The Most Generous Master Ever

Chapter 30 - Advanced to Cardinal

Chapter 30: Advanced to Cardinal

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Not to mention Lin Qingzhu, Zhao Wan’er was even more confused. Her master was clearly fine just now and he was just giving her lessons. Why did he break through by himself now?

Although she was shocked, Zhao Wan’er quickly reacted. She said with delight, “Senior Sister, looks like we will have a Cardinal as our backer in the future. Let’s see who dares to bully us in the future.”

Lin Qingzhu was also delighted. She knew very well that Ye Qiu was an extremely protective master. When he saw them being bullied, no matter who it was, he would definitely suppress them.

Previously, she was still a little worried that the Lin Family would take revenge on Ye Qiu. After all, he had previously shamed the Lin Family. As a large clan from Liyang, the Lin Family would definitely not let this matter rest.

But now that Ye Qiu had become a Cardinal the Lin Family probably had no hope of revenge.

This was a Cardinal! He had a certain level of authority in the Venerable seats. Even in the palace, the Son of Heaven had to treat him with respect.

A mere Lin Family was nothing worth mentioning.

This was all that Lin Qingzhu could think about. As for Zhao Wan’er, she was thinking more. She acknowledged a Cardinal as her master. Presumably, even if her father knew that she was in the Heaven Mending Sect, he wouldn’t dare to send someone to bring her back. She finally felt relieved. Now, she could finally train under Ye Qiu and live for herself, doing what she wanted to do.

After an unknown period of time, Ye Qiu finally stopped. The power in his body began to gather. It gathered in the Dao flower above his head and converged. Shockingly, two identical Dao Flowers appeared within his body, and they resonated with the Dao Flower from before.

However, those two Dao Flowers were only in their embryonic form and did not bloom.

“Three Flowers Summit?”

After becoming a Cardinal, Ye Qiu had also successfully figured out his own system. Most people’s system was determined by their own aptitude. Because Ye Qiu had a Dao Flower in his body, he walked the path of the Three Flowers Summit.

Two Dao Flowers corresponded to two different realms—Paragon and King-Ranked. Once the three flowers reached the summit, one could attempt to break through to the Martial Monarch Realm.

“Gasp… I have the ability to reach the Martial Monarch realm?” Ye Qiu became excited after he understood all of this. Could it be that he could really become the first Martial Monarch in ten thousand years?

From the looks of it, there really was such an opportunity. Furthermore, he had the help of the Ten-thousand-fold Return System. However, it was still too early to say these things. This was a very long path, not something that could be accomplished in a day or two.

After absorbing the True Dragon’s bone, he successfully entered the Cardinal realm. The realms in the Cardinal realm were different from the previous realms. There were only three minor realms.

Currently, Ye Qiu was in the early stage of the Cardinal realm. His cultivation broke through too quickly and had yet to stabilize. Even though he hadn’t completely absorbed the power of the True Dragon’s bones, Ye Qiu was already very satisfied.

He planned to stabilize his mental state for the time being. It would not be worth it in case something went wrong with his cultivation due to his mental state.

Ye Qiu was already used to the joy in his heart.

He slowly opened his eyes. There were three pretty girls standing in front of him, looking at him with blinking eyes.

“Yes, comfortable…” After removing the golden runes on his body, the pressure from a Cardinal returned to his body.

Zhao Wan’er and the other two immediately let out sighs of relief. That pressure just now had been too unbearable. They immediately sat down on the ground after the pressure had disappeared. Their butts hurt from the fall.

“Ah… It hurts like hell.” Zhao Wan’er looked at Ye Qiu and pouted. She stood up quickly and walked in front of Ye Qiu. She congratulated him, “Congratulations Master, for successfully entering the Cardinal realm.”

“Congratulations, Master.” Lin Qingzhu reacted quickly and immediately came up to congratulate him.

Little Ling stood where she was, her eyes filled with admiration as she hurried over. “Senior, congratulations on becoming a Cardinal.”

Ye Qiu smiled and said, “Alright, get up. Such a small matter is not worth congratulating. Cultivate well in the future. It’s only a matter of time before you become Cardinals.”

The two girls were delighted. They also had a chance to become Cardinals?

This was a realm that many cultivators dreamed of.

On the path of cultivation, the chances of being eliminated by the Immortal Dao were too high. Many people were stuck at a bottleneck for their entire lives and were unable to break through.

Zhao Wan’er probed, “Master, do you think we have a chance to break through to the Cardinal realm?”

“As long as you work hard and study hard, a Cardinal is not worth mentioning.”

Zhao Wan’er was delighted in her heart as soon as these words were spoken and she hurriedly said, “Thank you Master. We’ll definitely cultivate seriously and strive to break through to the realm of Cardinal as soon as possible.”

Looking at Ye Qiu’s eyes, Zhao Wan’er seemed to recall something and her face turned red. She must have remembered what happened earlier and felt a little embarrassed.

Ye Qiu had also guessed it, but he didn’t expose it to prevent the two of them from feeling awkward.

Lin Qingzhu looked at Zhao Wan’er in confusion and asked curiously, “Junior Sister, what’s wrong? Why is your face so red…”

“Ahem ahem…” Zhao Wan’er coughed lightly and glanced at Ye Qiu. When she realized that he wasn’t looking at her, she let out a sigh of relief. She immediately regained her usual elegant demeanor and said calmly, “No, I’m just happy for Master’s breakthrough. Senior Sister, you’re thinking too much.”

“Really?” Lin Qingzhu looked at her, then looked at Ye Qiu. She felt like these two had something on their minds.

Did something indescribable happen while I was away? Eh? Impossible. How could a righteous person like her master do such a thing? I must be imagining things. How could I doubt Master’s character?

Lin Qingzhu denied the bad thoughts in her heart and slowly regained her composure. She said, “Master, Little Ling and I have successfully hunted a desolate deer nearby. Should we roast it now?”

Ye Qiu stood up and looked around after hearing this. Because of his breakthrough, the surrounding area was in chaos. The corner of Ye Qiu’s mouth twitched. He suddenly had a magical thought. Would he be fined for destroying the environment?

“Yeah, go on, it’s getting late. Hurry up and settle it. Eat something and rest early. We have to go deeper into the Wasteland tomorrow morning.”

Lin Qingzhu nodded and said, “Alright, I’ll deal with it right away.”

“Senior Sister, let me help you.” Zhao Wan’er suggested, but Lin Qingzhu refused.

“I’ll do it. Junior Sister, you’ve lived in the Imperial Palace for a long time, so how could you know how to do these things? You’ve only just entered the sect, so there are still many things you don’t know. It’s a good time to take advantage of this time to have Master explain things to you.”

Zhao Wan’er didn’t retort. She really didn’t know how to do it, but she didn’t dare to face Ye Qiu, so she wanted to help. She blushed when she thought about what happened just now.

Ah… How embarrassing. On the first day of entering the sect, she was seen by her master. How could they get along well in the future?

However, Zhao Wan’er was indeed a princess. Her mental endurance was quite strong.

Lin Qingzhu and Little Lingwent to deal with the deer meat while Zhao Wan’er sat uneasily in front of Ye Qiu.

Before he knew it, those long legs were showing again. Ye Qiu’s mouth twitched. He seriously suspected that this disciple was seducing him. The first time might have been accidental, but the second time might have been intentional.

Zhao Wan’er smiled faintly. Her smile contained a deeper meaning as she watched Ye Qiu. Just as Ye Qiu had guessed, she had done it on purpose. She wanted to see if her master was truly calm. But she was disappointed. Ye Qiu still had no expression.

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