The Most Generous Master Ever

Chapter 232 - Seven Kings? Come At Me Together   

Chapter 232: Seven Kings? Come At Me Together


The high and mighty god standing in the Nine Heavens was watching this world.

The seven kings descended and looked down on all living beings. In an instant, the pressure caused the mountains and rivers within a hundred miles to tremble. Violent winds blew and black clouds pressed down.

Amidst their fear, everyone’s expressions were tense, and their breathing became quick. Just now, King Chao Feng had already made them feel unprecedented pressure. Now, seven King-Ranked powerhouses had descended on Qin Chuan at the same time, they were giving them so much face.

No, that was for Ye Qiu! Not them.

To the seven kings, they were nothing more than larger ants that could drown with a single spit. The seven kings had arrived at Qin Chuan at the same time not for them, but for Ye Qiu. Only he was worthy of piquing the interest of the seven kings.

“Is there really no hope?”

“The seven kings descended at the same time. We might have a chance if there were one or two. But there are seven of them. Can Perfected Ye withstand them?”

Someone trembled and said with a pale face as he looked at the King Chao Luo who looked down on all living beings in the sky. The fear from the bottom of their hearts was difficult to suppress. He was trying to kill them. They seemed to have given up hope. The joy of their great victory was instantly swept away.

Everyone felt despair in their hearts. They looked at the person in white standing in the cold wind on the Heavenly Ridge. It was like a sharp sword that cut through the darkness. He stared at the Nine Heavens and was not intimidated by the other party’s aura at all.

“We have to believe in Perfected Ye and believe that he can defeat his opponent.”

“That’s right, that’s right. At this point, only Perfected Ye can save our lives. Other than believing in him, what else can we do?”

For a moment, an impassioned voice sounded, making one’s blood boil. Everyone’s expressions were ugly in the face of the seven kings’ arrival. Other than those hot-blooded young men, most of them had very solemn expressions.

Qi Wuhui walked up to Ye Qiu and said, “Junior Brother, are you confident?”

Ye Qiu turned around and looked at him. He smiled and said, “I’ll try.”

Try? Qi Wuhui’s heart skipped a beat. Don’t. This was the time to boost morale. How could you say that you’ll try? You had to say that you could definitely win. You had to win. That was it. I’m toast…

He should prepare to find a shady place to lie down so that he wouldn’t stink.


Looking at Qi Wuhui’s flustered expression, Ye Qiu smiled faintly and turned around to stare Chao Luo in the sky. Ever since he arrived, he didn’t say a word and stared coldly at Ye Qiu. The arrogance that came from the bones and the contempt in his eyes made Ye Qiu very unhappy. Just like Chao Feng from before, it was very annoying.

He finally said, “You’re the one who killed Chao Feng?”

“Who’s Chao Feng?”

Everyone was stunned for a moment before quickly thinking it through. The Chao Feng he was talking about should be the strange giant Ye Qiu had killed just now.

In an instant, a vicious aura erupted. The pressure of a King descended as he questioned Ye Qiu. That shocking aura instantly suppressed everyone until they could not raise their heads.

Ye Qiu gently waved his hand, and in an instant, an even more shocking aura erupted, instantly disintegrating the other party’s pressure.

Chao Luo was also stunned for a moment in disbelief. The six kings behind him also revealed surprised expressions.

“Interesting. Looks like the human cultivator who killed King Chao Feng has something, but not much…” King Chao Luo muttered in surprise.

“Let Chao Luo test his trump card first. If he’s no match, we’ll attack together and suppress him. It should be more stable like that.”


As soon as this suggestion was made, the other giants reached a consensus.

On the other side, Ye Qiu revealed a meaningful smile when he saw that the atmosphere was about right and that everyone present had completely given up hope.

According to usual practice, at this point, it was time for the protagonist to shine and turn the situation around. It seemed like he had to brag today. After brewing for so long, he was just short of this opportunity to have a fight with a King. It was also a good opportunity to warn Tianmeng.

Ye Qiu gently jumped up and his figure slowly rose. His Liuxian Robe fluttered in the wind, and he was filled with an immortal aura. He was like an exiled immortal who had fallen to the mortal world, otherworldly and beautiful.

Everyone inside and outside Qin Chuan looked up at him, their hearts incomparably excited.

“Look! Perfected Ye has ascended to the heavens…”

“This battle concerns the lives of millions of people in Qin Chuan. Perfected One, you must hold on.”

Everyone prayed from the bottom of their hearts with tears in their eyes. At this point, they no longer had anything to rely on. If Ye Qiu lost, it would mean that they would face a massacre. Everyone was so nervous that it became difficult to breathe. Their hearts began to beat faster as they watched Ye Qiu reach the heavens in a single step.

Ye Qiu stepped onto the natural chasm and waved his arm. The instantaneous eruption of aura made Chao Luo feel an inexplicable threat and he instantly became vigilant.

Ye Qiu looked at him from afar with a faint smile. “Another dirty creature from the turbid world dares to call himself a god?” With a smile, he continued, “I was indeed the one who killed the King Chao Feng you mentioned. Why? Do you want to avenge him?”

In an instant, the sword intent pointed straight at him. Chao Luo’s soul trembled. He actually felt like he had looked straight at death. The other party was very strong. He could feel that perhaps Chao Xi was right. Someone who could kill Chao Feng was definitely not as simple as he thought.

Chao Luo regretted it a little. However, he had already bragged. His colleagues were watching from behind. If he admitted defeat, wouldn’t he be telling them that he, Chao Luo, couldn’t do it?

“Hmph… Arrogant kid! Ants are still ants. How dare you kill my vanguard general. I’ll take your life today…” With a cold shout, Chao Luo didn’t waste any time. He instantly used a huge technique. A huge dark hand stretched down from the Heavenly Abyss and grabbed towards Ye Qiu.

In an instant, the spatial suppression attacked, restricting Ye Qiu’s movements.

Facing his first attack, Ye Qiu didn’t resist at all. Instead, he looked provocatively at the other six giants not far away.

“Ant? A mere late-stage King-Ranked dares to show off in front of me? The seven of you, attack together.” Ye Qiu laughed arrogantly. Suddenly, his aura erupted. In an instant, the sword intent that attacked like a violent storm shocked the heavens.


In the back, the six giants watching the battle were instantly shocked. Ye Qiu’s sword intent wasn’t directed at Chao Luo, but at them.

“What an arrogant kid. He actually dares to face the seven of us at the same time? Moreover, he dares to take the initiative to attack…”

The six kings were instantly furious. They originally wanted Chao Luo to test Ye Qiu and see what methods he had. They were more interested in watching the show. After all, the pride in their hearts never thought that Ye Qiu could threaten them. They had never taken Ye Qiu seriously either. Who would have thought that Ye Qiu would not take them seriously too?

The six kings were instantly enraged. As King-Ranked powerhouses, they had never been underestimated like this in thousands of years.

Not to mention them, even Chao Luo was furious and close to going berserk. He originally thought that Ye Qiu would look at him seriously and use his true ability to fight him. Who would have thought that Ye Qiu would be so arrogant? Not only did he ignore his attack, but he also directly activated his sword force and swept the other six kings in.

Damn it, he’s not looking down on me. He’s just not looking at me at all.

“Ant, kneel down for me!” Chao Luo was instantly enraged. With a loud shout, he instantly unleashed his full strength, and an even more terrifying aura pressed down. The powerful force shook the Nine Heavens. Everyone watching held their breaths and did not dare to blink.

No one expected Ye Qiu to do this. Was he that confident?

The huge dark hand stretched out and was about to grab Ye Qiu.



The sound of a sharp blade being unsheathed rang out, shocking everyone. Everyone came back to their senses and looked over.

The huge dark hand was instantly shattered. In front of Ye Qiu, there was an Immortal Slayer Sword floating, emitting a cold murderous aura.

“This… an immortal sword? How is this possible…?”

The moment the Immortal Slayer appeared, Chao Luo panicked. He looked at his severed arm with fear in his eyes. He had actually lost an arm so easily? He was a late-stage King-Ranked expert, only a step away from the peak. How could he be so unbearable?

Under his incredulous, terrified, and uneasy gaze, Ye Qiu revealed a terrifying smile.

“Yes… That’s the look. I’ve seen that look many times. They were just like you. In the beginning, they were high and mighty, looking down on all living beings and looking down on the world. The fear, uneasiness, and hesitation in their eyes when they realized that they were like a frog at the bottom of a well.

“For the first time, they fell into self-doubt of their own strength. The faith in their hearts was also slowly collapsing. Their hearts were tormented and gradually lost themselves.

“I love this feeling, just like you do now.”

The plot was reversed. The originally insufferably arrogant King Chao Luo’s prideful, invincible heart instantly collapsed after the first official exchange. Only now did he understand how terrifying the man standing in front of him was. He also deeply understood that Chao Feng’s death was not because of his arrogance, but because he was truly suppressed by his strength.

“Beautiful!” The first strike had such an astonishing effect. Qi Wuhui slapped his thigh and praised him.

At this moment, Ye Qiu was like an invincible god of war. He stood in the sky, suppressing the seven kings and preventing them from advancing.

Everyone inside and outside Qin Chuan was incomparably excited. Cheers instantly sounded like a tsunami. This atmosphere broke the silence. They didn’t even see when Ye Qiu attacked, and the other party’s arm was already severed.

This was definitely a suppression of strength. There was no doubt about it.

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