The Mightiest Little Peasant

Chapter 876 - The Peak of Foundation Establishment

Chapter 876: The Peak of Foundation Establishment

In the city, there were still several places under construction.

It was a bustling scene.

A commercial area had already started operations in the city center, and it was full of people.

The new city attracted many cultivators. Even before the city was completed, it was already very lively.

Tang Hao strolled along the streets.

“Hey, Storekeeper Tang! Your hairstyle has changed again. How handsome!”

The other storekeepers greeted Tang Hao warmly when they saw him.

Tang Hao’s appearance had been changing, but to them, the change was gradual. That was why they accepted it.

After strolling for a while, Tang Hao walked into a shop.

“This one, this one, and this one…”

After entering the shop, he glanced around and pointed at a few items.

“Except for those, give me one set of everything else. This is called the five elements formation, right? Give me a few more. How about… five sets?” Tang Hao said generously.

The storekeeper behind the counter was dumbfounded.

He was a newcomer, and he had never met Tang Hao or experienced his generosity before.

“Send it to Ritian Valley!” Tang Hao said again.

“So you’re Storekeeper Tang!”

The storekeeper suddenly understood. He knew about Ritian Pavilion, and he also heard about Tang Ritian before.

He also roughly knew that Nanping developed into a city because of that person.

He hurried forward, cupped his fist, and bowed very enthusiastically.

“You’re welcome!” Tang Hao returned the bow.

“Pack up the things and send them to Ritian Valley. Hurry up!” The storekeeper shouted to the attendant behind him.

Then, he introduced to Tang Hao the effects of the formations and how to operate them.

The formations arrived when Tang Hao got back to the valley. He set them one by one, surrounding the entire valley. Anyone who was not a Golden Core cultivator would not be able to break in.

He also set up several defensive formations in his residence.

Finally, Tang Hao felt at ease.

There would be no worry that he would be discovered, and it was a lot easier for him to return to Earth.

When his cultivation base became stronger, he would bring people over. Now, he was only in the latter period of the State of Foundation Establishment, and he did not dare bring someone from Earth over to a place where experts were everywhere.

After packing everything up, Tang Hao left through the back door and ventured into the mountain.

The sun was setting.

He activated the Fleetfoot Stride and quickly dashed through the forest. With his acute senses, nothing in his surroundings could escape him.

Suddenly, he made a discovery. It was a big lizard about seven to eight meters long. Its entire body was covered in pitch-black scales, and it looked ferocious.

A lizard of that size was only considered average in that place.

After a closer inspection, he was pleasantly surprised. It was a lizard with a qi core!

Not many beasts there had qi cores. Having one meant that the beast was more intelligent and stronger.

Tang Hao needed qi cores badly so that he could consume them and reach the peak of the State of Foundation Establishment as soon as possible.

Just like what Tian Xuanzi said, time was really running out.

The first wave of invaders only had one Golden Core cultivator among them. Future waves would definitely have more. If he did not break through to the State of the Golden Core, he would not be able to protect the cultivators on Earth.

He rushed forward, raised his hand, shot out streaks of lightning, and scored a direct hit.

Then, he waved his hands. Several jade swords flew out and pierced through the head of the lizard.

One hit kill!

Tang Hao landed, brandished his sword, cut open the head, and retrieved a marble-sized qi core.

“Tsk! It’s only an early period…”

He frowned slightly.

The qi core and soul would not increase his cultivation base by much.

“Never mind. it’s better than nothing!”

He took out a bottle, put the qi core in, and then stashed away its soul.

He also stored the corpse in a bag of holding meant for corpses.

He continued to fly deeper into the mountains.

Along the way, he encountered all kinds of ferocious beasts. There were many pythons, and each of them was at least as thick as a bucket. The biggest one was wider than a man’s arm span.

There were also many creatures that looked like dinosaurs. Each of them was at least ten meters tall.

He killed all of them and put them into his bag of holding.

After searching for a long time, he finally found a beast with a qi core.

By midnight, he had already collected five qi cores.

After returning to the valley, he rested for a while, took out the alchemical furnace, and began to make pills.

He was already very familiar with the technique, and each one was a success.

After obtaining the five pills, he swallowed them one by one, and his cultivation base soared.

“Just a little more!”

Tang Hao estimated that at this speed, he would still need three to four days to reach the peak.

In the next few days, Tang Hao would deal with the matters in the store during the day and go into the mountains at night to collect qi cores.

One morning, after taking four more pills, Tang Hao finally reached the peak of the State of Foundation Establishment.

He remembered that it was mid-July when he first arrived, and it was mid-November now. That was almost exactly four months.

It was considered very fast for a cultivator to go from the middle period to the peak of the State of Foundation Establishment in four months.

“This is indeed a paradise for cultivation!”

Tang Hao sighed emotionally.

He stood up and stretched his limbs. After getting used to his current cultivation base, he took out the Voidstone.

A month had passed. It was time to go in and take a look.

He had picked up a lot of shards last time. It was time to count them and see if he could exchange them for some cultivation techniques.

He sat down cross-legged and held the Voidstone tightly in his hand.

He channeled his soul into it. In the next moment, he appeared in the familiar primordial mist.

Floating up, he passed through the entrance and arrived in the Void Realm.

What greeted his eyes was a brand-new market. The layout was no different than the previous one, though the walls were replaced by makeshift mud walls that looked quite crude.

A group of people was still crouching next to the entrance. As soon as Tang Hao came in, they turned their heads to look at him.

Then, their eyes suddenly widened.

Without waiting for them to shout, Tang Hao activated the Fleetfoot Stride and ran away.

He could hear an earth-shaking shout behind him. “It’s that kid! That kid has appeared!”

In the next second, the entire market erupted in activity.

Everyone gritted their teeth, and their eyes burned with fury.

The kid had caused everyone there to die. They did not forget the grudge.

They wanted nothing more than to cut the kid into a thousand pieces to vent their anger.

“How dare you show up here, you filthy brat! This time, don’t even think about running away!”

“Stop right there, you filthy brat!”

They roared angrily and chased after him with murderous intent.

“Don’t run, you filthy brat! Give me back my shards! If you don’t I’ll haunt you to the ends of the earth!”

The old man with the club was also among the crowd. He was shouting especially loudly.

He gnashed his teeth in hatred as he looked at the kid running away.

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