The Mightiest Little Peasant

Chapter 878 - Carving A Bloody Path

Chapter 878: Carving A Bloody Path

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“Don’t run, stupid bird!”

Tang Hao shouted as he chased.

In the sky, the demonic roc flew away even faster.

Not far behind Tang Hao, a swarm of people was chasing after him. In the distance, many people had received the news and rushed over.

With Tang Hao’s appearance, the entire Ninth Region was in an uproar again.

After flying for a long time, the demonic roc landed on a mountain peak. It kept a close eye on Tang Hao, preparing to fly away if Tang Hao got near.

Tang Hao had no choice but to stop.

Turning around, his scalp tingled when he saw the flood of people chasing after him.

Perhaps it was time that he finally met his end.

“Haha! You’re not going to get away this time, you filthy brat! You won’t get to pull off the same trick either!”

The crowd swarmed over and stopped a few meters away from Tang Hao.

They slowly spread out and surrounded Tang Hao in a semicircle.

Their eyes were filled with hatred as they glared at Tang Hao.

“Don’t worry, brat. We won’t kill you that easily. We’ll torture you and see you die in agony. Not only this time, but the next time, and every time you appear in the Void Realm. We will kill you every time we see you.”

“Weren’t you very smug before this? Now you know the true meaning of fear! If you want to live, kneel down and bark like a dog, then hand over the cultivation technique. We might even spare you.”

“Right, kowtow a few more times and call me Grandpa!”

Many people started to laugh mockingly.

Tang Hao’s expression darkened, and he clenched his fists in his sleeves.

His eyes narrowed and glinted with a chilling light.

His body trembled, and the anger in his chest surged, threatening to explode.

Those people deserved to die!

He gritted his teeth, and his killing intent rose uncontrollably.

“Heh! You’re not giving up yet? Let me tell you, you’re not going to escape today!”

Those people laughed sinisterly.

“Nameless Qin, you have disturbed the peace of the Void Realm and killed countless people. Today, you shall face retribution for your countless heinous crimes!” Some people shouted indignantly.

‘So, I’m labeled as an evildoer just like that.’

Tang Hao grunted and laughed coldly.

“Disturbing the peace of the Void Realm? Heinous crimes?”

“Am I wrong? You’re the one who provoked the demonic roc and brought chaos and death to the Void Realm. Who else could be a greater evildoer than you?

“You brought all of this onto yourself!”

They raised their eyebrows and glared at him as they scolded him harshly.


Tang Hao laughed again. The more he laughed, the louder it became.

“Why are you laughing, you filthy brat?”

“I’m laughing at your shamelessness and hypocrisy! If you guys hadn’t hunted me down, I wouldn’t have provoked the demonic roc. Now, you’re putting the blame on me. So, should I have let all of you rob me in the first place?”Tang Hao questioned coldly.

The people were at a loss for words. They became embarrassed and angry.

“How dare you talk back, you filthy brat? You’re an evildoer if I say that you are!”

“That’s right. If you hadn’t wasted that dark gold shard back then, we wouldn’t have to kill you!”

Tang Hao grunted coldly and said, “The shard is mine, not yours. I can exchange it for whatever I want. It’s none of your business!”

“You’re still talking back? Kill him!”

They roared in embarrassed anger.

“You want to kill me? Come on! I’ll take down as many of you as I can today!” Tang Hao said coldly.

“Haha! Don’t be too arrogant, you filthy brat. Do you think you can take any of us down? I can cripple you by myself!”

A burly man laughed out loud.

“You’ll kneel down and beg for mercy!”

His expression turned savage. He stomped his foot and shot out explosively. A ball of fire appeared on his right palm.

The ball of fire soared to the sky and coalesced into the shape of a python.

The man waved his right palm. The python opened its mouth wide and bared its fangs at Tang Hao.

A scorching wave of air arrived before the attack. It was so hot that it could melt gold and iron.

“Take it easy. Don’t kill him in one go. That’s too boring!”

The people next to him burst into laughter.

The person who attacked was in the peak period. That was more than enough to deal with that kid.

Tang Hao stood still as the fire python surged toward him.

“Hah! Is that kid an idiot?”

Many people exclaimed in surprise.

The burly man was also surprised. He thought that the kid was using the chance to die.

At that moment, Tang Hao suddenly moved into action. His eyes narrowed and emanated a shocking light. He shifted his feet, and his figure dispersed like smoke and fog.

In the next moment, he appeared beside the burly man.

The figure at the original position had not disappeared. It was an afterimage.

He took a casual step forward, waved his hand, and slashed a wind blade at the burly man’s neck.

The man came to his senses when the wind blade came near. His eyes widened in shock.


He opened his mouth and wanted to say something. Before he could complete a sentence, blood splattered and his head was thrown into the air.

In the next moment, the corpse and the blood dissipated.


A deathly silence!

Everyone on the mountain fell silent. They stood there in a daze. Their widened eyes were filled with shock and disbelief.

That person was a peak period cultivator!

That kid had chopped off his head like chopping vegetables.

That mysterious footwork technique was too uncanny!

When they examined the kid closely, they became even more shocked.

“Oh my god! He’s in the peak period!” They cried out.

A peak-period cultivator was considered a prodigy in any major faction in the Ninth Continent!

Before this, everyone thought that it was sheer luck that the kid obtained a second-tier technique. He was only a despicable character.

Now, the kid had revealed his astonishing cultivation base!

“It’s your turn!”

Tang Hao gently cracked his neck and spat coldly. His killing intent became stronger.

He took a small step forward, and his body disappeared like a ghost.

When he reappeared, he was already in front of a person.

He raised his hand and swept up a wind blade.


The person screamed in agony, and blood splattered everywhere.

He fell, and his body dissipated.

Soon after, fresh blood splattered everywhere as blood-curdling screams rang out one after another.

Everyone was stunned by Tang Hao’s ferocity, and they were not unable to put up any resistance against the surprise attack. Many were even trying to run away in panic.

The brat was too terrifying!

Their hearts were filled with fear when they saw the figure claiming their lives like the reaper.

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