The Mightiest Little Peasant

Chapter 877 - It Used To Be An Overlord

Chapter 877: It Used To Be An Overlord

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“Don’t run!”

Everyone in the market chased after Tang Hao like a swarm of wasps.

They were furious. All they wanted was to catch the kid and kill him once each.

Tang Hao ran madly and soon shook them off. He hid in a quiet corner and untied the sack on his waist.


The light from all types of shards dazzled him.


He could not help but exclaim in admiration. He was overjoyed.

“One, two, three…”

He tried to keep his calm as he counted the pieces one by one.

“Nineteen pieces of platinum, one hundred and seventy-two pieces of gold, and more than two thousand pieces of iron! I’ve struck the jackpot!”

It would take him at least a few months if he had to grind for the shards himself. Maybe even more because platinum shards were so rare.

“Sigh! What a pity!” Tang Hao lamented.

There were even more shards that he did not manage to pick up. That benefited the others.

Of course, he only skipped iron shards. He did not miss a single gold or platinum shard.

Platinum and gold shards were far rarer because people would usually store them somewhere safe instead of bringing them along.

The exchange rate was ten shards for one of a higher grade. If he converted everything into platinum shards, he would receive about sixty in total. The cheapest third-tier cultivation technique cost at least one hundred platinum shards.

If he converted everything into gold shards, he would obtain about six hundred pieces. That was enough for a cultivation technique.

Fourth-tier cultivation techniques cost at least five hundred gold shards.

Tang Hao hesitated. Should he save up a little more to exchange for a third-tier cultivation technique, or should he spend the shards now for a fourth-tier technique?.

“Forget it. I should exchange now! What if someone kills me?”

Considering that so many people wanted to kill him, Tang Hao decided to be more prudent and exchange for a technique first.

“I want to exchange!”

Tang Hao roared towards the sky.

A moment later, the clouds split open and a ray of light shone down. A golden book floated to the ground.

Tang Hao took the book and flipped through it.

There were many fourth-grade cultivation techniques. The list occupied several dense pages.

Tang Hao flipped through the pages and was not very satisfied. The fourth-tier cultivation techniques were far inferior to the second and third-tier ones.

He was lacking a good cultivation technique. From Tian Xuanzi’s heritage, he received many normal sorcery techniques, but there was nothing spectacular.

According to Tian Xuanzi, the Kunlun in the present day was one of the many branches of the ancient Kunlun sect. Many cultivation techniques were lost in time, except for the art of Artifact crafting.

Even so, he did not want to pick a mediocre technique.

He scanned down the list and soon reached the end.

Many of the names on the last page were not cultivation techniques. They were books on pill-making, Artifact-crafting, and the like.

“The Scripture of Herbology, The Tome of Herbs… they look almost the same. Then there are the books on pill-making… F*ck! They’re all so expensive!”

The books on medicine and pill-making cost at least six hundred shards. Some cost more than a thousand.

Tang Hao wished he could exchange them all, but with the number of shards he had, he could only exchange for one.

‘Which one is better?’

He thought about it.

“He’s over there!”

At that moment, someone noticed the beam of light and found Tang Hao.

“That bastard! He’s using the shards he took from us to exchange for cultivation techniques!” Everyone gnashed their teeth. Their eyes burned with anger.

More and more people rushed over when they heard the shout.

Tang Hao noticed that and dared not delay any longer. In a hurry, he pointed at a random book and shouted, “This one!”

A moment later, a beam of golden light descended and shone on his forehead. A torrent of information flooded into his mind like the tide.

At the same time, in his bag, the shards cracked silently, turned into powder, and dissipated.

Only about ten pieces of iron shards were left.

Without waiting for the beam of light to disappear, Tang Hao started to flee into the depths of the mountain.

“Don’t run, kid! Hand over the cultivation technique!”

The people roared and chased after him.

“Damn, there’s so many people!” Tang Hao turned around and cursed under his breath.

After pondering for a moment, he rushed toward the roc nest.

He was dumbfounded to find the nest empty.

There was nothing left, not even a single feather.

“Ha! You didn’t expect that, right? The big bird moved! Don’t think of using the same trick again!”

The people who followed behind laughed out loud.

“Moved?” Tang Hao was stunned.

“That’s right! It moved further into the mountain a long time ago!” A burly man laughed out loud. After saying that, he realized his mistake and covered his mouth.

“Thanks for the information!”

Tang Hao grinned at him. Then, he sprinted toward the depths of the mountain.

Soon, he found the location of the roc nest.

The roc was as big as a small mountain, so its nest was also very easy to find.

At that moment, the demonic roc was resting in its nest.

It slowly dozed off under the warm sunlight.

That was the life it wanted: Comfortable, quiet, and peaceful!

It was a wise decision to move its nest. Ever since then, no more two-legged insects came to disturb it.

It flipped over and started dozing off happily.

Suddenly, it lifted his head, seemingly surprised.

‘There’s a familiar qi aura. Why does it feel like the insect’s aura?

‘Impossible! I’ve already moved my nest. How could it find me?’

It glanced around. Suddenly, its eyes narrowed.

A figure was rushing quickly toward it. That was none other than the two-legged insect!

Its eyes suddenly widened. In the next moment, it flapped its wings and suddenly jumped up in a panic.

‘What should I do? The two-legged insect is here again!’

It was flustered when it thought that it had to worry about the constant disturbances in the future.

The two-legged insect was too crafty. He always wanted to steal its egg, but it could not kill him.

‘I’ll have to move again!’

It made a prompt decision. It grabbed the nest that contained the egg and flew up into the sky in a panic.

“Hey! Don’t run! Why are you running? Am I that scary?”

Tang Hao panicked and shouted from below.

When the demonic roc heard that, it screeched and flew away even faster.

The people chasing after it were stunned.

The overlord of the mountains that killed countless heroes was running away in a panic?

Moreover, it was running away before the kid got near!

That was too ridiculous!

“It used to be an overlord, but the brat managed to drive it away! How tragic!”

Many people sighed and lamented.

They could empathize with the demonic roc at that moment.

“Too tragic!”

The group of people sighed emotionally.

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