The Most Generous Master Ever

Chapter 231 - The Arrival of the Seven Kings   

Chapter 231: The Arrival of the Seven Kings


“Master, why are you back?” Seeing Ye Qiu return again, Lin Qingzhu smiled happily and suddenly felt full of security.

Little Linglong was even happier. She, who had just woken up, realized that her master didn’t croak and directly fell into Ye Qiu’s arms. She hugged him tightly and refused to let go.

Ye Qiu smiled faintly and said, “I was worried about you, so I came back.”

Ye Qiu gently patted the little fellow in his arms and frowned when he felt the changes in Little Linglong’s body. After a closer look, he discovered that the seal in her body was a little loose. It should be because he was in danger when he was fighting Chao Feng just now, causing the seal in her body to rebound.

Ye Qiu slowly used the True Primordial Record. A powerful force entered Linglong’s body and stabilized her seal. “Linglong, alright, come down quickly. Don’t pester me. I still have something important to do.”

Seeing that Little Linglong was hugging Ye Qiu tightly, Zhao Wan’er walked up with a headache and prepared to carry her down. However, Linglong refused to let go. In the end, Zhao Wan’er took out her trump card, the roasted sweet potatoes, to make her compromise.

“Junior Brother, why are you back?” On the other side, Qi Wuhui walked over and asked after closing the barrier.

Everyone looked over curiously and was very confused.

Ye Qiu frowned and looked at the black fog in the distant sky. “I can already feel a powerful aura slowly approaching…”


As soon as these words were spoken, ripples seemed to rise in the hearts of everyone who had just calmed down.

Ye Qiu was a King-Ranked expert. The powerful aura he mentioned would be least above the King-Ranked realm. Otherwise, it was impossible for him to personally come to the battlefield. Clearly, Qin Chuan had just dodged a calamity, while one was already on its way.

As soon as these words were spoken, everyone present felt incomparably depressed. Their excitement turned to depression in an instant.

Seeing them like this, Ye Qiu smiled faintly and said, “But it’s fine. I’ll be here! I’ll wait for their arrival.”

This sentence was like a calming pill. Immediately, everyone present became excited again.

“Hehe, what do we have to panic about with Perfected Ye around? Who is Perfected Ye? He’s the current Sword Immortal. What bullsh*t expert? He’ll kill anyone who comes.”

Immediately, there was another round of cheers. It was very lively.

Below, Daoist Qingmiao brought Lu Yan to Heavenly Ridge. Seeing Ye Qiu on the Heavenly Ridge, the two of them felt very complicated and bowed.

“Supreme Hall, Qingmiao…”

“Lu Yan…”

“Greets Perfected Ye!”

The person standing in front of them was the strongest expert in the Eastern Wasteland who had repeatedly defeated their Supreme Hall. They were in awe from the bottom of their hearts and did not dare to have any delusions.

“There’s no need to be so polite.” Ye Qiu only looked at them indifferently and didn’t care. He did not care about the lives of these two people. What he valued was Qingmiao’s determination to atone for his crimes for his disciple. That was why he let them in.

“Thank you, Perfected One.”

Seeing that Ye Qiu didn’t fuss over their mistakes back then, the two of them heaved a sigh of relief. On second thought, it made sense. How could a big shot like Ye Qiu have the time to argue with small fries like them? Their lives were just a matter of Ye Qiu’s words. They were also very impressed that Ye Qiu could ignore the past and let them off.

Lu Yan looked at Lin Qingzhu beside Ye Qiu and felt extremely bitter. As a genius of the world, he had never tasted defeat before Lin Qingzhu debuted. However, after Lin Qingzhu soared into the sky and appeared, he was defeated twice by her. The arrogance in his heart disappeared.

“Miss Lin, long time no see…” Lu Yan carefully greeted her. Lin Qingzhu only nodded and ignored him. Lu Yan also understood in his heart. He lowered his head and didn’t say anything. Suddenly, he felt the aura of a Hidden Life expert on Lin Qingzhu and was stunned.

“This… She has already broken through to Five Realms?”

Lu Yan could not believe it. He had been cultivating bitterly since he returned from Mount Yun Ding and had yet to break through to the Hidden Life realm. Even He Wushuang from the Heavenly Lake had yet to break through to Five Realms. Lin Qingzhu had actually broken through? Didn’t that mean that she was the first person in their generation to reach the Five Realms?

For a moment, Lu Yan was completely shocked. How did she do it? Surprised and puzzled, he asked, “Miss Lin, when did you break through to Hidden Life Five Realms?”


As soon as these words were spoken, everyone present immediately looked over. The previous situation was too chaotic, and no one noticed Lin Qingzhu’s existence. Their minds were focused on the outside of the mountain.

Everyone was shocked after hearing Lu Yan’s reminder. Lin Qingzhu had actually broken through to Five Realms? How was this possible? How old was she?

Everyone carefully sensed it and could clearly sense the aura of the Five Realms on Lin Qingzhu’s body. Immediately, everyone was shocked. She had really broken through to Five Realms.

“F*ck!” Even Liu Qingfeng was stunned. We agreed to break through together, but you actually secretly broke through yourself? It was too much.

Originally, he had also reached the requirements to break through, but he had been too busy recently and did not have time to cultivate. Instead, it gave Lin Qingzhu a chance to surpass him, and he was stunned. He had been careless.

Looking at everyone’s shocked expressions, Lin Qingzhu looked puzzled and said, “Is it very difficult? Isn’t it fine as long as you have hands?”

As soon as these words were spoken, the entire place fell silent.


Ye Qiu laughed at his little darling’s nonsense. As expected of my little darling. She has already deeply inherited my teachings. Even her style of showing off is so similar.

“F*ck!” Qi Wuhui called her an expert. Damn it, he learned another move. So bragging could be done like this. He had studied wrong.

Lin Qingzhu’s words rendered Lu Yan speechless. What did she mean by that? Did none of them have hands? I’m really a little shocked. I’m sorry, I’m trash.

“I broke through to the Five Realms a month ago. Now, I’ve barely reached the second level.” Lin Qingzhu said casually again.


“F*ck, level two?”

Everyone present was stunned. How long has it been since Mount Yun Ding? And she was already level two?

“As expected of Perfected Ye’s disciple. This terrifying breakthrough speed is unbelievable. This is no wonder. It’s hard not to take off with such an awesome master.”

“I really don’t know how Perfected Ye taught his disciples. Every one of them is actually so terrifying.”

“This eldest disciple is stunningly talented. Her cultivation surpasses everyone of the same generation. His youngest disciple even swept across Mount Yun Ding and took the position of champion.”

“A sect with two Paragons?”

“No, it should be the three Paragons! Do you feel that this second disciple has also reached level nine of Infinite Distance…”

“Oh my god, if I can enter Violet Cloud Peak, I’ll really be blessed.”

For a moment, the three disciples of Violet Cloud Peak became the focus of the entire venue. Everyone looked over enviously.

The disciples who had participated in the Heaven Mending Sect’s assessment were even more excited. They were also praying in their hearts that after this calamity passed, Ye Qiu would choose them during the selection of disciples.

Immediately, everyone made up their minds to perform well in front of Ye Qiu. As long as they could get familiar with him, it would prove that they had a chance.

Among them, Wang Teng, who was born with a Saint Body, always liked to walk around Ye Qiu and show off his Saint Body. However, what stunned him was that Ye Qiu didn’t even look at him, as if this Saint Body wasn’t worthy of his attention.

Wang Teng was a little stunned. He even doubted life. No way? Even this couldn’t phase you? This was a Saint Body. Each and every holy lands wanted to snatch me? You didn’t even take a look?

Ye Qiu smiled in his heart as he listened to the surrounding discussions. He didn’t do anything, yet he had shown off again. Unknowingly, his image as an expert had increased. He felt very gratified. As expected of his little darlings. It was too heartwarming.

I’ll give all of you a kiss. Ahem ahem…

While he was secretly delighted, Ye Qiu was a little confused. Why was this kid always hanging around in front of me? Was there something wrong with him? Or does he want to show off his handsome appearance and attract my attention? Thinking of this, Ye Qiu felt a chill in his heart. It seemed like he had to stay away from this guy.


Seeing that the atmosphere didn’t decrease, Ye Qiu ruthlessly interrupted the discussion. He looked at the distant sky. A black fog swept over and a violent wind suddenly blew. It woke everyone up. At this moment, they suddenly realized that the powerful aura Ye Qiu mentioned had already arrived in the blink of an eye.

“Is it finally here?”

In the black fog, Ye Qiu could clearly see a strange creature staring at him. That soaring ruthlessness finally made him excited.

After stretching his muscles, Ye Qiu smiled faintly and said, “Seven? Interesting. Are they here to take revenge for that strange giant?”

There were six figures following behind the first giant. Others might not be able to feel it, but Ye Qiu could.

The seven kings gathered above Qin Chuan. This would be a bloody battle. Ye Qiu was fighting one against seven. It was a good opportunity to try out the power of the new ultimate move he had developed during his seclusion.

Hehe, this will definitely be interesting.


A bolt of lightning streaked across the sky and broke the silence of the wasteland. On the Gobi, the withered old Kui Tree was instantly reduced to dust. The crows on the tree flew away in fear, as if they were sending a message of death. It brought bad luck.

The atmosphere in Qin Chuan instantly became oppressive. Everyone looked up and waited for the final judgment.

A few minutes later, a ball of black fog crushed over and began to attack Qin Chuan’s barrier. In the sky, a strange giant with a strange appearance appeared. The moment he arrived, dark clouds covered the sky behind him. Six more figures appeared behind him.

For a moment, everyone present sucked in a breath of cold air.

“Seven Kings descend!”

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