remember.” Zhao Wan’er nodded and tugged at her red robes.

She could no longer hide anything now that her master had treated her this way.

“Master, I’m actually the princess of the Liyang royal family. My mother died early and I was used by my father as a tool for marriage since I was young. I have an engagement with the Prince of the Oceanic Dynasty.

“I was instilled with such thoughts, but I didn’t want to be a tool for other people’s interests, nor do I want to marry someone without love, so I ran out.

“Master is very good to me. I am very touched, but I’m sure that by now, the people of Skywave Prefecture have already been sent out to capture me. If they catch up to me, I’m afraid I will need to bid farewell to you.” Zhao Wan’er looked depressed when she spoke up to this point. She didn’t want to go back, nor did she want to leave Ye Qiu. She finally had a sense of belonging in her heart. If she lost it just like that, she would regret it for the rest of her life.

Ye Qiu gently wiped away her tears and comforted her. “Don’t worry! No one can bring you back when I’m around.”

Zhao Wan’er raised her head in surprise and looked at Ye Qiu who was full of determination.

She laughed. It was like bathing in the spring breeze, warming one’s heart. It was a beautiful smile that made people want to hug her.

“Yes, I will only listen to Master from now on. I will do whatever Master wants me to do.” Zhao Wan’er smiled gently. Her eyes were filled with love as she looked at Ye Qiu. She was attracted to him.

This young and handsome master gave her a strong sense of security. Even if she was eventually brought back by the people of Skywave Prefecture, she had no regrets.

“Alright! Stop crying. As long as I’m still alive, no one will force you to do things you don’t want to do. I will always be your strongest support.” Ye Qiu said gently.

Looking into the distance, it was yet another heavy burden.

Skywave Prefecture?

Ye Qiu roughly understood that this was a powerful organization in the Liyang Dynasty. The purpose of its existence was to deal with matters that were difficult to deal with. In the Eastern Wasteland, they had an extremely high level of deterrence. However, this kind of deterrence wasn’t even worth mentioning in front of Ye Qiu.

Let alone the Heaven Mending Sect, they could not afford to offend Ye Qiu alone.

He was now a Cardinal, an early-stage Venerable expert. He had a Dao Flower planted in his body, held an immortal sword, and grasped the Cursive Sword Art. He would kill anyone below the Paragon level.

Ye Qiu had such confidence.

Zhao Wan’er was very touched and could not help but say, “Master, can I, can I hug you?” She felt a little embarrassed as she said this. As a girl, couldn’t she be more reserved? However, she really wanted to hug her master. She felt so safe. She had never experienced such warmth before.

Ye Qiu’s mouth twitched as soon as these words were said. What kind of request was this?

“Ahem ahem… Sure…” Ye Qiu said embarrassedly. He took the initiative to open up his arms.

Zhao Wan’er was delighted and immediately pounced. Her soft and warm body hugged Ye Qiu tightly and leaned into his embrace.

“So warm. What a strange feeling. I wish I could stay in Master’s arms forever.” Zhao Wan’er thought to herself as her body moved around. Her soft body accidentally touched Ye Qiu’s nerves, causing Ye Qiu’s Dao heart to become unstable.

This girl must have done it on purpose. He had finally managed to stabilize his Dao heart, but she had ruined it once again.

However, Ye Qiu smiled happily as he felt the gentle beauty in his arms.

Wonderful, truly wonderful. This perfect figure was gentle like water, but hot and alluring at the same time.

Ye Qiu had never even touched a girl’s hand after living for two lifetimes. He didn’t think that he would be able to hug such an exceptional beauty today.

Not a loss.

What? You’re saying that I’m pretending to be serious and can even put my hands on my own disciple? I advise you not to be nosy…

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