The Most Generous Master Ever

Chapter 233 - You Almost Hurt Me   

Chapter 233: You Almost Hurt Me


This terrifying sword force even made the six kings behind him reveal fear. The others might not have seen it clearly, but as King-Ranked powerhouses, how could they not see it clearly?

Ye Qiu’s sword just now didn’t have any technique. It completely crushed him head-on and forcefully cut off Chao Luo’s arm. If not for the huge difference in strength, it would be impossible to do this.

Immediately, the peak powerhouse in the lead, King Chao Yi, revealed an excited gaze. “Interesting. I didn’t expect such a peerless expert to appear in the Eastern Wasteland. And it’s a person with supreme Sword Dao!”

With an excited gaze, Chao Yi looked at Ye Qiu provocatively. Ye Qiu responded to his provocation. As they chatted, he ignored Chao Luo and looked at Chao Yi.

He only said, “Strange giant? Looks like it’s nothing much. Sigh, I thought I could play for a while longer. Looks like I was thinking too much. The seven of you can attack together. Otherwise, it will be boring to fight.”

As soon as these words were spoken, everyone was shocked. Damn it, where did he come from to be so arrogant? A King-Ranked powerhouse was boring. So he wanted to fight seven in one go?

“F*ck, as expected of Perfected Ye. He’s ruthless. He said he would fight seven, so he will. He’s not bragging to you at all.”

For a moment, everyone inside and outside Qin Chuan trembled, feeling frightened.

Qi Wuhui even called him an expert. This show-off was too f*cking amazing.

That was a King-Ranked powerhouse. He was an invincible existence in the world unless a Martial Monarch appeared. You actually dared to say that you wanted to fight seven in one go. When did this King-Ranked powerhouse become so unbearable?

“Hehe, well done. I should remember this so that I can use it later.” Qi Wuhui was secretly delighted. He accidentally learned another move.

As soon as Ye Qiu said this, the six kings were furious. King Chao Xi immediately pulled out his King Sword.

“Damn it! This kid is too arrogant. Boss, speak. Today, I will personally kill him.”

“How dare you look down on us like this? You don’t take us seriously at all…”

The other giants were also furious and echoed.

“Hell, I’ve fought in the heavens for thousands of years. When have I ever suffered such humiliation? Boss, let me do it. I must teach this arrogant kid a lesson today.”

Chao Yi’s expression was extremely ugly as he looked at the furious expressions of the few giants. He originally wanted to fight Ye Qiu one-on-one and determine the outcome. This was the highest level of respect for their Strange Clan. It was also a recognition of Ye Qiu’s strength. But who would have thought that Ye Qiu would actually spout nonsense and want to beat the seven of them up in one go?

Chao Yi was furious. “Silence. Wait for me to meet him and see what methods he has.”

After berating everyone, Chao Yi strode forward. His voice arrived before he did. “Hmph… What arrogance.”

The more he thought about it, the angrier he became. Chao Yi took a step forward and stood in front of Chao Luo, looking straight at Ye Qiu. In an instant, the aura of a peak-level King-Ranked erupted, and everyone’s hearts trembled.

“Peak of the King-Ranked realm!”

No one expected that among the seven kings, one had already reached the peak of the King-Ranked realm and was on par with Ye Qiu. If it was a one-on-one battle, Ye Qiu might still have a chance of winning, but they couldn’t guarantee seven against one. They could not help but start to worry.

However, the other party’s aura seemed to not exist in Ye Qiu’s eyes.

Chao Yi said coldly, “Today, I want to see how you fight the seven of us…”

As soon as he finished speaking, Chao Yi was the first to attack. He took out a Dark King Sword and stabbed it towards Ye Qiu.

“Oh no!”

It was difficult for ordinary people to dodge an attack at this distance. The only way was to block it. However, what stunned everyone was that Ye Qiu didn’t do anything to block. He stared straight at the other party’s sword as it ruthlessly stabbed his chest.


With a bang, the Dark King Sword stopped in front of Ye Qiu’s chest, unable to stab in at all.

“What’s going on?”

Everyone was shocked and looked at each other.

Suddenly, a violent wind blew over. The Liuxian Robe swayed with the wind, and in an instant, a terrifying recoil forced Chao Yi back.


The six kings were shocked and stepped forward. They only stabilized themselves after seeing Chao Yi retreat thousands of meters.

“Immortal clothes?”

After he reacted, Chao Yi was shocked. He didn’t expect Ye Qiu to have an immortal robe other than an immortal sword. His attack could not even break through the other party’s defense. Unless it was a soul attack or some powerful secret technique that specializes in cracking defense, there was no way to deal with such a top-notch defense.

Looking at their shocked expressions, Ye Qiu smiled evilly and gradually became impudent.

“Yes, you have some strength. You almost hurt me.” Ye Qiu praised him seriously.

Chao Yi was so angry that he almost vomited blood. What does that mean? I, a peak powerhouse, only almost hurt you? Was this a praise? This was clearly humiliation.

Chao Yi had never suffered such humiliation in his life.

“Damn it!” After cursing, Chao Yi’s mentality collapsed. He waved his hand and said, “Attack together. I don’t believe that the seven of us can’t take him down.”

“Damn it, kid, I’ve tolerated you for a long time.”

The other six kings were also furious. They could no longer sit still after hearing Chao Yi’s words.

“Hmph, kid, take this!” Chao Luo had just woken up from his disappointment. In his anger, he was the first to attack.

The other five kings charged over from five different directions.

The battlefield changed rapidly. Ye Qiu’s wave of mockery attracted a wave of anger.

Seeing that they no longer cared and attacked with all their might, Ye Qiu stretched calmly. “Ah…” After stretching lazily, his originally lazy expression gradually became serious.

“Kid, die!” Chao Luo’s saber instantly slashed over and was about to hit Ye Qiu when he suddenly stretched out two fingers and clamped down.

Sigh, he caught it!

“You…” Chao Luo was shocked. He originally thought that Ye Qiu would use the Immortal Slayer Sword to block his attack. He would be responsible for attracting Ye Qiu’s firepower, and the other five kings could launch a sneak attack from behind.

Who would have thought that Ye Qiu only used two fingers to clamp his saber? This was equivalent to saying that he was like a clown and wasn’t worthy of being Ye Qiu’s opponent.


Chao Luo was so angry that he wanted to vomit blood, but he couldn’t. However, Ye Qiu helped him. The Infinite Universe Palm was instantly activated and slapped over. The power erupted in an instant, and the void distorted with a loud bang.

Chao Luo was miserably half-dead from Ye Qiu’s palm. He spat out a mouthful of blood and his nerves weakened as he was sent flying.

“Divine technique!”

Seeing this scene, the other six kings were shocked. Ye Qiu’s palm actually ignored Chao Luo’s physical defense and directly disintegrated his internal organs, and spiritual spring prefecture sea. It was like splitting bones and nerves! His soul trembled.

“Damn it, suppress!”

A giant was furious and did not dare to approach. A compass slowly rose from the Nine Heavens and instantly formed a domain that shone down. Suddenly, a gust of wind blew past. Everyone was stunned. They looked at the spot and saw that Ye Qiu had disappeared.

When they saw him again, he had already appeared hundreds of miles away.

“F*ck, this speed…”

Everyone was stunned. Wasn’t this too fast? In the blink of an eye, he was a hundred miles away?

The extreme light of the compass could not cover him at all. When he turned around, he sneered at Chao Yi and said, “Haha, looks like you don’t have any methods.”

“Is that it?”

Sigh, there was no choice. There were too many divine techniques. He was just so willful. How can you fight? What can you use to fight me?

“Damn it!” Chao Yi was furious and eased the foundation that had been injured by the impact. He did not expect this outcome when they charged over aggressively. They, who were prepared to settle scores with Ye Qiu, had actually fallen to such a state. From the looks of it, they had become Ye Qiu’s toys and were teased by him.

“Get into formation!” He roared behind him and said fiercely, “Today, I will kill you to relieve the hatred in my heart!”

In an instant, a darkness swept over, and a terrifying ominous force instantly covered the Nine Heavens.

The seven kings gathered again. Other than the heavily injured Chao Luo, whose aura was a little weak, the anger of the other six kings had already reached its peak. The strange power that erupted had the ability to destroy the world.

Even Tianmeng, who was witnessing all of this in the temple, was a little afraid.

The strange array set up by the seven kings was incomparably terrifying. Even the Celestial Thearch could not guarantee that he would be able to escape unscathed.

“Kid, let’s see how you break my array formation today!”

The array formation was formed, and it was as if a cage had fallen from the sky. Ye Qiu could have directly escaped, but he didn’t. He stared coldly at this array formation. On the natural chasm, a black aura ball gradually formed.

A shocking pressure instantly descended, and space was sealed. All their methods seemed weak at this moment.

As the array formation gradually erupted with power, Ye Qiu remained silent. The people below were already so nervous that they couldn’t breathe.

Looking up at the sky, Ye Qiu smiled faintly and said, “How can I not break a small array?” Suddenly, he stretched out his right hand and shouted coldly, “Sword, come!”

In an instant, the Immortal Slayer Sword flew over at 180 miles per hour and fell into Ye Qiu’s hand.


As soon as the immortal sword entered his hand, a bolt of lightning broke the silence. Everyone looked up and saw dark clouds covering the sky and lightning rolling.

“This is…”

“Nine Heavens Divine Lightning Attraction?” Someone asked in confusion, and immediately, there were doubts.

“No, this isn’t the Nine Heavens Divine Lightning Attraction. It’s a secret technique that’s stronger than the Nine Heavens Divine Lightning Attraction. It’s at least above a divine technique.”

As soon as these words were spoken, everyone was shocked. Who would have thought that Ye Qiu would have so many divine techniques?

The moment the first bolt of lightning streaked across the darkness, a sword light flashed. The world opened up, and a Heavenly Gate slowly opened from the clouds.

“One Strike Opened the Heavenly Gate?”

Everyone was shocked. This incomparably familiar sword was Ye Qiu’s ultimate move.

Currently, in the Eastern Wasteland, there were only two people who knew this move. One was Ye Qiu, and the other was his precious disciple, Lin Qingzhu.

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