The Most Generous Master Ever

Chapter 33 - Nine Nether Frost Techniquel

Chapter 33: Nine Nether Frost Techniquel

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Ye Qiu seemed to have noticed her disappointment. Did she feel that he had neglected his eldest disciple after having his second disciple? Hmm…

This was not good.

However, he did not have any ice-attribute secret techniques that could complement the Mystical Ice Bones.

He had a headache while thinking of this.

At this moment.


[You have imparted a Heaven-tier secret technique to your disciple, Red Lotus Karmic Flame. A random lucky draw mechanism has been activated.]

[As this secret technique is a secret technique of the system, it cannot activate Critical Hit Return. It can only be used at the same level.]

[Do you wish to activate?]

“Hmm? System, what do you mean?” Ye Qiu didn’t understand. What did it mean by randomly triggering a lucky draw? Wasn’t it said that the item given by the system would no longer trigger the Critical Hit Return?

[Host, I didn’t explain clearly. I’ll explain again.]

[The item given by the system will no longer trigger the Critical Hit Return by imparting to your disciples. However, if the cultivation technique or secret arts are imparted to the disciple, there is a certain probability of triggering a random lucky draw.]

[Sidenote: Random lucky draw. It can only be drawn within the rank of the cultivation technique imparted to your disciple.]

“Oh, I see…” Ye Qiu came to a sudden realization. He thought that he would be able to trap more kids, but it turned out to be random. However, this was also good. Even if he were to impart cultivation techniques and secret arts to his disciples, there would be no loss.

“Begin the lottery draw.”


[Congratulations, you have successfully drawn the Heaven-rank secret technique, Nine Nether Frost Technique.]

“Eh…” Ye Qiu was stunned. He looked at Lin Qingzhu and suddenly had some doubts.

Was the system doing this on purpose? It would give him whatever he needed. The so-called random activation of the lottery draw was to get him to pick up girls?

“Qingzhu, come here.” After receiving the Nine Nether Frost technique, Ye Qiu didn’t hesitate and directly called Lin Qingzhu over.

His eldest disciple was the one who had allowed him to use her endlessly at the lowest point in his life. That was how he ended up today, so how could he mistreat her?

Just now, Ye Qiu wanted to teach her the Cursive Sword Art, but this God-tier sword art wasn’t something that could be cultivated by anyone. If it wasn’t for the help of the Flower of Great Dao’s innate comprehension ability, Ye Qiu might not have been able to successfully cultivate it, let alone her.

As a result, Heaven tier was her limit. It just so happened that Ye Qiu also had a Heaven tier technique that suited her. How could he not teach her?

“Master, why did you call me…” Lin Qingzhu walked over curiously.

Seeing this careful girl, Ye Qiu’s heart softened and he said, “Sit down. Now that your Violet Cloud Swordsmanship has been cultivated to the point of perfection, it’s time for me to teach you other secret techniques.”

Lin Qingzhu’s eyes lit up with joy. It seemed that her master had not forgotten about her. The disappointment in her heart was instantly swept away.

“Alright, thank you, Master.” Lin Qingzhu smiled and sat down happily.

Ye Qiu faintly smiled. He could feel Lin Qingzhu’s disappointment. He was also quite happy now that she was smiling happily. She was different from Zhao Wan’er. Zhao Wan’er had a family, but that family didn’t love her and she didn’t want to return to that family. Lin Qingzhu no longer had a home, and he was her only support. If he were to neglect her again, it would be equivalent to pushing her into eternal damnation.

“Today, I will teach you the Nine Nether Frost Technique. This secret technique is a Heaven grade secret technique. It’s extremely profound. You must cultivate diligently. If you have any questions, ask me. Don’t cultivate blindly.” Ye Qiu warned.

“Yes, yes. Don’t worry, Master. I will remember.”

Ye Qiu nodded and imparted the Nine Nether Frost technique to her. Soon, she received the scripture of this secret technique. This was her first time experiencing it, and the Mystical Ice Bone within her body instantly became violent as if it had been provoked.

Lin Qingzhu was overjoyed. She sat down and started cultivating.

After an unknown period of time, the cold aura around her became even more intense. She was like an iceberg, and the aura that repelled people was even stronger. This was a very pure and innocent girl. Her thoughts were pure and she was not scheming at all. She was like the pure white snow.

This secret technique suited her very well.

In next to no time, Lin Qingzhu had grasped the profundity of the Nine Nether Frost technique, and she fused it with the Violet Cloud Swordsmanship, causing it to become even more formidable.

Ye Qiu didn’t disturb them since they had already entered their cultivation state. Instead, he quietly sat by the side to protect them.

Of these two disciples, one was extremely cold, while the other was as gentle as fire. They were two extremes. Most importantly, each was more charming than the other.

To Ye Qiu’s disappointment, he didn’t receive a random lucky draw, but he didn’t care. A single Cursive Sword Art was enough for the so-called secret technique.

The night flew by.

The next morning, three gorgeous figures appeared on the streets of Guanglin City.

“Senior Sister, Little Ling, come and look. Does this hairpin look good?” Zhao Wan’er elegantly picked up a hairpin from the stall and played with it for a while.

“Yes, it’s the best for our Wan’er.” Lin Qingzhu said happily. The three of them walked around the streets for a long time. Whenever they encountered something new, they would go up and take a look.

Zhao Wan’er had been living in the palace since she was young and had never seen such things, so she was naturally very curious.

Just as the three of them were having fun, an extremely inappropriate voice sounded.

“I think this hairpin is very suitable for this beautiful fairy. You will definitely be very beautiful if you wear it.”

The three girls turned around and saw a handsome young man standing behind them.

Lin Qingzhu looked coldly at the man in front of her because she could feel his invasive gaze. She hated that look.

Compared to her coldness, Zhao Wan’er appeared more elegant. With a faint smile, she put down the hairpin and said, “You’re right. My senior sister is naturally beautiful. She’ll definitely look good with anything. But that doesn’t seem to concern you.”

Yang Xiao wasn’t angry. Instead, he turned to look at Zhao Wan’er, and his eyes lit up. He was very excited. He had nothing to do today, so he decided to walk around the streets. To his surprise, he bumped into two goddess-level beauties.

As the young master of Guangling City’s Yang Clan and the eldest disciple of the Immortal Mountain’s Li Changkong, Yang Xiao was born with extreme confidence. To be precise, it was a form of pride.

Regardless of whether it was in Guangling City or Immortal Mountain, as long as it was something he wanted, there was nothing he couldn’t obtain. Even the most outstanding woman was no exception.

“I am Yang Xiao of the Guangling’s Yang Clan and the eldest disciple of Li Changkong from the Immortal Mountain. Two beauties, may I know your name and which immortal mountain you are cultivating on? Are you interested in finding a beautiful place to have a drink?”

Yang Xiao introduced himself and prepared to display his innate advantage. Usually, women would show their admiration when they heard of his background.

However, the two people he met this time might not give him much face.

Lin Qingzhu remained expressionless and didn’t say anything. Zhao Wan’er tugged at her red robes and playfully smiled. “I don’t think there’s a need for that. We’re not familiar with each other. Besides, before we left, our master told us that none of the men outside were good. He told us to stay far away from them. Sir, if there’s nothing else, we’ll take our leave.

“Oh, that’s right! Your name might scare others, but you’re not qualified when it comes to me.”

The moment these words were spoken, Yang Xiao’s expression turned slightly unhappy. These two women actually didn’t give him any face. Most people would throw themselves at him when they heard his background.

“You’re saying that I’m not qualified?” Yang Xiao gritted his teeth. In this Guangling City, there was really no one who dared to say this.

He immediately turned around and said to the servant behind him, “Go and investigate. I want to see what background they have.”

“Hmph, I’ve never failed to take a woman I’m interested in before.”

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